Tuesday, April 20, 2010

it has been awhile now.

okay this was like supah supah longgggg ago, sorry girls for making this post so late.

was pretty "busy" nowadays. haha you girls know what i mean ;p

anyways, it's another dinner night out with our special guest XinDii ze krazylovelybitch.

our dinner venue usually is up to Isabellakuan.com to decide cause girl really know how to eat!

she know all the best food around town :)

so for that night, we had our wonderful meal @ PASTA ZANMAI, Sunway Pyramid 2.

here comes the food :) slurppss!

#1 bell's fav tofu.

looks delicious huh? but i personally hates tofu so yeah,

no matter how delicious it looks or smells. i'll never let it enter my mouth. yikes!

#2 Terikyaki Chicken Pasta

super tasty.

#3 Chicken Pasta

yummers look at the cream sauce ;p

#4 Salad

some healthy food.

and so hungry right now . . . .

♥ me love.

♥ me loveS.

helenness nomming away. . .

many faces of xind.

after the satisfying dinner, xind requested to go for her fav pass-time,

PURI-PURI aka the sticker machine!

with my loveslies.

and dolly molly :

what are these two doing?

#1 insert coins.

#2 choose a backgroud.

#3 strike a pose!


# 5 choose your favorite most kawaii des picture! lol.

#6 edit edit edit

#7 TAH-DAH!!!!

fun times ;p

carl's junior waiting for helenness love tabao-ing burger for her babylouisinc.


me and ma girls.

decided to go for karaoke session after, so we headed to Puchong Neway!

our singing queen!

winny twe twe joined us too!

that's all ppl.

till then. exoh.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


met up with ma crazee biatch from oozy @ DAMAI for a quick shisha session before heading the GOSH.

introducing XINDI-LAH :

ini perempuan i suka best!

when are you coming back biznitch ?

my long lost driver AJ LIM ;p


headed to GOSH shortly after and met up with my babeh helenness!

please excuse my double chin!

helenness x jacs x winny


bumped into AshvinBlank brother :

with my dearest AJ LIM.

& his friends.

the notty boyz.

helenness x jacs x juwei

haha, funny table they gave them :

AJ x helenness chong

twe twe.

apa face tu la daniel?

now kengseng's turn lol :

with the gorgeous.

jenny foh x jacsafteprarty

she's supah friendly!

bumped into the taiwanese Vincent Hsiao.

haha, handbags hanger .

so nice help us girls carry bags give him a kiss la ;p

rainbow wall lol.

william x daryl x jacs

it was a fun night out :)

the end - bai bai -