Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hi there me blog. do you miss me?
well i miss you too.

it's been almost one year i've abandon you. im so sorry.
im not gonna lie, wasnt caught up with anything but just being plain lazy ass to blog.
why out of the blue im blogging now?
cause i know no one reads my blog anymore and i wanna blog about my feelings now.
facebook? way too overrated. everyone will see it and give negative or weird comments and such. me no like lol.

what's been going on with my life? well, i've wasted most of my time partying, lazy-ing around. doing absolute nothing basically. 

drama? yes alot. but all is good now. i dont wish to have any of that in the near future or in the future. whatevs.

love? hmm, i love my boyfriend so much that i couldnt imagine my life without him.
he's not romantic, he dont like to camwhore with me, he's most of the serious and yeup kinda fierce too.
but of course, he's caring (he dont really show it). he's takes really good care of me. gives me food all the time (thumbs up and super yay for that!) he's not like those kind of boyf that doesnt allow gfs to go out and most importantly, he's not a control freak. he basically let me do whatever i want, go out with anyone i want, no curfew etc. and that's what i like about him. oh and yes, he's really funny too^^
he dont really show how much he loves me nor telling me. but i know, deep down he does.

unfortunate for him, that he's got a gf like me. im that kind of person, when i get something i wanted already, i want more! greedy aint i? yeeeeuppp. so lately, we've been having arguments and almost reaching the point of breaking up. but no matter what, i will not leave my bf and i wanna spend the rest of my life with him and him only <3 i love you alot dear. (eek! cheesy me ;p )

anyhoo, i will get a camera real soon and arrange my time to really blog again, cause blogging is one of my fav hobby before and i wanna continue doing it. yay?

forgive my cinaman grammar, this is what not blogging for almost a year do to you.

oh well, i think im pretty much done crapping here.
see you again soon? i hopen :) xx