Friday, February 1, 2013

New Blog Layout

Holla readers 

how are you liking my new blog layout? finally changed it to something i like ♥ 

 PINK ! ! ! ! ! ! & floral

Chinese New Year is near, like real near. But i dont feel that excited anymore, like those excited feelings we had when we were kids. Maybe i need to accept the fact that im getting old. Time flies without us noticing, It's 1st of February already! Life is moving too fast.where are the brakes?

and this will be the first year giving out red pockets aka angpao. DOUBLE SOMEMORE! but they say we can still receive angpao for the first year. confirm must! cover cost a bit! lol.

& there's so much to do, 

1. Chop my Rupunzel length hair (no joke, it's super long that when i go to the loo in sitting position my butt can feel my hair) still thinking if it's okay to dye my hair :( but according to xiaxue, it's fine :) we'll see.

2. Shop for CNY clothes (think many of you out there haven't start shopping yet, gah me too.. so lazee)

3. Eat more (ever since bring a pregger until i've only gained like 1kg? is that even normal?)

4. Clean up my forever messy room.

5. & there's heaps more i can't think of right now...

anyhoo, it's just a short post to let y'all know i've changed my blog layout and stuff going on so far. 
gonna blog more soon ♥ Adiós ♥