Thursday, February 18, 2010


this was when miss.helenness and i was craving for ikea meatballs,

i dragged ivan and the bunch along to ikea for their yummy and also supah cheap meatballs with us.

ikea meatballs ZE best! i love the meatballs ; fries ; jam they serve too! omfg heaven.

but too much of it give us hell too, means must go gym lah.

anyways after our brunch, we headed down to ikea to hunt for Christmas decoration.

and here's where we ended up at :

the kids costume section.

me the big head flower bee, helenness the bunnay!, kimee the long hair alienwoman! :

and yes we're definitely ze coolest.

the kids around are just too cute to not take picture of them :

lil girl : "mommyyy. . . those jie jie sot sot. . . "

supah chio chickie baby.

the monster :

and yours truly :


headed to zouk for kimberly's bd celebration.

(no picture with the bd girl cause she ko'ed before i got there T.T )

the lovelies :

my favorite AWs :

and here's my marshy babey!

she's in beijing now :( i asked : "why beijing?"

marsh gave the cutest answer ever,

"wo bu hui jiang hua yuuu. . . "

(in her super cacated chio mandarin accent)

promise im gonna go visit! wait for moi!

my eevon woman! :

super clubbing kaki!

and my partner in crime :

partner in crime 2.0 :

wuv them to the maxxxxx....

@ clubs we'll always bumped into familiar faces, like :

my ice hockey senior. Adrian Chow.

kimee yap :

and yupps, that's all fer now.

so sick.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy CNY lovelies.

happy chinese new year my lovelies.

currently @ johor kluang right now, daddy's hometown celebrating cny with the fam and relatives.

funny how our chinese new year and valentines day fall on the same day.

gonna celebrate vday with starpishie when i get back to kayelle.

going to pub with the coolest uncles&aunts later.

ciao exoh.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Doll's 19th birthday bash

Doll's 19th birthday bash @ her crib

the gorgeous sexay princess that night :

make a wish !

check out her gorgeously PINK cake from her sister! :

doll & her big sista Pauline! :

doll with the boys :

lol please excuse what the two dude in front are doing,

the princess & me!

the boyfriend and mr.moon playing dai wah sik (some chinese drinking game):

the boys :

baby, junhann, ken, jerome and aj lim.

super farnney picture of ms.isabella :

haha look @ janice's face, forced to down the glass of liquor :

me helenness love and me :

my pretty channel (fake) bought it cause i super love the charms *hearts* :

Mr. AJ Lim & moi :

gotto say buh-bye to my lovely readers again :

3 more days to CNY, time to earn big bucks!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Christmas 2009


hey lovelies!

im back to blogging again. about, christmas from last year!

hey this time im less than a month late so im forgiven yeah?


on the way to dinner with my babystarpishie & mr.moon.

also meeting up miss doll, her boyfriend & BLACKMAN!! (haha inside joke)

guess what? it's my first time celebrating christmas with my starpishie!!

super duper happiee!

my favorite :


ms.doll & yours truly :

my rawrsome boyfriend :

the guys :

Mr.moon, blackman, starpishie, ERIC (cant think of a nickname for him lol)

yeah right.

the lanseeess! :


after dinner we headed to 7ate8 for the afterparty.

kisses from hubby! :

me and joyce the woman! :

shanny wong & moi! :

and the TC Low :

the must have atas-ness :

JACKY zai ! :