Monday, July 26, 2010

Ricky & Christal's Wedding

months ago, i attended my KAI JIE Christal Natasha De' Cruz & Ricky's wedding.

was super happy to received my jie's phone call slash invitation to be her JIMUI. haha.

but guess what guys? i freaking missed my first time ever of being a jimui ==. pfft.

of COURSE i have a valid reason... or do i? teehee i was too tired. must reach her house at 7am, & i only slept at 630am . . .

the lan-lek smart me thought i could wake up and make it in time.

so only made it to the wedding lor. if i miss the wedding too, i can go jump off a cliff already.

that aside, i missed her so so so so so freaking damn much and i am finally going to see her & all my long-time-see-friends again!

bunch/gang/group/clan/friends (whatever you wanna call it) i hung out with when i was like sixteen? we did banyak memorable notty stuff ;p

*dont dirty minded please*

so enough of the talking and here comes the pictures :

guess what again guys.

i totally forgot where this place was already. all i know that it was @ Damansara. i know i know. can kill me now.

check out the super gorgeous and tall wedding cake!

my another JIE with me. Rainie Lee!

Leland. yours truly. Munyoong.

munyoong. megan. rainie. her bf. leland.

jie's daddy giving a speech.

the three of us together again! hearts hearts *

jie . munyoong.

& this gorgeous lady above is my jie's JIE!!!! her sister lah!

Christiana Cecilia De's Cruz.

brothers sister relatives uncle aunty friends and family all to the dance floor and dance.

the man in our jimui pic deff not a jimui ;p ish my jie's uncle.

didn't manage to make it to the afterparty tho yesh im the afterparty queen but i had something to do and it was too far. *slaps self*

but thanks again to my dear JIE Xtal and RICKY my gor now for inviting me to your wedding.

im going to be KAI MA soon. cant wait. oh jie, your boy is going to be so spoiled by her kai ma ;p

love you. baix.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Abbie's 20th birthday & zouk

a rather chirpy and friendly girl i met @ sunway.

i still rmb i was putting on my make-up in my car, and some girl knocked on my window and asked if i was Jacklyn Gan.

this is how i met miss. abbie smith! a super sweet blog reader of mine :]

i was invited to her 20th birthday @ KLCC, Apartment.

once again, i wanna apologize that we were late and missed the whole birthday song part :/

it has became a habit, camwhoring in the car. and i really like how my earring shines in this picture!

say hi to the birthday girl of the night everyone! she looked super chio that night. and im lovin' it.

jacs. birthday girl abbie smith. doreen.

check out this mad chio handmade bunny gift bag she made for everyone :

super creative ey.

me with the bunnies gift bags.

purse of the night, matches my Blackberry condom case ;p

your behavior was outrageous my friend. major disappointment.

headed to ZOUK for our after party. and since partying isn't really abbie's scene. she went to Skybar for drink with her friends :)

but she's definitely coming partying with us one day! soon in fact. right girl?

bumped into Lai @ the entrance :

Veron wass back in town for a few days! so i asked her to join us for zouk along with kimee my baby!

me with the two handsome playmate hosts :

and say hi to my korean look-a-like friend! :

jun wong wanna be in the picture too :)

the super sweet couple aka brother and the sister of mine *winks*

ending this post with two posers lol!