Monday, March 4, 2013

My wedding day ♥ Part 1

Finally have the time to finalize all my wedding pictures. But still need to separate it into a few blog posts.
It's gonna be a super photo-heavy post, cause pictures tell a thousand words right?
everything was just so perfect that day. 
1.1.2013 ♥ enjoy 


Morning - 7 a.m

Had to wake up 5a.m in the morning to get ready. Basically i slept for only 5 hours cause of the crazy fireworks the night before, people celebrating New Years around the globe. Who ask us to pick the date on the new years? oh well.

super love the wedding gown i picked 

so detailed! bling and crystals are my favvvvvorite 

 my extremely bling heels too

The jimuis arrived 
All of them has less hour of sleep compared to me, but look at their faces, all still looking very energetic. Damn power!


aunt Carol 

Isabelle getting ready 

Bellakuan still having hangover from the NewYear partying few hours ago 

Doll helping my sister with her dress 

4 gorgeous bridesmaid 

loving the bridesmaid dress i got for my girls. I wanted all my jimuis to look like princesses 

getting my hair done 

preparing props for the evil games they planned for the boys 

poor boys. 

i don't wanna know what that is :/

look at how happy they were preparing all the evil food games to make sure the boys go down.

Cristine: "Michelle you wanna try?"

wasabi drinks ?

evil game plan 

what are you doing BELL ?? lol 

more more more wasabi! look at their evil smile haha 

meanwhile, this is me busy fixing my make up. (didn't really like what the make-up artists did to my face so i had to fix it myself)

done fixing my make-up & time for a little self portrait 

patiently waiting for my happiness to arrive 

tired but all smile :) 

my lovely parents 

i know i've said it before but i have to repeat it again. Thank you God for the best parents, they may not be perfect but they are the most precious gift God has given to me 

They gave me almost everything i've wanted 

heart them to the maximums !  

putting on my princess heels 

still can't get over how pretty my heels were 

went down for a group pictures with all the jimuis before the boys arrive 

rushing back up to the room before the groom & hengdais arrive! 

and it's a wrap for part 1 

to be continued....