Tuesday, January 26, 2010

jh's 21st

okay sorry ma babyadele now baru i only completed ze post today :S
haha, i promised that girl that i will finish one post during brunch with her the other day @ taipan OLDTOWN. but sorry lah woman, i berry inefficient wanz.

here you go..

JunHann's big two-ooh.

galafulaking (my boyf) planned the whole birthday celebration thing

for the bestfriend of his. MR.MOON

camwhoring before going to jh's place.

got a new pair of juicy *hearts*

&here's my schoopid boyfriend :

&friends :

make a wish.

check out the beautiful cake :

junhann and the family :

with his adorable sister :

homies :

my loving boyf.

brothers :

and last but not least an extra dramatic edited picture of us :D


Monday, January 25, 2010


hey ma lovely lovely readers.
it has been a very eventful week. the bazaar went really well, i would say it's a good start la.
the amount of people that came were really unexpected. thankyou everyone for coming once again.
next bazaar is coming up real soon :) wait for my updates kayss.
& i hope to see you girls again. x

. . . . .

kays aside from that, there's readers/spammers/people/whatevs la telling me that 'the original people who organized absolute bazaar can sue you for copyright infringement?' wtf - . - (why people nowadays so life lifeless wanzz?)

neh the poster i used for the bazaar and apparently the name as well - . -
(i got the picture off google and have like no effing idea it was someone's from msia.)
k first of all, maybe i've been hiding under the rock or been living in the jungle for too long cause not until 15 mins ago after i saw the comment on my cbox and googled ABSOLUTE BAZAAR was actually an bazaar/event that's been around for almost a year? TWO? which i have no fkin idea about. so YES 'MEI' I AM THAT CLUELESS.

so this girl/woman or whatevs she is, assumed that I, 'steal people's intellectual property, poster and freaking name of bazaar!' and put it up my blog 'because it is the same name as a successful bazaar that has a reputation?'.and she asked me to 'Better to go around building your own name I reckon. No need to ride on anyone's fame'.


the point of our bazaar is to sell the clothes that we don't think we will wear it anymore or we don't want it and of course to earn some extra cash. THAT'S THE REASON WHY WE ARE HVIN A BAZAAR, not trying to imitate a 'succesful' bazaar's name and to TAKE THEIR FAME. woohoo as if we even need that. pfft.

and the the funny thing is, this spammer or whateves say they can sue me if they want. for 'copyright infringement'.
how humorfying can this be? hah
c'mon la i dont think they would spend a lump sum of hard earned money into matters so trivial like this. NOT COOL be so lifeless and come scaring me with your WIDE knowledge of 'copyright infringement' lor. haihs.


whatevs really. i couldn't give two fucks about it ;p
signing off now guys bai.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

bum bum dee dum

hello world :)

something got me thinking this few days. its amazing how at one point you THINK you know those people are your friends,

listening to you & understanding and not because they are like everybody else who really just wants to kepoh and know about something drama enough to fill their empty lives.

but guess its always the curiosity that triumphs over the understand part being a "friend".

friends are always overrated anyway right?


all i can is, take care of yourselves lah k. hahahahha have a fun ride (:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


okay i have decided to blog about what happened todae. not like it's any extraordinary or whatnots. it's simply because im super bored right now. and its bout time for me to blog about something more current then stuff that happened like dinosaurs years before. it's 3:19am right now tuesday i mean wednesday and the reason why i am still up is because i cannot fuckin' sleep. god knows why.

just got home from badminton @ pj challenger
,YES im bloggin after i just got back from badminton &william's and i didn pay. shhhh ;p
i am supposed to be super tired.
i am supposed to shower.
i am supposed to brush my teeth.
i am supposed to wash my face etc crap.
i am supposed to get my lazy fat ass to bed and have the best sleep ever.

out of the five 'i am supposed' above i only attempt to do one.
which is i am supposed to shower. think im gonna collapse soon ==
yet i am still blogging at this hour until i hear the mosque prayers.

woken up so many times in the morning,
1)by my mother @ around 9am for class but way to lazy.
2)by ze boiflen @ 11 am cause he needs his watch back.
3)finally woke up @ 12 close to up by myself cause my room was too cold - -
(also the reason why i've been sneezing like a bitch lately piling up disgusting tissues in my room which leads to my messy bedroom).

anyways, today haven't been a really productive day for me cause i missed/skipped my class.
reason : lazy plus i really cannot wake up even how hard i tried to tell myself to wake up in my head.i know, you guys probably think it's all ballocks whatsoever but i really dont give a flying fuck about what other thinks. ugh. spammers here goes an opportunity for you to spam my cbox saying oh jacklyn so lazy jacklyn so fat jacklyn so stupid jacklyn so dumb ah go fuck yourself :)

had to pick the two brats up from school but cause today me boiflwen ish so busy with his competition thingy &my mother insisted to come along. expected, there goes 30 minutes nagging how a dangerous driver i am, i shouldn't have done this, done that go so fast etcrap. my mom is convinced that if i drive alone i will crash and die -.- beh tahan.

bet at this point you guys must be thinking what have gotten into me, why out of the blue i am writing so much crap here. me is currently taking a break from photo editing and idk why i am so suka to type now. typing maniac much?

today is also a berry sad day fer yours truly cause her starpishie is back to ze KAMPAR :(
these past few weeks it's been very special for me with the person i hold dear to my heart so much that he's almost like my husband regardless of what anyone may say. i am so so so so so so so so so so really happy these past few weeks spending time with you despite all the arguments and stuffs. big bear hug for you darling for being there for me 24/7 for me no matter what. enjoyed every single second spent with you ♡. also, thankiew so much for tolerating all my shitz. *chu* i know i sometimes can be a major pain in the ass;p waited my starpishie the whole day but just only got to see him for like less than a minute :( really wanted to cry lor. but what to do T.T

galafula king i missed you already. sobs

okay i think it's time for me to head to bed gotto wake up in 3 hours time for class fml.
signing off bai.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


hello my lovely readers ♥


DATE : 23th January (this saturday)
VENUE : 45, Jalan 11/155B, Taman Explanad, Bukit Jalil.
TIME : 11am- 8pm

we are having An absolute bazaar! come get the latest fashion clothing, accessories. with reasonable cheap price.

price as low as rm5 only!!!

love bangsar clothing? well, come get it here for 50% less the price there.

clothing from your favorite bloggers ♡:

-Isabella Wong

-Daphne Charice
-Helenness Chong
-Doreen Low

(not a blogger but a total fashionista too, a lot of y'all requested bout her blog before)

last but not least, memememme, Jacklyn Gan too!

absolute budget shopping spree before chinese new year ♡

any question?
ask me on the comment box :)


see you shopaholic this saturday! ♥

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tarbush & Bavarian Bierhous


couple months ago, went shisha with my darling Isabella & AaronChan @ SunwayPyramid :)

Aaron brought us to this place called Tarbush, they served Arabic & Lebanese food.

love their exotic decoration.

never knew that sunway pyramid have restaurant like this.

our dear Isabella :)

my order :)

Labneh & Mutabal :)

my favorite Arabian food. (more like the only food i know ;p)

Labneh is cottage cheese drained through cheesecloth until thick and creamy then topped

with dry mint leaves, olive and olive oil. & Mutabal is grilled eggplant dip :)

so basically you just dip Mutabal with Labneh. taste superb!

spot aaron's finger :S

he got it during a mountain bike competition or something. fractured his fingers.

if it was me, i confirm cry and cry and cry or just chop my fingers off ;p

Isabella & Jac

i super love the background.

with flash.

after shisha, we went for Fried Laksa after @ ss15.

another must try! will blog about it in my upcoming posts.


went to The Curve someday after class with IvanWong the big brother, for lunch.

it was last year Halloween, so you can tell how an outdated blogger i am.

check out their chio Halloween deco @ Curve :)

he brought me to this German restaurant called Bavarian Bierhous.

it's famous for their pork knuckles and german beer :) dayummm.

the bar :)

my beverage :)

their famous beer here is actually this German beer called Paulaner.

but everywhere i go i order Hoegaarden cause its my favorite!

Bavarian specialty is their sausages. so of course we must try the sausages *slurp*:

(the sausages are actually much larger than it is seen the pictures)

we ordered the Mix Sausages has six different sausages on a platter.

- German Bratwurst (German par-boiled pork sausage)

- Hungarian Wurst
(smoked sausage)

- Chorizo (Italian mildly spiced pork sausage)

- Neurnberger (grilled provincial sausage)

- Weiss Wurstfranfurters (mildly seasoned white sausage)

- Lamb Mequez (small herbed lamb sausage).

we also get potato salad and two types of flavored mayonnaise

– roast garlic and Habanero (a type of Mexican chilli) and senf (mustard).

and guess how much this plate of pork knuckles cost?

freaking rm72!!! but i would say it's worth every penny we paid,

cause we were very happy and satisfied customers after that :) i know ivan is lol.

also, i heard a Paulaner Hefe-Weißbier Dunkel too goes well with the hearty Bavarian dishes.


okay ending this post with a make-up free picture of yours truly :)



HaoRen's Birthday.

attended haoren's birthday with my loves helenness, lengleng &winnie.

getting ready @ my place :

camwhoring time :

gotto thanks miss.lengleng for ze gorgeous makeup :)

i love letting people to put make up on, & our miss lengleng here loves to put make up on others :)

i almost went crazy when i saw her massive collection of annasui cosmetic O.o

my loves (accessories) :

the birthday was held @ his house, KLANG.

me & babe leng,

why that face winnie?

&now we know why,

ini beckam keep asking everyone to drink.

haoren's super chio puppy :

groupie pic:

with the birthday boy :

the ladies :

and the boys :

me & my helenness loves :

okay i know this picture look sorta wrong, but it's not what you think she's doing ;p

camwhoring in ze car..