Thursday, October 30, 2008

you will be dearly missed grandpa.

he is not in a better place, but rather the "BEST" place.

may his soul rest in peace.

i-tunes: Viva la Vida by Coldplay.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Me at work.

so if you haven't heard by now,

im working.

yea, jacklyn gan WORKING.

like WORKING working.

and no, the sun is not rising from the west.

the main reason im working is im going to college next year,

& have like a half year long holidays to spend.

instead of sleep, eat, online, shop, chill & stuff.

why not some extra bucks for myself?

as ya'll know, i LOVE camwhoring so yeah.

a few pictures of me camwhoring at work:

lol, i look like im constipating haha.

giant UHO glue!!

it's like a freakin ice mountain there,

i swear it's very cold in there.

my lovely sis came visited me!

she came so many times & i lub lub her...


me under danti hill restaurant's table.

lol, plugging in friend's hp charger lol.

after work @ labodega with sis.

after work @ leka-leka with the school mates.

me and my chinese nigga, LEO!!

and i miss my korean nigga too. MARTI!!


and look what she got:

a freakin chio hello kitty flip flops!!

i look so pale after work.

@ shop with LEO.

it's super long fake-eyelashes day!


there's actually alot more friends that came visit.

especially surprise visit!

i appreciated it alot and i love ya'll!!

haha, so that's pretty much whats up with my life now :]

genting tomorow with my babes!!

im out.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are you guys ready for

The City?

Whitney Port.

Getting all Lauren Conrad-like in NYC for her new MTV "reality" show,

The City...

Check it out below!

OMG. The show actually looks... AMAZING. I die!

I mean, right?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

28th September

i bought a few packs of plastic blings,

to bedazzle my awesome leopard skin PSP.

this is how my leopard skin PSP looked before:

sure do need some bling on it.

and this how it looks after put on the blings!! :

my awesome leopard skin plus my shiny blings,

perfect combination :]

it a MUST! to camwhore with

my awesome bedazzled leopard skin PSP:

so BLING lol.

then since im already camwhoring,

why not camwhore myself abit?


oh i also bedazzled my macbook remote too!!


this is what i do when im like super duper free.

ahhh... so bling and im lovin it...


yea, and there's this extra one bling,

i stuck it right on my forehead haha.

later on that day,

jeanie called me out for a short skating session.

in the car and yea,

i changed the spot of the bling to top of my lips,

sexy bling mole!! haha...

my mummy aka jeanie.

and my daddy aka kenry.

camwhoring again :D

dinner at TGIF's

and that's all ya'll

-im out-

i-tunes: Womenizer by Britney Spears.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

outings before i started working.

somewhere before October,

before i started my job,

my babes Liza & Madeline dated me out for a short outing.

we took heaps of pictures,

so here goes:

@ Starbucks Time Square:

my pretty babe Liza.

Liza and I

after about 1 hour chillin at Starbucks,

Liza gotto leave so me and Madeline

headed to Sg.Wang
to do some window shopping.

and here's me with this funney glasses:

i love it!! but unforcth it's too pricey, not worth buying it :(

headed to 2nd floor and came across this place,

a place where me and my sister used to LOVE,

the sticker machines store!!

we went for a free chio pictures machine shots,

with Mad's bigg ass camera haha.

lol, the cameras loves us.


then we got back to window shopping again,

this time, cool caps:

i love kanye west shades.


sg.wang's toilet.

and guess guess who i met there?

my babe lengleng ♥

we headed back to TimeSquare after,

cause my mummy's there with the sisters.


met them at BOARDERS,

sister was looking at book and guess what i found???

hhaa, my friend KIMBERLY WAN in the,


Youngest Female to Achieve highest Skating levels.

age: 12years and 6months

but she's like 14 now so yea.

haha, sorry kim, i just had to :D

and im damn freakin proud of you girl!

so after Boarders, it's time to go home.....

on the way to the car,

my youngest sis forced me to take a pic with her lol.