Thursday, April 30, 2009

better than i expected.

BMW 5 series.

yes, no more kancil or myvy or wish or alphard for my first car :]

(all the babes i went out with today,

i'll confirm drive ya'll when i get my license :)

you know who you are :)



Monday, April 27, 2009

you're like a penny two-faced and worthless.

now that i know the truth.

just fuck off okay.

im sick and tired of dramas.

omfg i really couldn't believe this,

i treated you like a best friend all this fucking while.


next thing i know you're bad-mouthing me all this while.

and even dedicated a post for me WOW.

im flattered.

you're downright pathetic considering

i've treated you like a good friend of mine.

you double play people,

and the worst part is,

no one even thinks you're a bitch

because you are so good at hiding it

and winning sympathy even from the people you hurt.

im so tired of two faced bitch,

doing shit i just can't stand,

pretending to be my best friend.

wanna hang out with me

go clubbing, shopping and shit.

its all good don't get me wrong,

im not catching feelings for this trick,

im just tired of two faced bitches

who cant come real with their shit.

i hope you'll get it someday,

what it feels like to have someone

you thought was a friend,

turn around and backstab you.

you're good at that.

thanks for caring enough to talk about me though.

im not the bad guy here,

you're the one talking shit,

when im minding my own business.

get a life and have me out of it.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

say whatt??

Happy FOURth MONTHsary my baby starfishie!

Happy FOURth MONTHsary my baby starfishie!

Happy FOURth MONTHsary my baby starfishie!

Happy FOURth MONTHsary my baby starfishie!

Happy FOURth MONTHsary

my baby starfishie!

it's out fourth monthsaryyyyyyyyyy. yay :D

and i wuv my starfish more and more each jelly day!!

(oh and yes, i made him wear the marie kitty ears :D)

hugg tight tight and never let go!

i want have a boyfriend who calls me beautiful instead of hot,

who calls me back when i hang up on him,

who will stay awake just to watch me sleep,

the boy who kisses my forehead,

who wants to show me off to the world,

who holds my hands in front of his friends,

who thinks im just as pretty without make up on,

the one who is constantly reminding me

of how much he cares about me,

and how lucky is he to have me :D

(busted. yes i took it from some quotes site.)

I really feel comfortable when im with my starfishiee,

with him,

i can do anything.

he's been very see-wit, loving, caring,

supportive to me and i love him so much.

omg i miss him so much right now.


i bet you're a pig instead of fish right now sleeping!

mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah ♥

we usually blog in own blog, cause it's wayy to cheeesieee..
(yum yum)

but this time i decided to blog here :D

sharing is caring ma.



Friday, April 24, 2009

Boom Boom Pow.

okay so that night was fun.

apart from all the dramas some people created.

you know, i love dramas,

i love to watch dramas both on telly and real life.

but hates getting involved!

but unfortunately,

some PEOPLE just love to have me involved in their blardy dramas.


whispers whispers to my ears,

they say whispers tell lies.

yet in my experience whispers are usually tiny,

low volumed, airy truths.

they are these "sexy secret somethings" passed to your ears,

that the masses are forbidden to know.

only the Hottest Bitches whisper secrets!!


(i cant for the life of me remember what people told me!?!

HAHA! i was never a good listener.

if it’s not about me then i'll hardly ever bother.

plus, i was quite a dandy bit trollied!

i probably told everyone! XD jk)

the long time no see:

me and christine!!

i now call poppy ze POOOOOO-PEEE.

cause people that goes there now are mostly POOOOO and PEEE!

hah get it?

berry the cinahbenglalachailalamuimghccb ==

but im going this saturday though,

what a hypocrite :D

but still,

im not in the
cinahbenglalachailalamuimghccb category.

yes im racist cause im the new black yo.

just like obama :D

(see, crap talk again)



Sunday, April 19, 2009

having a bit of a thinky.

im now writing about my little awesomeness life,

and figuring out my path in it.

i’ve always tried to take the road far less traveled

and make it work for me.

it hardly ever does.

i often get lazy and i need to stop doing that

and start pulling up my frilly socks.

everyone around me,

is seeing this bubbling chubbykid of glittery potential

and trying their absolute hardest to keep me focused,

because as we all know i’m quite fond of the little

‘party party ohh-arr.’

i owe it to myself and to them to buckle down

and listen to these ‘smarties panties.’
(though i hate to admit they're right most of the time ==)

madness is marvelous,

however i’m slowly realizing that there

needs to be some sort of punctuation,
(i suddenly feel so smart talking all these heeh)

in order for it to work.

why everyone i know has to be those hugely successful,

has dedicated and sacrificed a great deal to earn

their position on the Ladder of Greatness?

i wanna earn mine too!

i wanna to stick around too!

i wanna produce interesting works too!

things are a changing,

i’m fucking growing up super fast!

i know what i want,

im shifting my priorities.

im loving my life and intend

to make my dreams come true!!

im not gonna get there

if i dont start getting my head down

and thundering the effort.

i am the Queen of winging everything.

i half ass something and these crazy miracles happen.

so maybe if i actually concentrated a little more…..

beyond miracles may shower upon me? hee.

(i super love this dress btw)

im thinking very hard
(yes it hurts)

and im sorting it RIGHT NOW!

it’ll all pay off in the end.

the only thing i seem to be dedicated to

is my awesome blog and that’s because i love it.

the Jacsafterparty is about to get her

‘Va Voom’ revved up

and shoot forward in this little think called life.
(sit back cause im a shit driver! hah)

hey this is no crap talk.

im being serious here *cough* right...


oh right so last sunday,

shopping with the fam @ pavi.

and my fav cheap store: Forever21

(wuv this outfit too)

Godda run x.

p/s: wrote this post offline because my #$!@# dad just decided to

find something to pissed me off and took away the fucking modem.

(and that's why it's so like thoughtful and shizz and i also think i suddenly sound so smart :])


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I miss high school

the wonderful time in a person's life

when all things become awkward

and yet so wonderful at the same time.

for four years of spending it,

it’s like you’ll carry all those memories for a lifetime.

i remember to have so many crushes!

gained friends, also have enemies….

i also learned how to appreciate a lot of things.

not to forget different kinds of teachers :S

their never ending mood swings are so hard to handle.

i really miss the fun, excitement, bitching,

hang outs and many things about it.

not only that,

i also miss my friends,

whom i haven’t seen for the longest time.

These women girls really rock!

with them, I can do anything.

Science class bud:

we annoyed the shiz outta the teacher :]

Math class bud:

we rule math class, by sleeping..


alex link and marti.

julia ofstad again!

sabby and brianne!

my PE buds.

ze PE class. so much fun.

our school mascot.

our favorite food in freshmen year.

my jappy lovely.

mandarin class with mora grehl.

spot moi.

goddamn i really miss high school.

especially the friends.

but i can't wait for college too.

you can get A's and still flunk life.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

get high and wish you were a kid again.

how many of you guys get high

and just start wishing you were a kid again?

life has been very fair to me and

i've done well in whatever it is I try to do.

(not trying to brag but just saying I don't have a shitty life)

yet I still wish I was a kid again at times.

doesn't matter if I'm high but when I'm high,

I start feeling even shittier about it.

i don't really know why its not like

i would do anything different as a kid.

its just that life just wasn't complicated when you're a kid.

well it's not like im not happy with my teen life/adulthood.

i don't know life was just easier as a kid.


oh well.

more old pics of moi the jacsafterparty.

yes im 15 in the pictures!

many fuckface on facebook dint believe i was 15 wth.

what for i lie? right? right? right?

not like im some crazy bitch craving for attention HAH!

yeah im talking bout you bitch.

come shoot me with your "i no wan friend you"

"you is irresponsible" .....

come come :]


see we get so high !! so high we can even touch the sky.

i remember this was the day right after semi-formal.

we woke up around 4 in the afternoon...

the first thing i did was jumped into the pool!!


still chillin...

jatuh ==

my swedish bestie!

believe it or not. she's one year younger than me!

wtf right? all caucasian macam giant.

my face cannot make it....!!

wish i could just sleep there all day...

i wuv her.

our "high" face.

more like sohhigh hor?

i miss my starfish baby!

mana my starfish? mana my blu dolphin?

mana where mana where?

ur jellyfish misses chu berry jelly much!