Monday, August 15, 2011

August, the month of ?

booyah! haha im blogging again! yay?

anyways, august is the month of Casper (casper : ghost) for the chinese. & from the newspaper shared link all over facebook saying that today is the most "MANG" day of the Casper month. So here i am to remind y'all not to be back later than 5pm today and remember not to wear black, only RED! - all according to the news on the shared link.

i personally don't believe all this crap but chinese have this saying -"唔到你唔信!" (you have to believe)

so today im just going to stay at home and prepare for tomorrow's picnic with my girls! wee.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh it's August!

how time flies! it's already august now which means we are already half way through 2011! and what have i done for these past seven months? i really don't know! haha. JK! of course i remember i don't have short term memory, but soon i will cause it's 9.23am right and i'm awake! sure it's normal for people to be awake at this hour but it's wouldn't be if that person haven't sleep since yesterday! yes, point cha fingers at me :) it's yours truly.

(enjoying my cuppa tea. ohhowiwish!)

been hanging out a lot with my girls for the past few months, & all we did was :

eat. (delicious bangsar)

eat. (Bone & Pot Uptown)


eat. (hi-tea @ Ritz Carton)

eat. (La Bodega Pav)

eat. (Hokaido Garden)

eat. (Pot & Bone Kuchai Lama)

& eat. (Social KL @ G-Tower)

and last but not least,

eat. (Genting KFC/Starbucks)

haha, stupid post! cant blame me. that's basically what i did for the past few months! haha.

how stupid is this, human eats everyday!

ohya, btw i lost my camera so no pictures T.T luckily i transfer half of it to my comp else i'll be super sad, again curse that mothereff who stole my cam. (what i do everytime i lost something.) you will die soon! hmpf!