Saturday, June 27, 2009


JUICE AFTER PARTY @ ZOUK main room 20thjune

it was a blast :)

at around 10pm, people start coming and zouk was so effin packed.

at first my list only have like 25 people, then almost 50 people showed up.

sorry to some people cause it took some time to bring you guys in.

but still managed to bring all the people in :)

we had a blast dint we?

once again, im glad that you guys had fun :)

warning : 80 ++ pictures ahead.

(edit until i can die)

L1090167 by you.

♥ Junie my love ♥

L1090169 by you.

♥ Shev the bestie ♥

L1090170 by you.

JH. Doreen and Seng.

L1090172 by you.

L1090173 by you.


L1090175 by you.

L1090176 by you.

♥ with em' girls ♥

L1090177 by you.

♥ my three lovelies ♥

i was so busy walking in and out,

until 12.30am only sat down and started drinking.

by 1.30am im already tipsy,

2am, drunk!

L1090183 by you.

was looking for something i dont even remember.

L1090187 by you.

L1090191 by you.

the guys.

L1090193 by you.

♥ sweetie shu wei and zi yin ♥

L1090194 by you.

♥ Barbara ♥

L1090196 by you.

♥ CHU ♥

L1090197 by you.

L1090199 by you.


L1090200 by you.

@ the podium

L1090206 by you.

L1090207 by you.

L1090213 by you.

girl got some moves

L1090215 by you.

L1090218 by you.

♥ ma loves ♥

L1090204 by you.

♥ Bell ze hawtie ♥

L1090221 by you.

Miao Moh aka krazy

L1090222 by you.


L1090223 by you.

♥ Maddy my love ♥

L1090224 by you.

penang #1 LYH.

L1090225 by you.

penang #2 Mikael

L1090227 by you.

penang #3 Herng Yi

L1090228 by you.

L1090236 by you.

other penang boys that came,

and with miao's big fat ass and vincent wuu the drunk tard.

okay i shouldn't be calling people drunk tard,

cause i was pretty damn drunk myself that night too :p

pictures stolen from friend's facebook:

5082_101903511625_531766625_2549414_2574965_n by you.

5111_1160573382603_1475873835_392936_1070966_n by you.


4829_97753617062_634767062_2515279_986553_n by you.

i love this one so much.

4829_97753652062_634767062_2515285_7158126_n by you.

5082_101903521625_531766625_2549415_4188685_n by you.

5082_101903606625_531766625_2549432_2802078_n by you.

lol, wonder what's JH & SUN talking bout behind our backs.

5082_101903561625_531766625_2549423_377830_n by you.

4829_97753697062_634767062_2515294_2560614_n by you.

Junie and Helen.

4829_97753732062_634767062_2515299_5083064_n by you.

Helen, heard so much bout her and finally gotto meet her that night.

4829_97753737062_634767062_2515300_74106_n by you.

super sweet girl :) LUCKY LOUIS.

4857_1171122312908_1073499462_30527364_3527240_n by you.


4857_1171126593015_1073499462_30527370_1351129_n by you.

groupie camwhores.

4857_1171141633391_1073499462_30527417_4326683_n by you.


4857_1171143393435_1073499462_30527423_4758484_n by you.

4857_1171153593690_1073499462_30527451_1893389_n by you.

my lovely bunny i wuv her so much 2!

4857_1171155433736_1073499462_30527452_3899575_n by you.

4857_1171169074077_1073499462_30527478_2845057_n by you.

where's the rest?

4857_1171169114078_1073499462_30527479_5112413_n by you.

a beery big thankiu to this bartender over here for serving us the whole night.

IMG_5216 by you.

still have like so many upcoming posts, kill me.