Monday, January 14, 2013

Bellakuan's 21st

It was @bellakuan 21st birthday celebration few weeks back with the girls.
A belated one, cause this silly girl said it wasn't necessary to celebrate her birthday. I was too caught up with my wedding preparation & I have completely forgotten that it's her 21st birthday! I mean, how can anyone not celebrate their 21st birthday??


The belated celebration was at this out-of-no-where Italian restaurant in the city called Sassorosso. Love having dinners with @bellakuan, she always discover new places for us girls to try out instead of going back to the boring usuals.

It has the best view of the twins tower from the entrance, but it was too cloudy that night so couldn't capture that gorgeous night shot.
Damn you rainy days!

I was the first who got there, can you believe that? ME? THE FIRST ???? (haha, cause im always late or close to the last that arrive at events like this ;p) Following by @helenness & the birthday girl.

the theme was black & gold 

Birthday girl looking great in red (still in Christmas spirit haha) & her beloved kakak-kesayangandia.

the chicas,

first row from the left : @doreenlowpohyee @esteelouder @bellakuan @helenness

second row from the left : @kimeeyap @cristinecheng @findthefullmoon @jacsafterparty

wtf i made it sounds like a yearbook photo.

& here comes the food!! so excited right now cause im blogging this with empty stomach (stupid husband is sleeping like a pig still)

appetizer : ½ dozen escargots de bourgogne.

appetizer : Beef carpaccio with wild rocket salad, button mushroom, celery, parmesan flakes and citronate dressing.

appetizer : Air dried beef bresaola, marinated artichoke hearts, goat cheese crostini.

MY main course : Wild mushroom risotto with fresh herbs and shaved parmesan cheese.

main course : Oven baked Australian Lamb Frenched Rack with vegetable caponata and kalamata olive sauce.

main course : Grilled NZ Beef Tenderloin tagliata with parmesan timbale and cepe mushroom sauce.

main course : Braised Lamb Shank with mashed potato, greens and mushrooms gravy.

main course : Spaghetti aglio olio with jumbo tiger prawns.

main course : Squid ink tagliatelle with scallops, broccoli, olive oil, garlic and chilli

main course : Linguine vongole with white wine, fresh italian parsley

now that we're done with the food, it's twime fer some girlie groupie pics!

now twime to cut the cake !

look how excited this chipmunk is ! haha.

the cake Sassorosso specially custom made for the birthday girl!

Many Faces of @bellakuan 

kisses for the birthday gurl.

selca twime 

with my crazee auzee 

with purty estee 

burpdae gurl & helenessssssss 

& the two closest 

last but not least,


(still can't get over how funny this pic is)

Can't believe all of us turned 21 already! Legal for everything! still remember when we were 16 and need to sneak into clubs / casino & all those above 21 places. LOL those were the days. Now we can just storm in & whenever the bouncers wanna check our IDs (cause we still look young duh!) we can proudly show it to them. Anyhoo, wanna wish you all the best, thanks for being there for me since day one. You know i love you 

signing off with one last groupie pic