Saturday, February 28, 2009

so here we go again.

poppy on saturday nightnight baybeh.

jumpa all my highschool seniors,

& also my bestiee in my year too...

my first time seeing him in club so must krazy abit.

some peeps we hang around in our year,

aren't too fond of drinking.

titty fags

well just fer awhile,

i know how to behave =D


waa waa wee waa,

lim ming sang (my partner in crime the days in stella),

& seok yee (my awesome senior!)

and here comes audrey the sweetie.


that night,

the whole world's there.

vivi darling.

moi babe lengleng.


nerds in the club.

bunny's in the house too.

Melvin Moh.

ah TOmTom.

YongWingHong the tissueflower lover.

Booze Destroys Brain Cells,

But Im Too Smart, Anyways :)


Eugene's Big 2-1
@ Zouk, main room.

"i damn rich wan"

"i can buy you blackberry, DSRL, ferrari,"

"which one you want?"

Happy 21st Birthday gene!

just getting to know you, you flying to Melbourne already wtf.

no more blackberry, DSRL, ferrari.

oh well. that's life.

banyak booze,

drink until i mabuk.

i collapsed at 2 and woke up at 3 sharp when club ends.

pro eh?

baby and i

plus joyce & junhann.

what happened to voonying's face?

birthday boy man genetan and the gf janegan.

get your groove on people.

apa jadi voonying's face again??

and my boyfriend too.

dot dot.

ash why you touch vy's boob?

hi shevani!

love this.

love him.

chu~ for ma boo.

i missh you so much baybee.

we drink we die and we continue to drink.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i berry missh my kampar chai :'(

you piggyy!

sleep sleep sleep!

everytime also sleep.


Monday, February 23, 2009


finally got my blackberry fixed.

finally got my ac fixed too.

finally studying again.

finally gave zoey her 120rm back.
(hee sorry ar :p)

im a happy little chubby girl again!





my upcoming post might be about my CNY,

cause all the pictures are in moi blackberry berry.

though i know it's fucking overdue!

but i'll blog about it if i feel like blogging bout it.


but as for now,

here are the pictures from poppy on the 7th this month:

my super-long-time-no-see babe fanny sin!!

i banyak suka my curls that night :D


chuuuu~ for moi darling.



see miao fat hao again.

*pinch* *pinch*

ahbee berry enjoy huh?