Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Tea Lounge of Majestic KL

Anyone here a high-tea fanaitc? Well, me and my girlfriends are! It is a must for us to have a high-tea session at least once a month. We love to try out new places & Bellakuan recently discovered a new place to have our high-tea session - The Majestic Hotel, Tea Lounge 
Our usual high-tea venue will be @ Ritz-Carlton KL. It's still our favorite though, feels right at home there.

alright back to Majestic high-tea outing day 

all dolled up for the lovely high-tea session 

some cam-ho pichas, natural sunlight is the best cam-ho tool 

okay last one!

pout.. pout.. pout...
super love my curls that day, i really don't know how i did it as i was in a rush.
(yea i still have time to camho abit, it was a 2 minute camho session)

Just found out that the Majestic Hotel reopened last year (no wonder i've never heard of it before)
It was our first time to Majestic and it took us quite some time to find it all thanks to the stupid GPS.
But we still managed to find it in the end and God i have to say, their high-tea lounge is GORGEOUSSSS!!! 

We made reservation for the Orchid Conservatory room, special arrangement need to be made and at an additional surcharge of RM20++ per person. But it's well worth it! 

i mean, just look at those beautiful Orchids! (don't think i've seen so many Orchids in my life before lol) 

The room was pretty cozy and chill as if we were at Cameron highland.
The ambiance is amazing! Perfect setting for an English Afternoon Tea 

here's a panorama shot of the gorgeous Orchid room 
there are limited seats inside the orchid room, so you need to book your tea in advance to avoid disappointment.

the "high-tea fanatics" 

absolutely loving the ambiance there 

Our tea set for four, scrumptious pastries served on a copper glass tiered stands. Food is characterized as traditional with some malaysian twists ♥ 

The afternoon tea set is inclusive of a pot of Majestic tea. Six food items can be chosen for RM68 and eight items for RM78. Bites come in pairs, so one order is sufficient for two. This treat runs from 3:30 – 6:30pm daily.

Blueberry scones is love, match with preserves & clotted cream ♥ 

Mango cake and Lamb curry puffs 

Smoked salmon sandwiches.
All so mouth watering! 

Majestic Tea (Boh Cameronian), their own blend of tea 

RM30 extra charge for the tea of my choice 
(cause sadly preggo can only drink chamomile tea)

Lovely set up ain't it ? 

" Each Cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage " 

having a good taime 




7 months baby bump & the gorgeous Orchids.

We were all having such an enjoyable tea session and totally lost track of the time.
Our tea session ended @ almost 7pm, you can tell from the sky color outside the glass room.

We're lovin' it! Definitely coming back again for a 2nd round.
For those who haven't been there before, it's worth a try! 

5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2785 8000

Monday, March 18, 2013

Violent Lips - giveaway

Hello lovelies! 
been really bored lately, can't go much places and there's a lot of activities that i can't really do ever since i'm a preggo (pregnant). So i've been online shopping a lot. LIKE ALOT!

One of the damage is this,

Violent Lip Temporary tattoo 
bought it because i find it super interesting & wanted to try it long time ago and so now i finally have the time for it.

It'll look something like this after putting on to the lips 

Violent Lips is a Temporary Lip Tattoo that is Safe for Ages 3+, Vitamin enhanced and lasts for up to 8 hours depending on skin type and care. The product is FDA approved, contains no animal products and is tested on supermodels, not animals. The product is easy to apply and can be removed by using baby oil or mineral oil with a textured wipe. 

So let's start! 

I've picked the XOXO lips! 

Alright first take the temporary lip tattoo sticker out from the packaging,

turn it to the back, it'll look something like this

Cut the shape of the lips out

It'll look something like this for your upper and lower lips.

Second, you can just follow the steps below.
Because it was kinda difficult to snap picture while putting on the lip tattoo lol 


you can just watch the youtube video tutorial,

picked another design cause i kinda failed with the XOXO one,

Polka Dots! 

& VOILA ! 

 here's the outcome! ain't too bad isn't it? 

I'm actually quite loving it! It's suitable for theme party too 

If you don't wanna waste the leftovers of the stickers once you cut to your shape,
Use the scraps for a quick Nail Art project. Just cut, apply with water and seal with a top coat! 

And you know what they say? sharing is caring!
So I've decided to give away some of my Violent Lips Tattoo! 

you just need to leave a comment at the comment box (facebook & the blog comment box),
"I want to win the Violent Lips because ..."
I will pick the 5 most creative answers. Each winner get 2 pcs of Violent Lips for the fun try out! 

deadline - 23rd March (Saturday)

Good Luck & Have Fun ! 

you can also purchase it from - http://www.facebook.com/glamall for RM6 each & with more designs! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wedding Door Games ♥ Part 2

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

The groom and his hengdais arrived my place doing the traditional honking to "chip san leong" 

HengDais theme were policemen. How effing cool was that? 

waiting patiently for my cousin to open the car door for him. 
Okay, i've search up the internet of why mustn't the groom open the car door himself, out of curiosity.
"The groom must not open the car door when he arrives to fetch his bride. He has to wait patiently for the bride's younger brother to open the bridal car door for him. The younger brother will open the door and pass him two oranges. The two oranges will be left in the bridal car for good fortune.The groom will give this younger brother a red packet for opening the car door. If the bride has no younger brother, a younger male relative or a younger male friend can play the role."

so here comes my adorable cousin brother Harry 

Opening the groom's car door 

Gave the groom two oranges for good fortune 

Gave Harry red pocket in return 

*claps* *claps* 

Next, is facing the bridesmaids' challenge 

My sisters' troop 

Of course as a tradition, the groom and the groomsmen need to go through the wedding door games challenges. They had to complete all the challenges to the jimuis satisfaction before letting him fetch the bride.  This was done to make the ceremony more fun, and to make the groom overcome some obstacles before getting to the bride.

The first challenge - hanging this gigantic Love board card on the neck and go around my neighborhood asking 5 random people to write wedding wishes for us 

This is to test the groom's sincerity and love for me 

Of course the hengdais need to be there to assist him 

The auntie next door 

The boys went around asking maids at the park. Some were scared off cause they thought they were real policemen.

see what i mean! if i'm an immigrant i'll be scared too.

hubby running around getting wishes for me. so touched 

every time he got one wish done, the 'policemen' hengdais will salute! 

& he's done with the wishes task. Look at that face! 

The second challenge - Pop the balloon with "doggy style" (okay kids shouldn't be reading this. & if you are, don't search up google for the meaning. no good)

look at those puppy faces:'(

& some seem like they were ready though.

so here goes the doggy style balloon popping! 

It seems like they had a hard time bursting the balloons.

while the sisters' troop had a good time laughing 

Done with doggy style game. Now to the 3rd challenge! 

The groom will tie the balloon at the hips line, and chosen hengdais need to jump on him to burst it!

so here goes! first jumper - ERIC !

second jumper - KEN ! Poor baby, look at his face.

the hengdais laughing their arsses off!

the jimuis were even happier! it was like a sadistic entertainment to them 

while my baby suffered from the downright painful jumps :( oh well, you know what they say. No pain no gain 

Challenge No.4 -  2 selected hengdais had to smack the packet drink with the instructed body parts.

this one was....

Foot & Armpit omg!

Armpit & Face.

Palm & Foot.
this challenge seem pretty easy to pass.

So let's proceed to Fifth Challenge,

yes, in this challenge the boys were require to wear disposable underwear with my name alphabet (I ♥ JACKLYN) on it & do some hardcore yoga position.

No big deal lah!

so here goes,

first yoga position,

2nd position, (the flamingo)

3rd position, (froggy style)

all seem easy peasy to them.

& done with the 5th challenge!

now to the 6th challenge, also the last task.

here comes the worst nightmare for all groomsmen's / hengdais!

 it was the  /  /  /  (sweet / sour / bitter / spicy) challenge! 

first was to drink this super SOUR drink from baby bottles.

way to go Ken !

2nd one was SPICY! (mixed with chili padi & oats)

hahah still can't get over their expression!



last was BITTER juice! (made out of bitter cord)

nice kan Ronald? haha


hubby: "way to go brave soldiers!"

is all about the fun however the jimuis need to keep an eye on the time and to not go crazily over board with the games so that it doesn't pass the auspicious time (set by fortune-teller) for the groom to fetch the bride.

of course the groom can't escape the angpao (red pockets) for the jimui part 

the angpao amount needs to be up to the jimuis satisfaction too before letting the groom and his entourage enter the house to fetch the bride 

counting ... counting ... 

the groom doing the bargain 

count again ... 

many faces of my hubby bargaining 

and finally the groom successfully entered the house after all the hassle 

followed by the hengdais 

all marching towards my room 

Just to purposely make them disappointed,
i wasn't in my room waiting. Instead, i was in my parent's room.

look at their curious (where-is-the-bride?) & disappointed faces. haha

up up they go again... 

finally reached the destination 

naughty hengdai trying to open the door, of course the jimui won't let it be so easy.
it wasn't the end of the challenges yet!

the very last task before fetching the bride - the groom needs to sing a love song for the bride

hubby singing, touched 

the groom successfully passed all challenges & it's time to open door and fetch the bride 

and it's a wrap for part 2 
here's a short video of the whole process and preview for the next post : 

to be continued....