Friday, October 29, 2010

random #1

thought i should blog a little since my blog is kinda dead now. and my lovely readers are not visiting anymore.

so the title is random #1

first random post of my blogging journey. i shall blog about random stuff i guess?

kay let's start. let's talk about something i think slash feel pretty weird bout.

recently everything i see is either 4, 44 or 444. everything with the number 4 in it.

in chinese 4 sounds like our SEI mean DIE! GG!! is it a sign? for me? i hope not omg.

wanted to go Bangkok for shopping at the end of the month but when i checked the price, it was rm444.

this is bad. yea i can get pretty superstitious sometimes :S oh well

whateves, let's talk about my painting shall we ? heh.

got this painting from a shop @ ikano called the UNIQUE Gift Shop.

nais leh my painting? haha.

sorry i forgot to take a BEFORE picture of the painting, otherwise i can show y'all how i painted this 'masterpiece' of mine..

will do it next time on my new painting :)

but for now, i'm letting YOU my lovely readers guess how on earth i painted such perfect painting.
(well at least i think it's nice la.)

the first FIVE readers who got it right on my chatbox will get away with this super chio 丸子頭 leopard print band !

here are two videos for you guys if you don't now what's 丸子頭 :

alright, aside from that.


been shopping like crazy for halloween with doll for her halloween party tmrw @ her place.

it's going to be huge! spooky and scary ... It's going to be BLAST!

can you guess what character i am going be? teehee..

last random note, few days ago doll and i brought 64 pillows from IKEA. wtf.

FOUR freaking trolleys!

iite guys that's all for my first random post!



Friday, October 22, 2010

V1 concept bar and restaurant soft launch

V1 Concept Bar & Restaurant soft launch

@ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

will explain more about V1 on the next post. this post is just pictures of the soft launch :)

kei x april x jacs

ordering from the i-pad!

kimme yap love

our crew demonstrating how to use the I-pad to place orders.

performances :

Andrew's magic :

local singer Stella :

kei enjoying her food :]

sweetie nana dropped by too :]

along with her man, Huannie!

nana messing around ;p

kei x april x kimee x nana x jacs

it's game time - One minute around the World

(contestant must finish 25shots of chinese liquor 高樑 40˚c - 65˚c in one minute time to win rm1k cash)

mel's won the best expression lol.

yanwei enjoying his steak.


kewl kimee!

tiara time :D

that's all for the soft launch :] stay tune for the more interesting post on V1.