Friday, May 29, 2009


my order is finally here!!!!

after almost 1 month of waiting!

more updates soon after the fucking internet is fixed :)



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LG Blog Launching

so all my post are approximately two weeks late, sigh.

failed blogger la i.


must slowly slowly post one mah,

later nothing to post ady how? hah.

anyways. so last2week me and bell attended the LG Blog Launch Party

@ Metropol Bar, KL :)

theme was Angelic White & Devilish Red

guess what I went as??








of course DEVIL la......

didn't really dress up, only wore the devil horns head band.

for the best dressed angel and devil get to walk away with a

32" Full HD LCD TV!!!!

if only i knew it earlier = =

there were also mystery prizes (LG phone!) for both

The Confused Angel and The Out of Place Devil!


awesome prizes ain't it?

signing the devil side board.

haha, must advertise my blog abit :p

get high high traffic =D

women dressed up (devil horns only) as a DEVIL too!

everyone was given a balloon cause there's lucky draw and

awesome prizes in the balloons too!

not ALL balloons la, but a lucky few.

ze ONLY blogger that gotto have the VIP seats,

Isabella Wong @ isabellaprincesscloset.blogspot.com

so all of us masuk VIP saja la,

see we sho nice bell, purplely sit there to accompany you :)


first blogger that i met:

howard aka Guai Chai Kid @ www.howard-u.com

friendly dude and a damn good photographer :)

nom nom nom nom nom:

delicious shusi-S!!!

bell with the really really devilish RED dressed up chick/women,

she's of course the best dressed la,

no one else there can beat this 'extraordinary' DEVILISH RED outfit/costume.

lawl i couldn't imagine me walking in this outfit all night =S

now here comes the dancing competition:

bahhhahhahha, this guy's face expression sort of reminded me of Gorilla,
no offence :)

though he's a pretty good dancer.

angel ish dancing. very soft and angelic.

and super slow motion too = =

special guest : SERENA C.

me ish lovin' her blonde hairdo.

Launching LG's Blog -click- Life's Good

1st Malaysian Dream Girl: Cindy Teh aka super sexy red devil.

you know i always thought that cindy is those kinda attention seeking bitch,

but when i met her that night, she turns out to be extremely friendly and nice :)

i actually like her.

DJ GAN MEI YAN, same surname huhuhu.

she is super skinny omg.

same surname again.

hah, the reason why i keep saying same surname

is because i don't find alot of GANs out there,

unlike LEE, LIM, TAN etc which are like all over the place.

here comes the sexy ANGEL TZIA.

gorgeous ANGEL JAMIE.

after party at POPPY :)

CHU~ for ADELE!!

everyone's pretty high that night.

especially someone... hehe.

us with T-Liang.

and last but not least BRABARA!!

she joined us fer awhile then left.

bumped into uncle, long-time-no-see henry, aaron, T-Liang that night.

awesome night!

im hungry and feel like i’m running on empty.

gotto run!



Hacked! Happy 5 Monthsary Dearest Jac!

I suppose i'm what many of you may call a 'Hypocrite' when it comes to celebrating monthly anniversary since i remember 2 years ago when i was condemning such practice as downright stupifying a relationship by reminding ourselves the day we got together, how we met, what we did. "We", in this context, is of course, referring to everyone out there who celebrate monthsaries.

Back then, to me, a relationship at this point of life leads to nowhere. I remember myself saying:

"It's vulnerable, anyone could walk straight in and set fire upon the bush and kill us all, never mind those words about how sweet and lovely everything is and Oh-i-love-you-forever, whoever you are, C'est La Vie"

Well, how things have changed when i met Jac, of course. I suppose, this relationship between you and i has enlightened me thus far, in the sense that, we have to treasure every single day that we're going through because, YES - it can be really short given so much limitations when it comes to money, time, place and everything.

Never again i'm the sort of person who was really pessimistic about relationships, like, "fuck all, it never leads to anything anyway so why the fuck?" but i reckon if it really does not lead to anywhere, should we break up when you go overseas, or when i succeed in joining the cadet pilot thing, what's stopping us to enjoy every single day of it?

Because, is it wrong to say that you bring me happiness or just a mere chuckle every single day i'm with you? is it wrong to say that i impress you with my thoughts every now and then, and we smile and laugh every day at everytime? you bitch, i listen. i bitch, you listen - all that, am i wrong to believe that we enjoy every moment of it?

haha. :)

you're probably sleeping right now, yes, you were so dead tired when i dropped you home. it's alright if we can't spend time with each other now, hey, you're tired and you need to attend school, so don't worry too much and SLEEP alright? gees. ==

but after i dropped you home, i find myself asking again, WHY in the world am i going all crazy about you? you're cute? Y-E-S, we all know about that. You're sweet? don't bother asking. then i realized, it's because. . . you make me happy.

No, i'm serious, you do. like, always. time and time again i find myself shoving aside every single thought that bothers me when i'm with you. despite being in the deepest depth of the whole divine hellhole, you were able to stretch a smile across my face like this;

Fuck the fact that we argued frequently, it doesn't matter at all when i think of the time i laughed myself silly at your antics and you, at mine. How we be there for each other, oh how we love to poke fun at each! how we hug, how we teased others, how we bitched, how we kissed and the works.

You, yes, YOU are the girl who's making me celebrate monthsaries. You woke me up and for that, i thank you for being such a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat girlfriend! (yes, grrrrrrrrrrr - like a tiger)

Sorry i can't blog as well as you, i'm not even good with words ffs. So let me wrap this post up with the latest song from the Black Eye Peas.

It's called 'Alive' and yes, you make me feel alive alright? it's a sad song but oh well..i just feel like singing the chorus to you in my car, you know that?

And it's true
That i love you
And it's true
You're the only one
And i Do
I adore ya
And it's true girl
You make me feel alive

This song is the shit.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

bukit jalil funfair

sorry for neglecting this wonderful blog of mine =D

(yes me is vain pot.)

anyways, i 've been real *cough* busy *cough* lately,

cause why? i've been spending everyday with my babeh starfish!

haha, since he's back in town :)

and im going penang next month for a wedding,

and i heard sana ada H1N1?!?!?!? aka swine flu.


my mother said,

"nevermind one. no worries"

"when you're at the beach play play water you'll forget bout what's swine flu"

major = = .


this post was suppose to be last last week i think.

after a LONG convo with ZE SOMEBODY.

fran and i decided to go chill since she's not working anymore =)

bell tagged along.
(ini women still wanna go out even though dia SICK! tsk tsk.)


we met up with nicolekiss and her boy,

headed to The Daily Grind for lunch :

hah. cute.

my order:

don't ask me what's with the face.

bell's punya order:

super big portion.

had a jolly good time talking bout boyfriends, girlfriends, bitches, backstabbers and etc :)

then after we made our way to midvalley to C-H-I-L-L again,

cause we dont wanna go back so early.

and Fran must go place, TOPSHOP.

now come to the best part of the day outing,


oh-am-gee, it's been forever since i last go to funfair!

so memang damn7happy la.

first ride:


haha something hilarious happened while we're on the ride.

gave the boring ride some entertainment.

Doreen joined us after our first ride:

ze ladies.

my boobies ish super big here hah.

our second ride:

turns out to be pretty scary.

i was screaming my lungs out.

third and last ride:

dearie fran fran.

ding dong bell.

miss doll.

her man, eric.

super fair too.

haha, i took this picture... i was so afraid screaming my lungs out,
(i almost screamed my lungs on every single ride ==)

so i was like, dont care la take only, of course hand shakingg la.

also afraid that the camera will drop ==

but i think i did a pretty good job la :)

see-wit see-wit....

behold, the scariest ride of ALL.

something like hammer ride, except taller and way more scarier!

the boys are ready to go on board!!

oh ya, and the seats spins too :S

i gotto admit that i really got no balls to get on this ride.

i'll prolly puke all over the place while riding it.

look at em' teddys.

and our last game of the night:


tipu orang punya, tak ada win pun.

-the end-

p/s: sorry it took so long = =