Thursday, December 24, 2009


5 more days until 2010.


time flies huh? time flies.

cherish every moment of our life,

do what's worth doing.

don't regret, cause we only have one life.

merry christmas & a happy new years guys.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sara's 21st birthday @ Bijou, Mont Kiara

got invited to this lovely lady's 21st birthday @ Bijou, Mont Kiara.

i attended along with my babes Bell, Helen and Junie.

The dress code was pink&purple.

i personally don't wear a lot of pink stuff and have zero pink peace of clothing in my wardrobe,

so i picked out this flower printed dress that i wore on my birthday too!

got pink and purple flowers on it! very nice& i love it.

it was also a masquerade party, everyone of us was required to bring a mask

as the birthday girl requested something more special and mysterious.

really love how they decorated the restaurant, with balloons all over!

mind me, i go krazy over balloons.

i would just go to a balloon shop buy 10 balloons &put it in my room for no reason or special occasion,

just simply because i love balloons! especially pretty ones!

see what i mean? balloons all over! :

we also have like assigned seats. how cute!

choices of food :

food are mainly western :) love it.

dining time :

our table.

helenness darling trying on my mask :

so sexay ar the eyes.

i really love this mask!

i got it last year for Christmas for only rm5.90!

effing cheap and pretty.

with my darling helenness :

hello isabellakuan!

my three favorite girls :

pictures with the birthday girl :

cake cutting and groupie pic time! :

i'll end this post with all the pretty ladies in masks! :


Thursday, December 17, 2009


im officially the SLOWEST blogger in the world.

im blogging bout stuffs from almost 4 months ago, brilliant aint i?


but i still hope you guys enjoy reading it :)

(confirm cursing me from behind already 'wtf this jacklyn so outdated wan. always post overdue post' har har)

SoulBabes Shopping Day out.

anne x me x samie x chuckei x bell x daphne

the outing that all soulbabes must attend,

cause we haven't been seeing each others for quite some time,

everyone was busy with their studies & shiz.

so i decided to plan a sb day out since we misses all the girls so much,

& also have a lot of catching up to do.

and whoever that ffk, we will unfriend that person. hmpf!

and that's the reason why no one ffk.

but, of course i will never ever unfriend this bunch of rawrsome girlfriends la.

like D-U-H !

it was just a way to get everyone to come :)

moi & samantha darling.

( babe we din't really get to talk much @ bell's birthday that night,

hope you are feeling better hunney. rest more! )

we definitely had heaps of fun,

we did lunch, shopping and gossips for the whole day long :)

we should do this more often girls!

soon perhaps? it's been awhile since august.


it has been like almost a year since i last went maison.

and they recently renovated and people are starting to go there again,

helenness and my other bunch of friends decided to go there,

mainly because their friend is spinning,

reason i went is because i wanna check it out after it renovated.

me and my helenness baby :

dragged my rawrsome driver/slave AJ LIM there too :

bumped into LouiseXin there :

flaming Lamborghini with my helenness babe :

Benji & moi :

my chicas.

jacs x doreen x bell x helen x chloe

it was a fun night out with my girlfriends that night,

i had a little wee too much to drink and was really drunk the whole night.

but it was fun! ! !

ZOUK 4 play

another night of partying @ zouk 4play with my lovely ladies.

junie x isabella x jacs

say hi to john & annie :

kisses :

i miss junie! i miss having dinner with you and partying too.

when are you coming back babe?!

My Darlling BABY BELL!



Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i love going out for dinners, chilling session, karaoke with my girls.

it's fun. and we can bitch about anybody, anywhere, anytime.

the last dinner before junie left to UK, we had our usual (only girls) dinner.

@ Changkat,
this pretty looking thai restaurant :

we enjoy having good food, miss.isabella is one of the experts in food,

she know how to order, what to order, all the names, etc.

while in the other hand, i only know how to eat :]

so usually i just let her do all the ordering and i makan :D

we ordered, i mean miss.isabella ordered :

so spicy!

effing spicy!!!

the food there was SUPERB!!!!!!

and also effing spicy, i personally really love spicy food, but i cannot take it.

how pathetic.

bell wong ish enjoying her FOOD!

while our helenness dear finishing her assignment that's due the next day i think.

groupie pic @ the thai restaurant :

after that we headed up the street to twenty-one for some chilling session :

me & my hunnay helenness!

i love this lady above to bits cause she's always there for 24/7.

and she know that i'll do the same for her too!

our alcoholic beverages :

my lovely ladies :

well, that's all for now again,

leaving to langkawi for yacht trip in 11 hours time,

so i dont think i'll be updating my blog until im back.

not that i update my blog very often now but i'll try my best!! and im sho excited!!

till then. exoh.