Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby I was born this way.

partying must be part of my life teehee ♡

Velvet Underground w/ IsabellaKuan & Edmond Ng.

bumped into Edmond @ Velvet Underground, Zouk. it's been decades since we last saw each other and i miss the crazy, funny and loves to kacao me for no reason at hockey -.-

he was with the DJ at the deck but cause it was too packed so he came down and so he spotted me! haha im easy to spot hor :) did a little catching up with and off i go drinking everywhere again ;p

& he's now part of our Malaysia Ice Hockey team, all the best to him :D

Laura / Samie joined us @ Phuture.

Samantha Teh ♡

Cherry Lee ♡

Chloe Neoh ♡

it's was a pretty fun & wasted night for me. but i still managed to drive home in one piece :D

the next day, the girls & I went for dipping @ Bell crib's clubhouse :

got ready an ice box cooler for our beers to drink while dipping.

samiekiss sho pretty right? ♡

mwah ♡

we dipped for also an hour & left cause i have pick the hubby up & attend a wedding dinner together ♡

so that's a wrap for today's post.