Thursday, July 30, 2009





& text messages, & just now @ envy's.

you girls are the best.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


XinD is back for summer bitches!!

well yeah she's back in perth now, sobs.

cause it's actually their winter break and her uni is starting soon.

:( come back fast on december alright love?

it's raining it's raining& i have to go to class = =
one more day to my 18TH birthday,
start counting down bitches.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009



its called jacsafterparty.blogspot.com after all.

make sense to you now??

but just because i party, doesnt mean that i dont study. = =

so stop nagging. ugh. hates it when people start nagging

i really dont give a flying fuck about who the eff you are & what you said.
(exclude my family)

i know what i want to do in life and it's not up to you to decide whether what i should be doing.

so just shut the fuck up & thankiu.

everyone loves to party.

so let us get back to something related to it shall we?

this was the night lynn wanted to go to poppy so bad again,

cuz last year was hell lotsa fun partying non-stop with her @ poppy.

so here goes :

rule no.1: you dont party without alcohol, so i present you....


ini best, one is not enought must have 2!

rule no.2 : must party with you besties or clubbing kaki.

don't go out partying with all those ma lat lou old fuck can die okay.

or with some people that you dont even know, cause confirm stone balls.

so these are ma babies.

rule no.3 : always give a brilliant smile when taking picture.

like this :D

rule no.4 : after taking picture for others muct stick you head into the picture too,

so you won't be left out.

rule no.5 : for girls when taking picture arms must put the on the waist

otherwise you'll look damn boring. haha no la,

i find this way will make your arms look smaller in pictures.

guys if wanna look sexy and gay also can try.

rule no.6 : always take pictures with alot of girls, even if you dont really know them,

otherwise you'll be called an anti-fucking-social bitch :)

rule no.7 : try your best to remember their names,

okay so lemme try,

from the left junie (duh), yee quan, amelia, and either one of them is kelly.

see i got four out of five, not bad right?

rule no.8 : camwhore more with your favorite clubbing chica.

rule no.9 : take candid pics too :)

rule no.10 : kissing pictures is a must!

rule no.11 : sometimes a picture also need some mixture of pretty,

weird, chio, kissing faces in it:)

so that's it wont be so boring, all smile smile smile only.

rule no.12 : must camwhore!! to check how you look all the time,

see this one, my left lashes is abit cacat :S

rule no.13 : never stay @ one place in a club,

walk around so that you'll bump into more party people,

haha, here's my darling senior elaine i bumped into @ passion.

rule no.14 : go everywhere with one of your clubbing kaki,

if they dont wanna go with, just drag them with you.

so that people won't be looking at you and say

'why the hell is this girl/guy walking alone all over the place?'

rule no.15 : always be kind and nice to offer to take pic for your friends.

so that they will think you're nice :) not some stuck-up losers.

rule no.16 : dance like no one is watching.

rule no.17 : dont be racist :)

rule no.18 : group pics is a must too.

well it's not really the complete group cause everyone was everywhere.

so just four of us.

rule no.19 : always intro your friends to your other friends

cause it'll be akward for them if you dont.

rule no.20 : smile with your eyes :)

haha obviously all these are bullshits
im just so bored right now & wanna try a different to blog :p
now its 4.25am in the morning i better go to bed

Sunday, July 26, 2009



YESTERDAY NIGHT was the biggest hennessy artistry ever happened in malaysia,

more than ten thousand party people attended this event, i think almost.

the free flow was INSANE cause they actually gave us pure and real henessy

and it got almost everyone drunk. im not even joking.

with the fantastic ambiance.

&best artist we can ever asked for, FatmanScoop, YingYangtwins, etc.

great bunch of crazy party people. camwhores. best party event ever ♥

more crazy hennessy pictures coming :)

hope my starfish was there.
but ohwell.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


i heart you guys.

im so touched,

though i already knew it was a surprise birthday thing for me when my 'uncle' called.

but i just act like i dont know shizz and played along.

but at least these bunch of friends that i barely hang out with anymore nowadays remembered.

all of them were there for me when i needed help most last time,

the whole group of friends that we just do whatever together.

unfortunately not all of them can make it last night but i really appreciates those who did.

all thanks to my uncle zach foong aka boy boy,

rainie my jie, omgosh i love her so much cause it was her idea ;p

my other uncle munyoong aka yoyo & his gorgeous girlfriend Natalie.

last but not least Leland, yes leland i 'dai kor lui jor' haha.

Derick, Nicole and Amanda for the wishes :)

missing in action : Xtal my jieeee!!! , Ricky , Silas!!!

more update coming up
imma get back to sleep now, just wanna thanks em' here
henessy tonight, i'll see ya'll party people there :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009



haha, so its summer again, well almost ending and i know i know im always a tad bit late.

okay fine, very late = =

the reason why it's because there's so much going on,

birthday parties,
outings, gathering, partying, chilling, etc.

macam mana boleh cepat cepat post kan?

haha. enough of my crapz and back to the topic shall we?

so my hunney lynn is back from the Miami!!!

yes she's the girl in my banner you see first thing every time you click my link :)

so when she's back, means more partying!

junie's back = more partying

lynn's back = more partying

junia&lynn's back = hell lotsa partying!!

i know my starfish won't be happy bout this cause ya'll know i got studies too,


but i'll try my very best to concentrate in class and do as much work as possible ya bee?


so the first week she's back,

us ISKL girls decieded to go Zouk for the thursday 4play:

that's my bitach!

the ISKL chicas that came :

diana, Michelle and my baby Martina!

as usual it was effin packed and we couldn't find any seats,

so the girls got themselves and me tequila shots :

after awhile thanks to my darling senior elaine, we got our selves tables and seats :)

me & moi korean nigga Marti!!

and of course we got ourselves boozes too!!

it was the first time the girls go to 4play and they certainly had lotsa fun!

so do i . xoxoxoxos

sweetest girl i've ever met.

on the dance floor i bumped into my fav seniors :

from top left : elaine the hotty hawty, genji the sweety candy,

bottom : seok yee my sista. siesta.

so good to have her back! well at least for the whole summer :)

my new party lova! who happened to be my best mate in mandarin class's girl.

Cheryl darling.

we had so much fun that night, great music not too drunk.

we definately going out all together again yes?

more parties post coming up
going to rebelz fashion thingo laterz
exoh bitchs.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



last month me and bell was invited to Junie's 21st birthday.

the day she officially entering her adulthood haha.

thankiu for the invitation once again love. we had a wonderful dinner & an amazing time.

i remember meeting the partygirl last year when she was back in town for winter break,

and since then we've been partying together non-stop.

till this year she's back again, the partying continues :)

the celebration was held @ seven ate nine. (a restaurant/bar)

they have wonderful ambiance and really great music.

the food... mehh.

i would deff go back again for chilling&drinking but not for the food.

we got there at about 8-ish. thanks barbara so much for the ride. wuv you.

the birthday girl was a wee bit late, its normal for the star of the night to be late :)

i starve myself for the whole day for the dinner so for the starter, i ordered:

escargot, my favorite of all seafoods.

like any western food restaurant i go, must ask whether got escargot or not,

if they don't, mean they suck. bhaa.

bell's dish:

woman wasnt feeling well that night so ordered some light greeny healthy food :)

then this is our main dish:

called the dont know what seven ate nine plallate,

it was......... meh okay okay la.

not to say great, not to say bad also la.

manyak expensive sky juice.

love the hanging star-like lights.

so long since we last met, i forgotten her name haha.

fret not, cause got facebook, tag tag tag then know who is who already.

so after the dinner we proceeded down to the bar to chill and have the cutting cake session.

junie booked the biggest seats :) and also the best seats of the whole place.

kawan aku bunya starfish, jason lau & aizad.

nothing better to do :p

finally got to take picture with the birthday girl.

all the while we have been waiting for, cutting cake moment is here!

" more gucci, chanel, lv, topshop yes! "

birthday girl with the boyfriend nick!

and jeng jeng jeng jeng!

her oh-so-awesome jimmy choo's icing cake!

i think any girls will go crazy and all "omg! wow! so nice!" when they see this cake.

now here's the famous cupcakes chic.

amelia & Bell

girls best friend!

em' jimmys on my hands!!

kisses from ma love.


met this awesome lady here Nik :)


nick tried to get her drunk but failed. she's a damn good drinker :S

last but not least:

groupie pic!!

i will end this post with another groupie of us girls only,

school tmrw gotto sleep early.

the chicas!

We are always the same age inside