Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last day of moi 18th birhday celebration

haha so this is it guys,

the last post of my 18th won-dah-full birthday celebration.

it was @ phuture, zouk. only closest friends and bitches of mine are invited :)

had heaps of love from all the loves that came.

thanks for the OZZ-SOME presents you guys got me and time guys,

jacsafterparty love you guys truck loads wookay!

but before that we had a dinner with my closest girls too,

those who couldn't make it to zouk @ TGIF, pavilion.

on the way to pavilion for my birthday shopping hunt!

took the train because that day KL was having some protest thing going on,

rmb? all the water canons and tear gas? people running around? police whacking the citizen?

yea, you get the point.

got my dresses from forevah21. & also bumped into my helenness love there.

after that headed to La' Mode for my pretty hairdo :

all thanks to my dear friend KEN :

& im lovin' it.

next stop, TGIF!

lawnana x chuckeibaby x lengleng x buunnyy!

thankiew babes for making it! safely.

(you know, all the protest going on)

with ma girls.

helennessbaby! thanks for making it too!

i love you to bits!

while ordering & i love my curls!!

all eyes on mee babeh!


& here comes ze yumss :

Picnik collage by you.

fraking effing cheesie wtfbbq.

na na with her chicken salad.

& here comes more yumss :

Picnik collage2 by you.

here comes my speech :

moments after :

kena again. cake/boobies - facial from brabra chin.

pork pork aka daniel lim.

thanks babes and guys for making it for the dinner.

and here comes the afterparty!

haha, why starfish's face like that one.

Seng x WanFung x JunHann

thanks for always being here my choobu! i nuff chew forevah!

and the biggest surprise of the night was :

all thanks two my two best fun-loving babes doreenbaby x isabellakuan.

they couldn't make it for the dinner at TGIF all because of rushing these pretty cupcakes for me


i wuv you both shoooooo much!!!

here come the birthday song :

thank you guys so much for coming once again!

seee i was so happppy!

my darling sis chole came too!! :

Doreen x Bell x Lynn (can't really see her face though) x Jacs x Junie x Amelia

nine months and still counting ♥


and here comes the boys guys:

Picnik collage by you.

junhann x zeseng x sun x babystarpishie

hello boys :

haha get it? the oh-so-famous taiwanese/japanese 1 to 5 pose.

(cept sun is abit lost in there)

hey, guys can camwhore too kay!

with my UK babe junie :

and here comes the miami babe :

Picnik collage1 by you.

my both smoking hawt bitches.

laughs with my dear sis, gawd i miss her.

Picnik collage2 by you.

foxy mamas.

alcohol is a must!

my favs. Jagerbombs!

hello zeseng!

& thanks for everything!

Picnik collage3 by you.

amelia x lynn x jacsafterparty

i think i was saying
"thanks so much for the cupcakes, i love you so much..!"

hello our new friend from the big apple. Warren Saw.

and phuture packed as usual:

and here comes the birthday kisses from my loves :

kisses from babystarpishie x lynn leville

kisses from jacsaterparty x lynn leville.

kisses from us again!

ze boys again.

Shaheem. lol, the guys that always say poppy is racist and zouk is not.

sun x doreenlove x isabellakuan

hello, nick!

it's warren & lynn again. dont they just look sho cute together??

and guess who we bumped into?

ze famous long hair male blogger! YATZZZ!!!

(yat you must thinking, long hair male blogger wtf)

yes my girlfriend is probably the hottest and cutest babe on earth

but i have to admit that she looks like the murderer in the Orphan,

in this picture.

"I can take care of you"

(whispers to your ears, whilst serving you fruits on a couch)

-Stephen!- aka my boyfriend starfish = =

and that's a wrap!!!

wait wait wait...

still got.

what about the presents that i received from them loves?

haha, now that's a wrap.

ta. moi lovely readers.