Wednesday, December 31, 2008


gonna party so damn hard tonight :]

Thursday, December 25, 2008


how was eveyone's last night?

mine was awesomeee...

well, the whole night was awesome,

except for the losing my phone part and hat.

but im very sure its in my friends car.

so yea. noworries to maself.


im going zouk tonight,

anyone wanna join please tell me,

i'll put you on the special guest list :]

once again.

happy merry effin christmas.


you know you love me :p

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

remember i was telling you guys how sick i was?

yea, i've locked myself in for the past 2 weeks,

and finally it's getting better,

so last thursday,

i thought to maself, i needa night out.

and i did,

& where else to go ?

Euphoria Ministry of Sound.

met heaps of long lost friends that night,

took heaps of pictures,

so shall we begin with the pictures?

the first babe i bumped into:

Kaye the sweetie.

and there's me of course, lookin all pale.

and did i mention i bumped into heeaappss of my high school seniors?

here's one, Andy.

here's two, Jean Foo.

here's three, haha nah scratch that,

he's not my senior, he's Naveen.

and here comes the sweetie Jessica Ting :]

yea we should really club together next time,

rather than bumping into each other lol.

Chong, another guy i always bump into at clubs.

and here comes my hawt GTA girl lol.


Darren & Spencer.

smile properly la Spence.

there we go. much better :]

Kerrie and Renee.

with the GTAs.

bumped into Bee & Stephy in the ladies.

yes, im am zee k-razy.

Mr. Travis Seng.

lol, chong.

why so sad babe?

crazy, i know.


another lovely senior. Seok Yee.

he's a senior too, but not high school.

Jamil. my hockey senior, the switz boy,

he's a damn good hockey player :]

Queenie the lovely.

i suppose the girl in the middle name's vicky? yea i hope :]

and there's BEE, that im sure :]

im so bad with names :S sowie.

miss Ashley joined :]


and here comes Monica the gorgeous :]

so glad to see her :]

groupie pic.

Spencer again.


with all my high schol seniors.

they are heaps of em' but i dint manage to take with all of them lol.

too many.

the lovelies.

us with emily, apparently while taking this pic with her,

she's almost KO.

Em's friend.

Eu gene.

bumped into him and i was thinkin and thinking so hard,

i know him but whats his name?

then i rmb the sister.

he's one of my senior's girlfriend's brother.
Jacob Ng.(senior too)

i've always think he looks like Jay Chou to me,

i dont know why lol.

Gavin. the guy i met when i first started clubbing.

what the face is this?


chong's ink is so awesome,

everytime i see him, i always check out the tatt.

why the sad face chong? lol.

a smaller size senior.

tongue piercings are just awesome :]

terry lim, the last senior i took pic with.

alrighty, that's all for today guys.