Saturday, November 29, 2008

I like to move it move it~

alrighty people.

another night of partying again,

3 times in a week.

thursday - zouk grand opening

friday - darling stefanie's birthday at poppy

saturday - On The Move event by Pall Mall.

i broke my record.

super hardcore.

this was also few weeks ago.

it was my bestie belated-birthday bash @ MOS Euphoria.

my messy room.

Shevani Ann Nall & my sleepy eyes.

MOS Euphoria.

Nic my supervisor.

my senior Ashley.

Marina my hawtie!!

my sayang Gunter.


Yin Wey & Kaye

Wern Harn.


my darling Fanny.


love her tattoo.

bumped into this sweetie, Monica.

and Victor!!

my darling MunChing.

Ze birthday GURLS!!!


i-tunes: Cookie Jar by Gym Class Heroes.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Asian glows.

im super tired now, like fuck im really fucking tired omg.

party after party,

omg, seriously i need a break.

my immune systems are crashing.

Euphoria Mixtape.

this was few weeks ago.

my loves.

Christine sweetie.

with the beer girl.

make me throw my hands in the ayer... ayer... ayer...


K-RAZY ming yu.

sweetie Fanny.

super nice Michelle.


Seng Chee.



Jappie pretty.... shit i forgotten how to spell her name....

till then.