Sunday, March 29, 2009


erm, i forgotten when.

one of the saturday night la.

poppy again, this time with the seniors,

my fave clubbing babe, and friends.

omg that night,

there's this fucking crazy bi-sexual girl.

fucking kissed me!




like, on the cheeks nvm la.

on the lips nvm la.

but tongue?

seriously wtf weyhhh?

i pushed her away like right away.

she was one of my guy friend's gf.

omg, wtf. not hot somemore.


camwhored like crazy with the seniors and my babe evon woods.

the first thing we do when we saw each others:


my fav senior (elaine) and my fav clubbing babe (evon)

super love them.

more seniors: vooi loon & alvin.

oh and happy birthday to my sweetest senior (genji)

another senior (winson).

crazy one.


kisses~ for ze birthday gurl.


why the face alvin?

Sally ! my another fav senior.

guai guai zai senior. KahKit.

YEN in the middle.

doreen, wei wei and friend.

april Lee.

pretty girl.




Vicky! me with the whole gorgeous gang :]

and that's all fer now.

p/s: baby i needa watch heros!! faster download season4.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


global warming has become an effing serious issue of the world today.

(goddam, i just sounded like a "global warming" advocate)

global warming so what huh?

polar bears died so what huh?

penguins no house to stay so what huh?

tree mati not my problem also.

nothing gonna happen to me wan la.

how many of you guys think this way?

i bet a huge number of you guys out there did.

that global warming, animals dying, Atlantic melting,

it's not a serious issue.

that's what causes GLOBAL WARMING!

(goddam again, i really starting to sound like a "global warming" advocate)

In 1934, 160 people died from heat causes.


then, in the worst year, 1936, the national (USA) toll was 5,000.

now, it's even fucking snowing in Baghdad! wtf.


i would do a really long post bout what's global warming,

how did it happened, history and shizz,

but i doubt you guys will read it anyways.

so long story short,

my main point,

vote earth, this saturday, 28th march.

by simply switching off.

2,712 cities,

towns and municipalities in 83 countries

have already committed to

VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009,

as part of the worlds first global election

between Earth and global warming.

of course, malaysia took part too.

for once malaysia took part in something worth taking part in.


let's make the earth a place to live in,

shall we?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

im thinking a bigger Polaroid camera.


♥ Shopping with Mummy ♥

monday, shopping with mummy in pavillion.

then we came across this epic mac apple roadshow thing.

i'm planning to get the new mac book or perhaps macbook pro?

i don't know.

there's no big difference with mac book and the new mac book,

just that the new mac book is aluminum ==

when i was about to leave,

the promoters asked me whether i wanna take a picture,

it's totally free, so i think,

why not?

i dragged my mum along with me :]

haha, my mum hates it.

she thinks she look fat ugly

and asked me to cut her out ==

got mee self two pairs of charles and keith,

effing good deals,

i got this last pair of look-a-like jimmy choos for 50%!!!

then forever21:

i am so in love with these latex!

goddamn, forever21 really got some new nice dresses

i am so going back to get these latex pants.

and some dresses.

and that's all for that day :]