Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Miss Beautiful Angel 16th July @ KL LIVE

Come join us @ KL LIVE 16th July 2010 (Friday) 9p.m. - 3a.m.

as our top rated contestants will be taking part in this year's most anticipated pageant.

also After Party with :

John Wee (Project Superstar), EmceeCaprice, DJ Goldfish, Elecoldxshot (Astro Battleground)

click on the poster above and it will direct you to the event page!



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miss Beautiful Angel Press Con

Miss Beautiful Angel Press Conference @ Sg.Wang Plaza

1st of July (Thursday) @ 3pm

contestants and supporters please attend!!





have fun there and can't wait for you to come back!!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Starhill Jim Thompson Thai Restaurant

Starhill Gallery Jim Thompson Thai Restaurant

it's been ages since the last time I dined at restaurants here at Starhill.

i used come every Sunday with either my family or friends :) good ol' times!

somewhere middle of last month, the bunch decided to have our dinner there.

and we picked this restaurant called the Jim Thompson Thai Restaurant aka MyThai.

The restaurant’s distinctive approach is “absolutely Thai, Thompson-style.”

“Absolutely Thai” means the chefs have tested many, many recipes for each classic dish

to refine what they believe experienced palettes will judge the very most delicious version.

“Thompson-style” means the cooking, menu and interior all reflect an appealing mix of tradition and innovation,

inspired by the founder Jim Thompson’s marvelous taste in designing silk and his famous Bangkok mansion.

At MyThai, they served the combination of authentic Thai home cooking and warm conviviality in a homely setting.

Doll & Ierc.

the environment here was cozy and quiet,

listening to the Thai rhythm while enjoying the fragrant and delicious Thai food is superb!

sidebar, check out this woman's accessories. crazy banyak @.@

#1 - the beverage i ordered : Mango Smootieeee :D

#2 - Thod Man Pla

curried fish cakes, deep-fried and served with a chilli sauce, rushed peanuts and cucumbers :)

#3 - Poh Pia Goong

prawns wrapped with rice paper, deep-fried and served with a chili-plim dip. *crispy*

#4 - Phad Pak Boong Kapi

stir-fried morning glory with shrimp paste. my favorite!!

#5 - RICE LAH !!

#6 - Prik Thai Dum

stir-fried beef with black pepper sauce.

#7 - Phad Ka-na Nam Man hoi

wok-fried kailan, garlic, bird's eye chilies and oyster sauce.

#8 - Tom Yam Goong

hot and sour soup with prawns, mushrooms, galangal, lemongrass and bird's eye chilies. *slurps*

#9 - Pla Ga Pong Daeng Thod

red snapper fillet, deep fried and topped with sweet chili sauce or sweet and sour garlic. *nomz*

#10 - Dessert : Tub Tim Grob

water chestnut rolled in tapioca flour served in coconut milk with jackfruit. *BEST DESSERT EVER!*


it was a delightful dinner :)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


everyone is busy with their work, studies and etc. thursday is the night of the week the hardcore partying get started.

no matter where you are, as long as you are with your great bunch of friends. it's definately gonna be fun!

so here we go again, party on an usual thursday night with my craziest friends at ZOUK FOUR PLAY.

here's a camwhore picture of me before leaving the house :

was trying out the freshcon one day contact lenses that my sister gave me :)

super comfy and i loved it, my eyes look so bigggg :D

miss doll & yours truly :)

hi to JOON TENG. the guy you'll see him every thurs to sat here @ zouk :

*high five with dia*

chun teng :

the dude here super vain wan = =

bumped into Chloe Soh ! she damn power can let me sit on her lappie. she dont care if putus :/

so i supah love her!

and cheng cheng cheng cheng!! my darling sistah, nama pun Chloe :

she's oh so cute!

i sayang her buckets!

ierc junior doing the flaminglambo :

and that's all for our crazy thursday night! bai.

ohya, FIFA World Cup has already started.
i know it's very exciting and all but don't bet too much okay!

Friday, June 11, 2010



thanks to my darling daphne charice tan for capturing such heroic moment of my Blackberry.

She's very happy! haha.

exoh guys.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

River Side, Heritage

harlow harlow harlowwww guysss. how are you doing? miss me? haha, you better!

been pretty busy lately. from what? take a wild guess guys...







haha, yes mah jong. thanks to my mr.CT now im addicted to it already haha.

used to just play rummy and thinks that mahjong is super difficult and stuff. but it turns out to be pretty easy and fun. best untuk pass time.

i won't be like playing it 24/7 lah, though we've already try playing 12 hours non-stop before.

but still, i'll control :D teehee.

other than that, guess what guys. i've found a real cool and romantic restaurant!

it's called the RiverSide.

why cool? cause it has my favorite food in the world, ESCARGOT! and damn nice okay.

why romantic? cause it is really by the river. or lake? haha confused liawz.

thanks to jun wong here for driving us there!

and miss doll for suggesting this place :)

see now im a very happy little girl!

ambiance is good, pretty cozy and chilling :)

what are they talkingggg :

doll's order, mushroom soup :

and here comes my favorite !! ESCARGOT!!!

mind me, my saliva keeps dripping liawz.

just look at the cheeeeesseeeeeeeeee........

it really made my day!

smoke salmon creamy spaghetti :

it was, mehhhh ......

say hi to me brotha, WABBITZ TEARZ!

my brother dropped by with CT cause i know he missed me alot! right right bro? haha.

best part of that night, guess what we saw ?









*faster run near them and snap snap snap!*

so pretty can??

endind this post with both the swans peddling away :

so going back again!