Tuesday, November 24, 2009

kumar's birthday

now this is ancient aka super duper overdue.

this was way back in july.

kumar's birthday, the poppy's manager.

and of course it was held @ poppy garden.

babe doreen and i both attended :

he even hired a photographer to photograph for his big day :

he himself jadi photographer pulak :

babe doreen aka doll :

she has got the most dolly eyes ever!

friends :

the crowd of poppy, dance floor will always be effing packed. without fail.

all thanks to the awesome DJBlink for the awesome music!

camwhore sikit dulu:

former bouncer of poppy:

you mess with him, you're going down down down down down....

with the only korean :

messing with kim's blazer :

miss cheryl and i :

barbiedoll chan :

ahh i just can get enough of doll's eyes :

doreen x janice x michelle

camwhore lagi :

on the dance floor with the ladies :

haha after so long here's a picture with the birthday boy :

i'll end this post with a really weird picture of me :

dont ask. hah


Friday, November 20, 2009

no more blog mojo

owh gawd.

it's so sad looking at my blog without updates everyday,

i need my blog mojo back ppl!!!

i'll be back :)

i promise.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


this is an extremely late post,

im blogging bout merdeka this year which was 2 months plus ago,

how late can i be? haha.

anyways let's start.

boyfriend was back and we spent the whole there together and headed to changkat at night.

werner for chilling session with the lovelies and their boyfriend's and friends :

sipping margarita with the lovelies :)

boyfriend loves to drink.

nicholas & junie :

i miss them already.

isabella x jacklyn x junie

cards playing time :

after werner's we headed to ENVIES cause my helenness darling is there:

with the pretties.

it was so effing packed that there's no space for us to even stand so,

we headed to poppy after :

jacsafterparty x helenness

jacsafterparty x lengleng

love this pic.

why baby look like that!!!

well that's all for now, i gotto go.

watching time traveler wife with the bunch later.
(confirm cry)


Monday, November 9, 2009

xia xue tranformation.

few months ago, xia xue's blog was having this competition thingy,

she gave us her UGLIEST picture, and have us to photoshop it.

i was really bored so i joined the 'contest',

and she did post the picture i photoshopped on her blog!

my xiaxue's after photoshopped picture on the right side!!

(xiaxue's comment above)

nice not nice not??? oh and the left one damn UGLY can!!!!!

see more on xiaxue's blog!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Helenness big two-one part 2

Helenness big two-one part 2 @ Red Square

the after party was held @ Redsqaure,

Mr.Louis booked the whole club just fer his princess helenness 21st birthday.

how sweet.


the music was sick and the DJs were awesome rocking the crowd.

best of all, they have the best emcee ever.

haha, walking here and there, that's what i love bout redsquare :)

wookay back to the birthday party,

custom made birthday sticker:

another surprise for the princess from his prince,

a sticker for every one that was attending,


boyflen kamu banyak sweet can.

now let's get the party started!!

Esther x El Jie x Sara x Julie x Piks x Shanti x Jacs

Shanti dancing chio.

the pretty ladies :

and here comes my babyboo! :

baby thankiew sho much for making so much effort to come back every month,

i really appreciated it.

It's tough trust me and it never gets easier not until you end the distance.

but that will never stop us for loving one another, it just makes us stronger.

i heart him more than ever.

now back to the party,

the thing that makes the crowd (mostly girls)



a freaking custom made neverfull louis vuitton cake!!

ain't it gorgeous?? must have cost some penny.

and here comes the cake cutting time :

ladies getting ready to snap snap snap with the gorgeous cake and the birthday girl.

Jacs x Bell x Shanti x Piks x birthday girl x El Jie x Julie x Junie

helen's 'can-i-not-cut-the-cake-pretty-please-face'

but still hafta cut it :(

after helenness darling blow out the candles,

the boyfriend of hers came from out of no where with a huge box,

and gave her birthday present, and let's guess what's in it :

see the birthday girl so gan jiong tearing off the wrappings :

tearing... tearing...

we see louis vuitton box!

look at her happy face :

It's a freaking real deal of the cake!


must kiss kiss boyfwen first :

bet all the girls are so jealous including me myself!!!!

helen darling you damn lucky!

... now get your feet to the dance floor ladies!

.... move move shake shake

the birthday girl's rawrsome boiflen :

eric x louis x hong


jacs x juwelxz

my pretty ladies & moi :

jacs x lengleng x vivi x madeline

the crowd were massive, almost filled up the whole club.

god knows how much liqour money they had to spend.

but who cares, it's helenness's 21st birthday and this is the way how it should be :)

oh and also, saya volunteer to be the photographer of ze night :D

snap snap.

boyfwen saya x junhann x eric.

boyfwen and isabellakuan

why his face like that one??

now check out vivi's rocker hairstyle :

lengleng x vivi x doreen x jacs

... dont let the party stop

ahbee, miss leng leng beloved boyflen.

it was ze best / awesome / fun / sick birthday party i ever been to.

i dont think anybody's birthday celebration can top her's.

everybody had fun that night thanks to helenness and her babylouisinc.

ciao for now loves.