Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bridal Shower

First post of year 2013!

& guess what?
im married !! bet most of y'all that notice my facebook & instagram already knew.

My wedding was on the 1st January & few days before my wedding the loveliest girlfriends threw me a bridal shower aka bachelorette night @ Clearwater Residence. It was a small gathering of all the jimuis & few closest friends along the year

say hi to all the girlies 

& the poser bride-to-be 


look at how creative my girlfriends are! omg special thanks to @doreenlowpohyee & @kimeeyap for this sweet decoration set-up 

bride to be tiara 

printed out pre-wedding pictures and made it into a poster! so creative 

It's kinda like a pot luck thingy so everyone has to bring some kind of food. 

Thanks @mandygioh for the Wondermilk cupcakes 

@doreenlowpohyee 's handmade cookie wrap 

super delicious cupcakes from my sister @beandots 

heart shape jelly 

gah how can this be not chio? way ooooo chiooooo 

check out these sweet wedding wishes from them girlies 

also @janechuck 's artistic 9gag drawing. 9gag is really getting into her lol.

they even decorated to wall with my name letter "J" on it 

champagne & whiskey is a must have for the night ! 

I ish a happy bride-to-be that night 

oh hai @natsaw 

we wanted to hire male stripper for the night but all were either too ugly or too ugly lol. so we decided just stick to drinking.
anyhoo, camwhoring twime 

w/ two of the main organizer of the night @kimeeyap   @doreenlowpohyee 

xoxo you girls to bits 

@kimeeyap my mahjong kaki fer life 

say hi to my sister @beandots thanks for being my driver for the night 

@cherriemun @janechuck @natsaw 

@janechuck & @mandygioh 






the polariods 

signing off with a group picture of us girls