Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pre-CNY dinner

Time really does flies, it's the 8th day of CNY now and one more week CNY will be over. This year's cny was a huge change for me. Since i'm married, i no longer have the chance to follow my family back to my father's hometown :'( It really saddens me. But oh well, i need to accept the fact that IM MRS.FONG now and i need to follow my husband back to his hometown on cny from now on wards. I need to start giving out angpaos aka red pockets instead of receiving. Still so not used to this :(


For every year, few days before the actual chinese lunar new year me and my group of girlfriends will plan a pre-cny dinner. It's like a traditional for us 
For this year, we've picked The Han Room @ Gardens Mall.

The theme was Red 

Hi girlies,
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The goofy faces 

Got my hair done before the dinner, and i'm lovin' the new color  All thanks to Wenawave Salon @ Berjaya Times Square 3rd floor. Been doing my hair there ever since i was a kid back then at their first outlet @ Sungai Wang. They are like the only ones I can trust my hair with.

anyhoo, here comes the food,

we took the cny set they had for RM568 ++ for 6 pax.

first dish we had for this cny dinner was of course the YEESANG!!! 

1. Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang ♥ 

and it was sooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooood 

LOL, yes freeze and dont friggin touch the food until i snap the best picture of the food. Phone makan dulu.

are you ready to LOUUUUUUU? ♥ 

the after effect ♥ Here is to a happy and healthy Year of the Snake!

2. The Han Room's Three Treasure ♥ 

- Prawn with Mango sauce
- Stir-fried Seafood cubes served in Top Hat
- Crispy Cod Fish Roll with Chicken Floss

Girlies enjoying their prawns 

3. Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Seafood in Coconut ♥ 

 Super gigantic bowl of sharkfin really -.-

4. Braised Whole Abalone with Gluten in Foil 

5. Baked Chilean Cod Fish with Mandarin Orange Sauce 

6. Fresh Water Prawn with ‘Hor Fun’ in Superior Prawn Soup 

7. Thousand Layered Cake 

and *burpppppppppppppppp* 

one person 7 dishes, our tummy were about to explode! but it was quite worth it lah 
no complains :)

selca picture twime again 

with my naughty one @angelaprillee ♥ Lovin' her new bangs.

with the forever gorgeous hair @doreenlowpohyee 

@kimeeyap the mahjong kaki 

@bellakuan BFF since 15 

@cristinecheng the expert mid-wife 

last but not least, @jeanietheliew the longest friendship that i've ever had 

It was always fun doing dinner with them girls, catching up and stuff since everyone are all busy with their own life and stuff. Gathering and dinners are just perfect to catch up ♥ 
Here wishing ya'll happiness, good fortune, good health and prosperity in the NEW YEAR!