Tuesday, September 28, 2010


just a short post about VANISH indian cuisine @ Starhill Gallery.

(pictures only.)

strawberry smoothie.


lamb ribs.

last but not least cheese nan. nomz. baix.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

to the red house!

the mommy jeanie liew wanted to go to Melaka's Jonker Walk. me & doll tagged along.

it was closed the last time we came :/ so is the famous Melaka's Satay Celup :(

so this time we came on the right day when everything is open :D yay.

first off to the Jonker Walk for finger food :)

it wasn't really crowded so it was just nice. don't have to squeeze with the people and sweat like nobody's business.

ice blended bubble milk tea.

jhhs with his egg shaped ice-cream.

Doll x Jeanie

jhhs's youngest brother. Joshua. a really funny kid to hang out with.


most shops were about to close when we got there so after finished walking @ Jonker's we headed to CAPITOL SATAY CELUP!

i've been anticipating it all the way in the car to Melaka! i don't even feel like walking @ Jonker's but the others wanted to so yea.

usually @ the famous Satay Celup you have to queue for around 10-15mins to get a table, but we didn't have to that day. LUCKY OR WHAT!

i immediately ran in and grabbed us a table :D


i purposely sit close to the food :D

look at the fresh seafood! *saliva dripping liaws*

the HO brothers.

the food we got!

the satay celup peanut sauce! the magic of everything and why its so famous!

stir stir~

ze couple.

josh trying to make a joke again lol.

and i think it was a spiderman joke lawl.

a MUST TRY! idk the name but it's damn freaking delicious.

cheese sausages ! my favorite !

nomming away~

the satay celup was very satisfying and i am definitely coming back again!

left Melaka right after dinner :D and that was it.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

lifeless :/

City Of Entertainment one night trip Lawl.

(short update)

me and doll were bored and we didn't have any place to go, so we decided to drive all the way to Genting for mahjong session.

crazy or not!

the best part was that we know how to drive up but don't know how to drive back down :/

but thanks to the boyf for coming up the next day to help us drive :D wuvie him to da max.

while waiting for the boyf to arrive the next morning...

and the result of playing "tong siu" mahjong. ZOMBIE LOOKING FACE.

camwhore. camwhore.

partner in crime ;p


Tuesday, September 21, 2010



(short post.)

dinner with babe doll and april @ Michelangelo's Pavilion.

bumped into Jerome.

me with my strawberry smoothie :D

doll with her seafood pasta

my seafood aglio-olio

april's beef cabonaro

nomming away... ❤ exoh.