Friday, February 8, 2013

Is it safe? When i'm pregnant?

Ever since i'm pregnant, there's a lot of people telling me not to eat this, not to do that, not to ... blah blah blah.
i mean, i take & listen to opinions but it sure doesn't mean i agree with it.
I agree with the experts.
I listen to those that are logical and scientifically proven.

For "example" -

this one say cannot eat beef, that one say cannot eat lamb, another one say cannot eat chicken, & another say cannot eat pork, & the last one say the whole meat chart also cannot eat??? & then, cannot dye hair, cannot do manicure, cannot massage, cannot swim, cannot shower in hot water, cannot walk etc. all those ridiculous CANNOTs pops out!

i mean, do you want to look like this when you're pregnant ?

Pregnant Celebrity Weight Gain

Pregnant Celebrity Weight Gain

OR like this?

& make people go like . . . 

& you'll be like . . . 

no you don't want that to happen right?

here's a site that i think it's pretty good telling us if it's safe to do whatever we feel like doing :

if you're too lazy to browse through the site,

here are some fashion tips for preggers :
  1. Coloring your hair - (there is no evidence or reports saying that coloring your hair will affect the baby during pregnancy, very little of the chemicals in hair dye is actually absorbed into your system)
  2. Manicure - (having one manicure every couple of weeks is probably not a danger, as long as you make sure the salon has good ventilation)
  3. Wearing High heels - (Yes, but it may not be comfortable. And as you get further along in the pregnancy you'll probably want to go to a lower heel, because your center of gravity will be constantly changing and walking in heels will be harder to manage)

health tips :

  1. Caffeine or Soda - (Moderation is the key — just like it's okay to eat oranges, but you don't want to eat fifty. So one or two cups of caffeinated soda a day is okay)
  2. Tea - (I love tea! but don't drink teas that claim to contain "nutritional supplements" like St. John's wort or ginseng. If you want to drink chamomile or mint tea, that's fine)
  3. Sushi - (Cooked, yes; raw, no. Raw sushi may contain bacteria that can make you sick during pregnancy. Your immune system is suppressed during pregnancy so your body won't attack the growing fetus, but this means you're more susceptible to getting sick from food)

you get what i'm trying to say :) be happy, show off your baby bump with your best look! 

Pregnant lady deserve to feel good about themselves!

What i'm trying to say here is, to all pregnant lady. Eat what you like, do what you like to do as long as it is logical and scientifically proven safe. Pregnant lady should feel their best during pregnancy period