Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Getting . . . Married !

hellow my dear readers of idk how long ago. if you are reading this, meaning you're a loyal readers of this blog & i love y'all so so much! *smooches for you all first*  this time, im really keen on updating my blog for time-to-time. don't believe? I even changed my blog header and edited this blog abit layout a bit leh. Only loyal readers can tell the difference :D

okay lah, another thing to convince y'all.
I've got a new camera!
cause the reason before for not blogging is because i don't have camera.
(i lost all..!) 

it was a surprise gift from my fiancé.  
We were in Shanghai few weeks ago for his business trip & i was being a brat kept nagging on how much i want this camera cause can twist here twist there camwhore etc. Another reason i told him i wanna buy it there cause it's cheaper, i think?

I was actually bugging him for fun, i bug him every time i see something i like.
he did not get it for me in the end during our stay there & it wasn't on my mind anymore too.

the next day we got back from Shanghai,
it's on my table desk.
*gahhhh so much love*  
what more can i ask for? i have the best hubby in the world! 

anyway back to the topic.
yes..yes..yes.. yours truly is getting married & i'm very super excited! It was a simple and sweet proposal.  

" I DO ! " 

yours truly on the set of photo shooting for the wedding pictures.
(bangs or no bangs?)

*interesting fact* I just found out ang mo/guai lou/caucasian/white people (whatever you wanna call them) don't have this practice of taking wedding pictures before their wedding. All their wedding pictures are taken on the actual day. 

Made a trip to Bali for our outdoor photo shoot.

our friend SMosh (short form for small josh) got this extremely huge villa for us. & we loved it !

It's a villa with 4 bedrooms, a huge living room, huge kitchen, huge pool & a huge garden! just enough for the 9 of us.

my room's view. & yes, that's my hubbyboo 

Honestly i didn't know that photo shooting would be that exhausting.
All the wedding picture we saw taken on the beach or places with super nice scenery are all made of sweats & a lot energy.

macam this picture.

this was taken at the peak of Taman Ayun Temple.
took us 2 hours drive to this temple, 10 minute up hill walk to the temple entrance, 200 + of staircase steps to reach the top.
& only one picture were allowed to choose with this scenery 
(funny wedding photo packages)
nonetheless, i really like this picture.

anyhoo if you are visiting Bali,  do drop by Taman Ayun.
it is  translates as "beautiful garden" and is regarded as one of the most attractive temples of Bali.

It was a 5 days 4 nights photo shooting trip wedding gift from good friend of ours. Really really reallllllllly appreciated it.  more on the bali trip in future post.



a great of mine that is opening his bakery soon early next year is sponsoring me a 8 tiers Wedding Cake! 
he told me that his chef can make any cake i want,
& this is the design i picked. haha

Prince William & Kate Middleton wedding cake.

my friend say it won't be exactly the same, but he'll try his best 

and this sums up my post about getting married,.exactly 2 more weeks till the actual day of my wedding !
omg so excited 
really hope everything turns out right *finger crossed*