Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I miss you.

I wondered whether good things really do happen to me,

because after you were given to me,

we have to be on opposite ends of the earth.

for some reasons,

I know that they do happen, because being with you,

for just one second,

is the best thing that I have ever been blessed with.

i actually preferred long distance relationship,

cause i dont like to be attached.

i dont like to like text and calling each other after every 5 mins.

i like to have my own personal space, to do my things.

but sometimes,

i just wish that you're not 10 thousands miles away from me.

and sometimes,

i just wish that you're here.

you're everything i look for in a guy.

loving you feels so right,

but at the same time,

knowing I can't have you keeps me awake at night.

I just want this to be simple,

I just want you here with me,

to look into your eyes,

be held in your arms...then I'd truly be happy.

Right now this distance between us is out of our control,

but I'm still hoping one day soon,

I'll get what I'm wishing for.

I miss you so so much love.

i really do.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

okay, im startin off with a very stupid picture of me,

taken while stuck in the jam on the way to KLCC with my mum last week.

It was the Isetan anniversary sale.

and the traffic was extremely horrible!!

from my place to KLCC usually takes no more 15 mins,

but this time, it took us 2 hours to get there ==

and plus, it's buka puasa time so yea.

stuck in the car with my lappy for 2 hours, that's why camwhored.

once we got to KLCC we head straight to

a FrenchVietnamese restaurant to have our dinner.

my fav.

it's dinner time!!

love their creative menu cover.

and their chair too!

mummy ordered her fav - green tea:

and i too ordered my fav - mango smoothie:

for starter i ordered french fries:

came with a special mayonese and sweet&sour sauce.

i forgetten what mummy ordered, it's something fish with rice lol.

i ordered my Beef Stew Rice:

it might not look as good in pictures,

but it's super delicious omg. im lovin' it!!

see how clean is the bowl???

haha. im deffo coming back soon for the beef stew rice again.

after the dinner me and mummy head off to Isetan,

to buy as many stuff as we can cause its freken sale man!

every item's like 50%-70% discount !

so yea, finished shopping until they closed lol.

and that's basically it.

just a short post :p



i love ya'll!! thanks.

i-tunes: Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

okay so here's the deal,

i need you readers to click on my nuffnang advertisements,

right on top of my banner.

the reason why is because i really need the cash,

to buy my best friend a present for her birthday.

as you can see recently,

she got me all these wonderful gives for my birthday,

and as in return im gonna get her something she has been longing for.

a new cell phone!!

there, i even printed screen for you guys to see where to click!

so guys, i really really need you to help me with this.

cause apparently she's really really mad at me now,

cause i didn't wish her on her birthday and stuff.

so now for me to make it up to her is to give a total surprise!!

so please.

click it everytime you visit my blog.

especially the readers from overseas!! cause you know,

more cash babeh!!

i really really appreciated it.

thanks ALOT!!!

p/s: no worries, she never reads my blog so she'll never know about this.

please dont tell her about it if you're her friend or sumthing,



Friday, September 26, 2008

in xiaxue's latest entry,

she posted up her very not so beautiful pictures of her in the past,

and use the magic of photoshop to make herself look prettier and chioer!

you can go to her site and check it out.


then she want to see anyone can edit her ugliest picture,

to a much chioer and more beautiful picture.

so i was like damn bloody free the whole day.

so here's my wonderful artwork!
(at least i think it is).

so from this:

*cough* erm, not so beautiful xiaxue,





































to a much chioer! more beautiful xiaxue!!!

pro not?

haha, jaykay, not praising myself.

im so free, so just photoshop only la. teheeh.

here's a side by side view of both pictures :

big big differences eh?


and i dont think that's the chio xiaxue want,

so i edited more!














haha, im too effing free :P


Thursday, September 25, 2008

last tuesday,

i went to this mall (i forgotten ze name again)

for my darling elaine to practice her make up for a runway show.

i love letting people make up for me,

cause then i dont have to do it myself lol.

my darling very pro okay?

i din't bring my camera out that day so camwhore with my macbook :p

here are ze pictures, weeeeeeeeee~

me and my darling, love her so much!

two retards.

i am fobby lol.

fake lashies anyone?

love my bling lol.

she's trying to pinch my face lol.

you likey my tudung?? haha.

whoa. that's scary.

my deep set eyes make up.


after the make up we went down to Starbucks to chill-lax for abit.

and camwhored too :p

dont blame, the camera loves us hehe.

haha what cha lookin at hun?


our bimbo face.

cleavage!!! ahah.

peace out yo.

till then.


i-tunes: Love Lockdown by Kanye West.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

damn this shit is sure fucking addicting.

i've been morphing myself with 50++ celebrities to see how i look like lol.

im a Eurasian kid lol.

check it out:

this is the original picture:

and now morphed with the celebrities:

Zhang Zi Yi.

well not her cause she's asian but hey she got my eyes @.@

Vitoria Beckam.

our eyes look cacated but hell i love the jaw line.

Vanessa Hudgens

high school musical anyone?

Tara Raid.

i just want her ocean blue eyes that's all.

Shu Qi

Rihanna ...ana..ana..ana

Rachel McAdams

she don't look any mean with the smile, i want her lips!!

Paris Hilton

like omg!

my dogs got eaten by the coyote!!

it's not fault!!

Nicole Scherzinger.

dont cha wish ya face was hawt like mine?

Nicole Richie.

im recently addicted to her hair style. love her.

Nicole Kidman.

Michelle Trachtenberg.

i wanna go around Europe with her lol.

Marilyn Monroe.

just the mole, the hair, the lips, and the eyes, will do me good.


Lindsay Lohan.

such a beautiful face with such a horrible girl-bf?

Samantha Ronson im talking bout. im mean what is up with that?

Kristen Dunst.

Keira Knightley

here comes the carribean girl.

Katie Holmes. the Scientology parent :S

Kate Hudson.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Alba.

woots woots hottie mama alert!!

Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Aniston

f.r.i.e.n.d.s anyone?

Jamie Lynn Spears

17 years old mama ?

Hilary Duff.

i just want those long lashes!!

Hayden Penettiere.

gimme a H! gimme a E! gimme a R! gimme a O!


lol ==

Gwen Stafani.

Hollaback Girl!


Clumsy cause im fallin in love.

Eugene Kim.


Emma Watson.

Would you like some tea ma'am?
*in british accent*

David Beckam.

please ditch that robot and marry me??

Christina Arguilera.

she's a mummy now :)

Britney Spears.

gimme gimme more gimme more!!

Blake Lively.

chuck tat mother chucker!!

Ayumi Hamasaki.


Avril Lavigne.

hey hey you you dont cha wish your have a face like me? :p

Ashlee Tisdale.

he said she said :p

(its a song ==)

Ashlee Simpson.

a going-to-be mama!!

Andy Lau.

the sister stays in my neighborhood.

im not even joking.

last but not least:

Amy Winehouse.

i swear it's effing addicting to see what you'll look like,

go try it lol,