Monday, May 31, 2010

put your hands up in the air!

before i start with this post, i have a really bad news to announce. i lost my camera, AGAIN!

yes again and again.

well, technically someone stole is & it's my brother's camera so it's even worse.

not just i've lost the camera,

the pictures @ my babe DCT's birthday and my partying pictures are all gone :*(


ugh, i wish that person rot in hell. psssst.






here we go again, another partying night.

phuture flow peeps.

jacsafterparty x CT x Doll Love :

thanks to my bigbrother boon for another ferrari cap again,

he bought it for me again cause i keep loosing it :(

and now this cap is in someone's car i think :S see how clumsy and careless can i get?

sobs. T.T

Doll & our korean lookalike LeoGean :

BibIweiwei x JunWong :

miss christine & moi :

doll joined us too! :

& the CT :

everybodeh say hi to MEL! :

Leogaen was making fun of some girls taking pictures,

ans this is the reason why we ended up taking pictures like this :

LeoGaen so kawaii des!!

take #2 : JUN WONG

take #3 : Doreen Low & Jacklyn Gan

yayaya i know my face not kawaii at all, instead i think i look pretty fierce there.

take #4 : Christine Yeaw

this one lagi bagus, hawt more than kawaii lol.

yours truly & the babes :

daphbaby & melmel , what are you guys staring at?

here comes the MOET :

and here we go again . . .


the dudes :

' Man of the week MR.KUM' (inside joke) & junwong :

melmel lim & I :

so honored to take picture with MR.KUM :


she's a real sweet girl :

posers :

girls pun macam-macam :

nice to meet you :

CT & Candy :

hi mistah Boon & Miss Florence :

oh oh oh, and here's our special guest!

KRISSSSSSSS, my long lost crazy bitching, clubbing, drinking, singing partner from hongkong :

Miss Neoh dropped by too :

Miss Chloe Soh :

ending this post with a picture of two gorgeous & one mr.charming :


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

up to the city of entertainment

this is what us kayelle people do when we have no where to go,

we drive all the way up to genting just for the sake of going up :) otherwise, CASINO :D

not very much on the theme park,

cause there will never gonna have new rides plus we went there numerous times when we were young.

i love going to the casino, but it a no-go for me cause gambling just aint ma thang yo. lol

cause saya always lose T.T

on the way up to the City of Entertainment :

she's the main reason we went up :

though we don't talk nor see each other much anymore. but if you need me, i'll still be there nevertheless :

known her for almost nine freaking years @.@

smiling me! she say i look like BAO JONG that day -.-

i replied : ATAS SANGAT COLD MAH -.-

say hi to JunWong everybodeh! :

Jun with his super scary driving skill sked the crap outta me while going up the hills! :

see i also crazy liaozzzz :

the double Js :

Jeanie & JunWong :

oh-so-chioness :

kay guys guess what is this big guy here doing? :

had Kenny Rodger's for lunch :



okay, it was horrible = =

cept for the Mac & Cheese teehee :D never go wrong.

some Thai Songkran Festival :

ice-cream for dessert :

didn't manage to finish it cause it kena-ed my cap and it melts like nobodeh's business.

kkn tipu my rm 5 T.T

finally we found a new game @ first world, The Lazer Maze :

for only rm10 for 3 rounds, definitely worth trying :D

the Lazer room :

i can crawl over cause it's kinda retarded how they have like no lazer 7-inch above the ground.

and here's me crawling over :

and here's jun wong refused to crawl :

it was pretty fun, new thing up @ genting i guess. haha.

after spending 30 mins in the lazer room, we moved on to bowling :D

i totally sucked at it! tiap tiap kali masuk longkang saja!

after so many years,

i only got to know that this very bowling alley glows in the dark everyday after 8pm! :

how freaking awesome is that!!!!

after bowling, went for some sweet potatoes and off we go! back to KL to catch IP MAN2 with bunch!

ending this post with this CHUUBCHUUB picture of me :