Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last day of cny

How i spent my last day of cny? 
Attended IPC Chinese New Year Gala Dinner / Chap Goh Mei dinner @ The Palace of the Golden Horses.

my mama look for the night 

one closer shot of mama's face with double chin! 

the sky was rather gloomy after the massive rain in the afternoon,

but it ain't stopping us 

Look of the night: 
I'm dressed up in a white mummy dress (It is so difficult for me to buy nice dresses nowadays cause of my growing belly *sobs*)
while @doreenlowpohyee in gorgeous cheongsam @yeemichelle in all black 

Didn't manage to snap the lion dance they had cause we were kinda late :/ so let's proceed to the dinner!

IPC International Group invited VIP guests for over 50 countries for this Gala Dinner. It is also to celebrate IPC CEO Dato Steven's 50th birthday 

lovin' the set up 

look here! i've got a bouquet of welcome flowers! 

lol, i wished! it was for Dato Steven 

Emcees of the night 

very grand opening ceremony 

 follow up by a opening speech from Dato 

table partner for the night 

While i was browsing through the schedule for the night, i spotted an unexpected / special singer appearance.

yes! it is none other than the famous Shila Amzah. 

never thought that i'll have the chance of seeing her singing live. She was really good 

Dato & Shila 

after the performances, let's proceed to the food! 

our chap goh mei dinner list! 

the MUST-HAVE yeesang for the first dish 

now let's LOOOOOOUUUU again for the last time for this cny! 

Don't let the LOOOOOOOOOOUUU stop! 

2. Palace Chinese Hot and Cold Appetizer 

3.  Double-boiled Minced Chicken Broth with Morel Mushroom and Fish Maw

didn't manage to snap the rest of the delicious food pics cause my cam ran out of battery :(

but the TangYuan is a must snapped! 


It was the last dish so it pretty much sums up how i spent my my last day cny this year 

poor baby couldn't join cause his was on duty :(

signing off with a pic of my hubby and yours truly 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


As many of y'all know that I'm already married ♥ 
but didn't know that I haven't had my ROM (Registration of Marriage) ceremony yet.
Me and my husband wanted to pick the special day to have our ROM which is 14th February. Yes on the Valentines 

Getting married nowadays is kind of troublesome that we had to go few places to get all the documents done and stuff. Heard they can have it done at just one place few years ago. We were so blur and have no clue where to start so we went to Carrefour JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) centre, cause my husband's cousin said that we can have it done there. We got there, and they told us that we can't have it done there cause both our IC address are not in the same area -.- (mine is KL & my husband's is in PJ). Both our address has to be both KL for us to register there. What ballocks is this ? In the end my husband got the form from them and they asked us to look for the "sumpah" (Commisioner of Oath) person. It took us about 20 minutes to find the "sumpah" office in the friggin mall. When we found it, WE WERE LIKE "YES!" finally found it. As we entered and asked for the "sumpah" person, the lady told us the "sumpah" person no longer work there. What ballocks is this ? x2 She then gave us 2 name cards and recommend us to go for the "sumpah" session. Guess what? We called both and one is in Ipoh, another is out to idk where. What ballocks is this ? x3 We were so friggin frustrated!! 

In the end my husband called Tian Hou Gong temple marriage registration if there's any "sumpah" place that we can go. They told us to go to JPN at Damansara so we travel all the way from Carrefour Sri Petaling to Damansara JPN finger crossing that the person is there. & thank Lord yes the person is there. We should have went there in the first place cause we can get everything done there all in just one place, register and sumpah. SO next time any of y'all wanna register just head to JPN Damansara (just right opposite Publika). The next stop was Tian Hou Gong temple to pass up all the documents needed and we were finally done! After so much hassle, lucky us for still having space to register on 14th of February

Okay, enough of rambling. 

It was finally 14th of February  and it's our registration day!

HuaiDan hubby & I all ready for the ceremony at Tian Hou Gong temple 

The famous Tian Hou Gong temple 


We were the first pair for 12pm how lucky! 

doing our vows 

"I, Jacklyn Gan, take you Desmond Fong, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part." 

paper signing time 

exchanging ring 


Officially Husband & Wife 

 My lover, my best friend, my companion for the rest of my life. xoxo him so so much!! 

pictures at the temple entrance is a must! 

The Heng Dais 

with Lovely couple Joey & Ronald ♥ you both next ya? haha

after the ceremony & pictures, we then went up to the temple and did some praying.

It was so packed that day. I think it's packed everyday on Chinese New Year.

Baby Papa & Mama 

Jimuis @bellakuan @doreenlowpohyee were late for the ceremony but made it in the end! Thanks for coming girls. 
xoxo you both much! 



@bellakuan and her beau 


Eric  Doll 

Ronald  Joey 

and it's a wrap for my ROM day & ceremony after so much hassle. We are officially Man & Wife.
 Now Valentines is extra special both us, it is also our anniversary now  
It'll definitely be more memorable