Wednesday, August 26, 2009


last month my babes and i attended

first ever entertainment awards ceremony held in malaysia,

the only reason i went was because of sean kingston, that's all.


but guess what,
i dint get to see him T.T

the stupid shout awards management made him come out @ 11.30pm, near to 12am!

me & my girls had to head to velvet before 12 so we left already before he perform = =

so yeah.

but we still had a good time camwhoring,

and watching caprice performing.
(thinks it's good just cause my friends brabra and shev is in the video)

i have no freaking idea who are the other malaysian artists.

no offense but they sucked to the core :S

(jaclyn victor is an exception & the chinese artist. im not racist, just being honest)

so yeah let the pictures begin :

was on our way picking ISABELLAKUAN up.

my full time driver slash recently getting really close friend :)

(joking about the driver part la bra bra)

Shev was there too!

while on the way back to the stadium, the jam was massive!

because ManU training session was held concurrently.

we were stuck at the jam for almost an hour,

when you can reach within 5 min if there's no traffic jam = =

shoutawards1 by you.

say hi to miss IsabellaKuan here!

shoutawards2 by you.

cheeky cheeky miss IsabellaKuan.

we got there and the bouncers shouted 30 seconds left until they close the door,

so all of us were running like three crazy maniacs and rushed to the gate,

the truth is, they were just shouting so that more people will come,

the door was open the whole fucking while until the shout awards ended,

and guess what, we didn't even need a fucking ticket to enter,

they didn't even fucking check. ugh.

speaking of professionalism.

oh well, it's malaysia, people,

guess we just have to bare with it until we get our asses outta this shithole :D

so yeah, here's the stadium :

we're at the putra stadium @ bukit jalil.

something im kinda proud but not too proud of malaysia,

rumors have it that our government borrowed money from countries

just so that we can have the Commonwealth 1998 here.

nak face aja la, habis tu?

kay whatever, notice i've been ranting alot?

cause this shout award thing really pissed me off. ugh.

oh& here's Josh Lim.

the opening performance wasn't too bad :

except i have no idea what they were trying to perform.

& here's the crowd :

free entry to tengok sean kingston, siapa tak nak datang kan?

so this is how bored i was:

i even secretly took picture of bell's armpit :D

bell can enter the goofiest face contest!

oh & here comes HelennessChong!!

three of us were just camwhoring all the way to keep ourselves entertained.

i have no idea what's going on in the pictures below, just snapping pics :

shoutawards3 by you.

see even our miss.IsabellaKuan couldn't take it already.

mmkay, let's take a break from the shitty awards thing,

lemme introduce you to my pet Garfield,

which i got from KFC few months ago while i was in Singapore for holidays ;p

hehee, and i like to torture it :D

okay here's the funniest part of the shout awards.

look at the pictures above closely and start your imagination :D haha.

oh and say hi to barbara's boyfriend :

marina appeared finally!

my pretty ladies shevani, marina and barbara :)

okay guys, i know you'll prolly stop at this picture for more than 5 seconds.

and obviously it's not because of me ;p

and this is the kinda face miss isabellakuan gave to this stupid awards.

yeah, it sucked.

so why not we just let that aside and let the partying begin : velvet // phuture

favorite darlings : Junie * Isabella * Stephanie Leong * Eevon

i lurve my curls that night ;p

the guys of the night :

velvet1 by you.

Jason Lau & ChengJunHann

and here's my fav babe :

always happy-go-lucky girl :)

what is miss bell looking at?

along with another sweet babe :

Stephanie Leong, missing her already.

we'll have more fun when you come back next summer babe :)

and here's another one :

SherrieYap, always cheerful and smiling :)

Velvet was really boring as usual, so we headed up to Phuture.

and there is when i bumped into my hairstylist YEN & JANE!

that's YEN on the left & JANE on the right & i have no idea who the guys are.

remember my previous post about my hair?

she's the one who cut my hair and jane's the one who did the curling.

wuv them so much for giving me such nice hair :)

bumped into Kenneth after awhile :

we kinda hung around his table until the club ends,

groupie pics :

Moi * Junie * Kenneth * Bell * Taizi

girl was on fire that night ;p

my favorite party babe.

start messing around with our sunnies :

and this poor cake that was left "for us" :

happy birthday to everyone!

extremely packed phuture:

Mr.Jason didn't really had a good night cause it was so packed & stuff :(

while on the way back to velvet :

guess who i bumped into??

my favorite senior Elaine!!

& her friend, i think she's getting married or something idk.


i'll end this post with a picture of me with two gorgeous sherrie & stefanieAw :)

toddles :) xx