Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4play & marshybaby's farewell


sorry for not blogging for like 293,847,123 years.

not that im like a super busy business woman making millions now, i was just plain lazy la ;p

forgive me my dear rawrsome readers :)

anyhoo. here goes.

4play with my lovely girlfriends.

helenness chong, bila nak keluar lah? miss you miss you woman, havent seen you after Hennessy :(

my lovah ,

my babeh babeh that flew thousand miles away from moi :(

fret not, she'll be back with fluent chinese slang in no time :O

curi-ed taizi's ACTIVE CAP ;p

bumped into :

one of the sevenstoners :

with the pretties :

last but not least, MR MOON :)

it was deffo a fun night with the girls and when are we doing this again?


due to the major laziness, i've decided not to edit the pictures.

so there won't be much text as well, it's 6:57am right now, wayyyyyyy pass my bed time :/

got there @ around 9 plus i think,

the best place to have house party with a cheap renting cost :)

camwhoring me :

mr. collin lim :

my baby awaw :

my lil snowflake christmas berry pocket bag which i heart so much & of course baby eevonaw.:

mel mel :

was blowing water w/ carlston and out of the blue he asked me to go down and check out the penguin,

i was like, "eh you okay anot? why and where on earth got penguin for you to see here"

"GOT!! they keep them in like a fridge or something. GOT WAN! you go see"

he kept insisting that i must go down and check it out myself.

since i've got nothing much to do so i layan him la, went down with mel, yinyin and another friend to check it out.

i was pretty excited and also doubting there will be a PENGUIN in this apartment at the same time.

so we went down and SEEEEEEEEEE !!! :




really got penguin leh wtfbbqomfg. at least i didn't get conned la ;p

another funny thing is,

the penguin is called JACKASS PENGUIN from south africa or something. lol or what?

hello josh!

with the ladies:

michelleyip . moi . eevon . sherrie!

more ladies! lol cant even rmb the names :/

miss stefanie aw! and my sleepy eyes.

my baby marsh marsh that left me :(



shisha in the house :)

say cheese :)

ending this pose with the two funniest guy in the room :


Thursday, March 11, 2010

hennessy artistry is back.

ladies and gentlemen, this coming 19th of march, we bring you...

Hennessy Artistry 19th March 2010 @ THE OPERA, Sunway.

the latest Hennessy Artistry is better than ever. an improvised, grittier, bolder move for two reasons; to serve fellow party-goers and music lovers, AND to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have been loyal and faithful to them.

call it a corporate mojo, call it a heartwarming move to thank us fellow fans – whatever it is – we dig it! let it be known that we're sick of hearing 'thank you for being loyal with us' through advertisements or newspaper articles because at the end of the day, it still doesn't affect us.

erm.... we bought your product.
okay, you're telling us that you're grateful.
erm.. okay....
so what happens next? how have you changed my life as much as i change yours?
it's like sending gifts through facebook.

“here's a pillow!”

“okay.... Thanks? so what do i do with it?”

but THIS. Hennessy Artistry. it is bound to make our live different in varied ways in one night.

what's more, is this time they have the

Hennessy Mix Master,

Hennessy Mixing Bar,

the Hennessy Digital Light Art Effects,

and a Hennessy Live Twitting Zone.

(hennessy artistry '09)

- Hennessy Mix Master -

aspiring djs who would love to have a shot at stardom would be given a golden opportunity this 19th march as they would be guided by a professional dj to uncover their hidden talents. what's better news is the top 20 selected tunes will be awarded a bottle of VSOP and bla bla bla. it may sound simple, but greatness would only be rewarded to an opportunist. industry big shots could be there to listen to the top 20 tunes, and who knows what would unfold later? *winks*

no it's not stopping here. the producer of the top ranked track will be walking away with an ipod touch!!!

Hennessy Mixing Bar

On the other hand, for the Hennessy Mixing Bar, all you party-goers who always expect the unexpected can be dumbfounded by the exciting fresh new flavor cocktails offered apart from Hennessy Apple and Hennessy Ginger, they now have Hennessy Citrus and Hennessy Berry! Now doesn’t that sounds interesting, people?

Hennessy Live Twitting Zone

Twitter, twitter,twitter!

Who can live without twitter? They even have a ‘Hennessy Live Twitting Zone’ made available for Hennessy Artistry fans who just can’t live without spending every moment updating their status the whole time live during this awesome event! That means us, yay!

Hennessy Digital Light Art Effects

And last but not least, ‘Hennessy Digital Light Effects’ may sound like a lame gimmick, right? Absolutely WRONG.
For peeps that are looking for something else new, you can create, design, and customize their own Hennesy VSOP desktop wallpapers using light technology and video projections at the area provided. I know, so cool right?

and what is hennessy artistry without the finest artist from around the world?
last year they brought us FatManScoop , YingYangTwins and Boys like Girls.

& this year, all the way from Japan....


our local very talented young top malaysian group, BUNK FACE.

along with malaysia NUMBAH ONE BEATBOXER shanwnlee & DVJ G Mix :)






Besides Hennesy Artistry Kuala Lumpur, other parties held around the world include Hennesy Artistry Shang Hai, Hennesy Artistry New York, Hennesy Artistry Taipei, Hennesy Artistry Berlin and Hennesy Artistry London.
*Flo-Rida, Shayne Ward, Fatman Scoop, The Ying Yang Twins, Lenka, and Boys Like Girls perfromed in parties in Kuala Lumpur*

Invitation is needed for Hennessy Artistry @ the Opera,19th March 2010.To obtian passes,please log on to

* to know more about past events or to receive updates on the upcoming party, visit the official Facebook fan page: www.h-artistry.com.my/facebook or follow Hennessy Artistry on Twitter: www.h-artistry.com.my/twitter. The party is strictly opened to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door. *

Saturday, March 6, 2010

let's hit the roof top bitches.


" jacklyn you been to rootz ? "

"errr, no?"

" what ?? it's freaking awesome "

so then me and my fav bitches decided to drop by and what's so AWESOME bout this club.

one thing that i think was pretty awesome that its located @ the roof top :

awesome City view :

with my loves, francesscaw & isabellakuan @ the restaurant outside.

fabulous venue to chill with your girls.

*hearts* :

the queue was KRAZY motherfking long -.-

took us bout 15 mins to get in.

fabulous entrance, loving it. so i'll let the long queue slide.

must camwhore more :

their concepts are pretty different from other clubs.
its everything in one room, super stuffy inside, table super small,
but they play pretty sick music tho.
so its like i wanna get out cause i might suffocate and die in here,
but i dont wanna get out cause the music is so good.

(but the music's better than zouk i would say)

so we stayed in for a little longer :

thanks for being moi personal driver once again :

excuse my chow-tut face :

see what i told you im suffocating in there?

bumped into familiar faces like, ah yan :

choon meng :

amelia :

the bestie :

taizi cheok :

aj lim aka mr.kacau :

franfran, just like my big sista that i wuvie so muchie ! :

really rare to see her in clubs, cause she say its not her scene anymore,

so so must appreciate every night out, i mean clubbing night out!

ceiling so high, the air-conditional takes like 1 min to blow down :

but whatevs, their crazy light rocks!

miss cindy kok :

us drinkers @ the bar outside :

really kennot stand the heat inside liao. yes i know that's what makes the club so HOT!
but can die peeper wan you know. so we girls still wanna get married and have kids better get out fast before its too late.
yes im very good at exaggerating. thankiew.

green fairy on ze way (our dirty lil secret!):

helenness malove with aj lim :

aj lim & cindy babe :

time to get back in to rocking sauna room!

hi winnie twe! :

lengleng love :

juness :

and that's all for that night, can die liao :

pretty awesome HOT club i would say.
exoh bai.