Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last day of cny

How i spent my last day of cny? 
Attended IPC Chinese New Year Gala Dinner / Chap Goh Mei dinner @ The Palace of the Golden Horses.

my mama look for the night 

one closer shot of mama's face with double chin! 

the sky was rather gloomy after the massive rain in the afternoon,

but it ain't stopping us 

Look of the night: 
I'm dressed up in a white mummy dress (It is so difficult for me to buy nice dresses nowadays cause of my growing belly *sobs*)
while @doreenlowpohyee in gorgeous cheongsam @yeemichelle in all black 

Didn't manage to snap the lion dance they had cause we were kinda late :/ so let's proceed to the dinner!

IPC International Group invited VIP guests for over 50 countries for this Gala Dinner. It is also to celebrate IPC CEO Dato Steven's 50th birthday 

lovin' the set up 

look here! i've got a bouquet of welcome flowers! 

lol, i wished! it was for Dato Steven 

Emcees of the night 

very grand opening ceremony 

 follow up by a opening speech from Dato 

table partner for the night 

While i was browsing through the schedule for the night, i spotted an unexpected / special singer appearance.

yes! it is none other than the famous Shila Amzah. 

never thought that i'll have the chance of seeing her singing live. She was really good 

Dato & Shila 

after the performances, let's proceed to the food! 

our chap goh mei dinner list! 

the MUST-HAVE yeesang for the first dish 

now let's LOOOOOOUUUU again for the last time for this cny! 

Don't let the LOOOOOOOOOOUUU stop! 

2. Palace Chinese Hot and Cold Appetizer 

3.  Double-boiled Minced Chicken Broth with Morel Mushroom and Fish Maw

didn't manage to snap the rest of the delicious food pics cause my cam ran out of battery :(

but the TangYuan is a must snapped! 


It was the last dish so it pretty much sums up how i spent my my last day cny this year 

poor baby couldn't join cause his was on duty :(

signing off with a pic of my hubby and yours truly