Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello Kitty Kraze #2 ❤❤

hello my dear readers! im back with a post full of Hello Kitty kawaiiness!! if you're one of my 'loyal' reader (ah cheh i sound like my blog damn famous like that.) you'll know that im a hello kitty fanatic and previously blogged about hello kitty 514,316,897,69 times.

here's the post with some really kawaii hello kitty products pictures :) enjoy hello kitty lovahs!

Hello Kitty steamboat.

hello kitty retro garbage can

Hello Kitty Retro Bin.

hello kitty monopoly game
Hello Kitty Monopoly Set. omg i want!!

hello kitty flash memory drive

Hello Kitty USB. so chio omg.

Hello Kitty Color-A-Cookie Kit

Hello Kitty Color-A-Cookie

Hello Kitty Decorated Cookies

you get a kawaii Hello Kitty Cookie and markers to decorate your cookie. how awesome is that ? nomz nomz.


Hello Kitty smartcars.

i would love to own one pls ?

Blinged Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty house / restaurant / hotel
i forgot which it is. but it's definitely super chio and i'll deffo visit it!

Hello Kitty row-chair seats.

Hello Kitty fire extinguisher.

Hello Kitty picnic set.
nomz nomz are you hungry nao ?

snapie snapie Hello Kitty camera.

if i would to sew, this will be my only sewing machine. Hello Kitty sewing machine.

Hello Kitty rice cooker. rice confirm taste yummier! muahaha.

Hello Kitty cake. i want it to be my birthday cake! take note peepers ;p

Hello Kitty Piano. if i didn't failed my piano test & become a pianist nao. i would 100% buy this piano.

arghhhh... Hello Kitty food again.

Hello Kitty mahjong set omg omg omg omg omg omg! im so lovin' this!

Hello Kitty musical car.

Hello Kitty best friend with DOmo?

bad combination :/

Hello Kitty sandwich ! *chu*

Hello Kitty coffee maker.

Hello Kitty cup noodles!

Hello Kitty cake and coffee. ohmy its sho cute im going to faint.

Hello Kitty cakes :)

Hello Kitty super bike. should be quite macho-ish cute ? idk.

donut Hello Kitty / cactus Hello Kitty

last but not least, Hello Kitty + Marilyn Moroe :



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

stay tune ?

sorry for not blogging : / not busy at all lately. just pure laziness. nothing interesting happened this past few months. just bumming around as usual. yes i sound super faichaii-ish but what to do? i haven't found what i like to want to do in life yet ? i need to do some soul searching soon sigh. T.T any job to offer ?

so yeah don't blame for not updating my-soon-gonna-die-blog.

ohwell. gonna blog soon enough i guess. stay tune ?


Friday, April 1, 2011


Hello everyone,

in this post im giving out superb goodies to my lovely readers. are you guys excited ?

weeeeee.... i am :D

im giving out









(picture from cheeserland.com)


lovely designs such as pearl chains , sparrows, jeweled pendant with Chanel logo and of cos the classic double C Chanel logo pendants.

okay all pictures are stolen from cheeserland.com. who ask ringo to take such gorgeous pictures! haha.

and im giving it out! there will be 5 different designs / patterns of channel tattoos :)

all you need to do is to blog about the upcoming event im hosting - Viva La Bazaar title -"why you really want to go to Viva La Bazaar this Sunday". im going to pick out the 5 best post to win the Chanel Tattoos!

Dress like starz LSandra chanel tattoo s Dress Like Starz   Style up with Chanel Tattoo

(picture from www.dresslikestarz.com)

how to submit ?

1. Blog about why you really want to go Viva La Bazaar this Sunday.

2. go to http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=640703&id=607210219#!/pages/VIVA-La-Bazaar/182710598438831 and click " LIKE "

3. paste your post url/link on the page's wall and tahdahh!

4. wait for my good news :D

due date : Saturday 2nd April 9pm (i know such a weird time but yea.) the result will be announce at midnight sharp! and you can collect it the next day @ Viva La Bazaar!

oh to make this more exciting, the BEST POST will also win a set of :

Set Includes:

Juicy Paper Bag / Juicy Gift Box / Juicy Accessories Pouch

*High Quality*

so what are you waiting for ? hurry now and blog about Viva La Bazaar!