Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trick or Treat @ Haunted Mansion

hellow mellow jello my fellow spooks?

sorry for keeping you guys waiting for this haunted Halloween post. it's almost a month late!

this post is gonna be supah long and you need to have patience to wait for all the pictures to load. i have over 100+ pictures in this one single post.

be sure to really wanna read it and have the patience to read it, cause it might hang your whole freaking laptop/comp lol due to the crazy amount of pictures.

i know, CRAZY!

believe it or not it was actually my FIRST time dressing up and actually attending a Halloween party. and it was definitely EXTRAVAGANZA!

invitation from my all the partner in crime Doreen aka Rose aka Ah Yee! lol (inside joke) and her sisters!

they spent less than one month to plan, decorate, invite, buy props, and decorate and buy props and plan and invite and buy props, food, drinks, liqour and plan and invite for this Best Ever Halloween Party.

KUDOS to you girls!

enter at your own risk : THE HAUNTED MANSION HALLOWEEN PARTY 30 Oct 2010.

the Haunted Mansion.

It's Halloween
The moon is out.
The sky is dark.
No ones about.
The wind is cold.
There is hardly a sound!
But who is that growing in the ground?
Please read if you dare!
But prepare to get a little scare!

Mr. Jack O'Lantern smiles at you.

it's the day that you can dress however you want and not get weird looks :)

the hawt sexay chef and the HELLO KITTY.

the reason why i chose to be Hello Kitty because first, im a hellokitty fanatic (im sure everyone already knew that)

second, my costume was actually pretty simple and i don't need to spend money to buy costume!

a simple white dress from my wardrobe, a hello kitty headband i got from korea, a pair of hello kitty shoe, yellow nose with paint, and finish it up with 3 whiskers at each side of my cheek with my eyeliner!

WAA LAH! your favorite Hello Kitty is going to crash The Haunted Mansion!

even the counter was filled with all the spooky decorations.

kimee & april :

leaving our signatures and greetings to the witches of Blue Water Estates.

after stamping our paws at the counter, it's compulsory to down one shot of Tequila from the Chef and Kimono Lady :

groupie pictures time! lemme intro all the characters for you guys mmkays ?

from left to right : hello kitty, leopard girl, hawt chef, pajamas girl and hawt nurse!

my hello kitty shoe.

haha chio not?

two RED DEVILS giving us the evil fake smile & welcome us to the house :

and behind the doors :

party has already started once i entered the house :

harry potter Witch?

oh yeah btw, just a little knowledge for you guys. do you guys know that not all witches are evil?

witches can be good, and witches can be bad.

there is a difference between witches of Halloween and witches of the Wiccan religion.

Wiccans are nice witches, they just happen to share the same name with Halloween witches.

Halloween witches are definitely evil, and can cast evil spell on people. so beware! lol.

i really cannot figure out her character tho, she dressed up like a feisty lady warrior but she was also wearing a pair of horns.

hmm... this is a tough one. i shall call her the FEISTY DEVIL WARRIOR!

hawt chef and harry potter witch.

the so so so freaking scary vampire, chinese zobie aka kiong si and ? what do you call this ghost again?

haunted mansion even hired their very own DJ and have their very own DJ console!

forbidden to enter.

DIY coffin!

and now take a look at the scariest bathroom, don't think anyone will stay in there long :

no lights, only candle. writings all over the mirror and skeletons all over. eeekk!

sexy hawt pirate. better give her whatever she wants, or you'll lose your nuts!

sorry i have no idea what his character was, he told me that he's "FRED" but i have no idea who's that and never ever heard of that before :S

okay enough of the scary ghost or ghouls or vampire or whatnot.

it is one of the most tedious tasks while organizing a sophisticated Halloween party is deciding a perfect menu to go with the party theme.


and Haunted Mansion HAD IT ALL!

the food they served at haunted mansion are all nice to look and super delicious to eat!

so that explains the reason why i was hanging out at the dining area all the time ;p

i'm very sure you'll get hungry after scrolling down these pictures :

Wonderful Fingers.

sausages rolled with ham and mayonnaise topping ! they also splattered chili sauce all over to make it look bloody like...

the Tombstone Cupcakes.

yummy cucapkes with shortbread-cookie tombstones dipped with royal-icing.

mad chio

Body Parts Gummy Biscuit

eyeball gummy, brain gummy, teeth gummy all sorts of scary gummys with biscuit. it's kinda weird combination but at least it tasted not bad!

Bleeding Eyeballs

this is super yummy. it's called the bleeding eyeballs and it's made out of pork ball and some sorta cherry on top. Dip it with the sauce, mama miya!

Super duper chio Halloween monster cakes!

Grandma's teeth cake!

Fred's Coffin

this is uber delicious. it might look so simple from the surface but it's fucking delicious im telling u!

i was too busy enjoying fred's coffin and forgotten to look what is it made of. ;p

Spider Web Cupcakes

how creative can they get? super! haha, another option for cupcakes lovers.

Squishy Fresh Eyeball

It is made out of Lychees and grapes! they just popped the grapes in the Lychees "socket". simply loving the sweetness of it.

Pop the Pimples

another creative one, but forgive me i have no idea what the heck is this and i didn't really feel like trying it.

done with the food and now it's time to continue with the party!

are you guys tired scrolling down yet? there's more to go you know. now don't say i never warn you ;p


and now it's JAGERBOMB time! :

Jägerbomb is a cocktail combining one shot of Jägermeister dropped into a glass of a large energy drink, usually Red Bull.

push it from any direction and each small shot glass will eventually fall into the bigger glasses and once all the small shot glass dropped.

you've to grab the glass and down it all !

or some of them call this the Submarine, which is a combination of whiskey and beer.

you also can also mix it with any different combination of liquor you wish.

but i still prefers the original Jägerbomb.

super love the lazer light effect.

mr.skeleton trapped.

the bar were so busy all the time mixing liquor for the guests.

check out the amount of liquor they had for us.

and the poison red wine they prepared for the vampires.

camwhoring with Mr. Jack O.Lantern :

game time.

loser had to suck a glass of mixed liquor. yuck.

harry potter witch , red sexy devil , kimono lady

honestly her make-up for the night was really extravaganza, too freaking scary : S

vanice chong, sexy chef , viki ng , hello kitty

elysia & jerome with the giant spider.

and now it's the injection liquor time.

everyone need to be injected!

im getting tired of typing already ... so i'll just let the pictures speak for itself la...

thanks for photographer for all the great pictures taken.

hello kitty meets Bruce Lee!

kevin hee, sexy chef and ken the body guard.

they are the murderers!

the bloody faces.

drunken sexy chef, pajamas girl and hello kitty.

last but not least, Mr. Kiong Si and yours truly.

the after party is ZOUK!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so fricken packed with everyone dressing up and stuff.

it's fun but im already a drunken kitten when i got there.

joshie and moi.

pajamas girl.

kah heng.

more liquor for the night wtf!

Chloe Ying the sweetie.

Titus Ting.

drunken leopard girl and pajamas girl transformed into hawt chic!

the lovely couple.

and that's a wrap for my Halloween post. phew! i think this is the longest post i've ever blogged about. but oh well, it's all worth it!