Monday, March 18, 2013

Violent Lips - giveaway

Hello lovelies! 
been really bored lately, can't go much places and there's a lot of activities that i can't really do ever since i'm a preggo (pregnant). So i've been online shopping a lot. LIKE ALOT!

One of the damage is this,

Violent Lip Temporary tattoo 
bought it because i find it super interesting & wanted to try it long time ago and so now i finally have the time for it.

It'll look something like this after putting on to the lips 

Violent Lips is a Temporary Lip Tattoo that is Safe for Ages 3+, Vitamin enhanced and lasts for up to 8 hours depending on skin type and care. The product is FDA approved, contains no animal products and is tested on supermodels, not animals. The product is easy to apply and can be removed by using baby oil or mineral oil with a textured wipe. 

So let's start! 

I've picked the XOXO lips! 

Alright first take the temporary lip tattoo sticker out from the packaging,

turn it to the back, it'll look something like this

Cut the shape of the lips out

It'll look something like this for your upper and lower lips.

Second, you can just follow the steps below.
Because it was kinda difficult to snap picture while putting on the lip tattoo lol 


you can just watch the youtube video tutorial,

picked another design cause i kinda failed with the XOXO one,

Polka Dots! 

& VOILA ! 

 here's the outcome! ain't too bad isn't it? 

I'm actually quite loving it! It's suitable for theme party too 

If you don't wanna waste the leftovers of the stickers once you cut to your shape,
Use the scraps for a quick Nail Art project. Just cut, apply with water and seal with a top coat! 

And you know what they say? sharing is caring!
So I've decided to give away some of my Violent Lips Tattoo! 

you just need to leave a comment at the comment box (facebook & the blog comment box),
"I want to win the Violent Lips because ..."
I will pick the 5 most creative answers. Each winner get 2 pcs of Violent Lips for the fun try out! 

deadline - 23rd March (Saturday)

Good Luck & Have Fun ! 

you can also purchase it from - http://www.facebook.com/glamall for RM6 each & with more designs!