Sunday, August 31, 2008

Poppy / Passion

so it was Lynn's last night out,

she's back in Florida now :'(

and damn imma gonna miss this girl a hell lot!


we had amazingly fun time hanging together this summer.

let's have the pictures speaks shall we?

they have Chris Fortier playing at Poppy that night,

im not a fan of trance so it was pretty boring for me.

but thank god Chloe's at Passion.

they were playing R&B so it's not that boring anymore,

in fact I had so much fun!

Chris jammin.

lynn gorgeous as always.

Kenry my daddy on the right. crayz fella.

my lovely mummy.

haha, look at chole, super hyper.

and now is lynn's turn.

the all time pretties Junie, Marshella, and Steph.


i love her.

lynn and mummy.

that's about it for that night.

im gonna miss you so much lynn.

sobs :'(

ish. forget both that worthless.

my blog is not about her.

it's about my wonderful life :)


upcoming post =]

lynn's last night.

and day out with the sister :)

oh and right,

Replies to the Lovelies and Haters in my Chatbox :]

just FYI.

i havent been replying on my chatbox since yesterday afternoon.

so like the jacklyn from my chatbox must be some loser.


yeah im okay :] thanks babe


cause she dont have a life i guess.


sure will ^^


yeah, i was like WTF??!!??!!

when i heard my friend tellin me this.

btw thanks


haha babe, where you been? thanks


haha, true true :) thanks

[kathhh ♥]

yea :) and thanks babe


lol, well some people are just born like that :S


haha :)


yea that's what im doing now ^^

[David Chew]

okay thanks:)


thanks :)


erm okay asshole.

[B A B Y]

erm okay, think w.e your want.


haha, pretty much.


thanks babe :) happy merdeka to you too^^


Ahem, erm no?


lol, where you been man?

and yea pretty wonderful.


heh lovely :) yea, i think so too.


thanks alot :)

and "party to the am" is a line from a song

In The Ayer by Flo Rida.

[Fark Jacklyn]

lol, okay erm. *clap* good job.





It's Crush by David Archuleta.

[Jacklynn](not me)

haha, nice grammer.


haha, yea meet the at the nuffnang birthday bash.

unfortunately im just her "good friend" or should i say fortunately?

neways, i have best friends that treats me 5 billions times better :)

thanks babe. i shall link you :)




erm, okay.




nice name.


thanks :)


It's Crush by David Archuleta and thanks for droppin by :)

appreciated it.


It's Crush by David Archuleta.


hey thanks and YOU'RE COOL.

i like your blog fillin with nice post :)


good for you.


i like her :)


sure :)


erm, thanks for tellin it for me?


erm, yea im fat. so?

dramatic. haha purh-lease.

i said i dont care doesnt mean that i should stop gossipping.

and erm, you too. *freaking suck* lol.

go to school.


erm, okay. like i care?

talk to your monkeys in kelatan.


erm, okay. maybe your blind.

or mentally retard i dont know,

i dint say just this, there's others too.

and erm yea, you shud get a life :)

[Fark Jacklyn]

erm, angry much? hate me so much why not you go die?



love your blog.


erm, loser. you got it the other way round.

well, that's about it. i enjoyed the comments.

haha. i never knew there's so many lifeless

plus busybody people around.

so fuck you haters :p


Sunday, August 24, 2008



it was a super wild night for us girls haha.

wanna thanks david and his friends once again for driving us girls home,

i've been talking non-stop at the mamak and the car,

gotto thanks them for listening too.

great people.

me and marti crashed at Lynn's place that night.

so i wanted to go for a swim at 4am in the morning,

i know im crazy,

but after i changed into my pjs im too lazy to get my ass down to the pool.

so we camwhored instead.

just a note:

we are still not sober yet while taking the pics.

so the pictures we took is a lil....

you know, sexy.


i look fugly here and i have no idea what i was doing.


















im peeing on martina lol.

love marti's underwear. WONDER WOMEN!

we did camwhoring with my macbook too,

but it's like 100+ pics so yeah,

if you have my facebook it's all up on there,


neways, as i said before there were no hangovers,

we got up 10 in the morning and marti was feeling for some ice-cream.

haha, marti marti.

there's a restaurant near lynn's place that served delish ice-cream,

so we made our way there.

me and marti.

on the way we saw these creative graffiti on the wall,

malaysian are actually pretty creative,

they just using their talent the wrong way.

so here we are at the restaurant,

i forgot the name,

im never good at remembering names,

so yea,

lets just call it the ice-cream restaurant.

i love the decos,

makes me feel like im in some sort of old american retro dining place.

she's wearing cap because she said too lazy to put make up on.

her tea is hot! hot! hot!

Marti with her 1 liter of i dont know what drink is that lol.

plus, yummy onion rings!

me and my strawberry milkshake.

and my rib-eye beef steak.

i love steak.

marti sucking her frenchfries.

she a rtard and i love her.

right, we were supposed to come here for ice-cream,

we did ordered ice-cream tho,

but both me and lynn were too full to have it

so marti gotto eat it all up.

damn right i know how to roll.

more graffiti!

some mother nature.

we were bloated and decided we need some exercise.

so after the very unhealthy breakfast, we're off to the pool!

is it me or is that our butts just look damn fine? haha. jaykay

lynn's a hamsup photographer haha.

it took lynn 10 seconds to take this shot,

i was almost drowning lol.

i have no idea what i was doing behind lol.

Charlie angels minus me.

im a very ham sup photographer too lol.

we had so much fun hanging out together,

we even made our own song!

well, not exactly our own song but we changed the lyrics a lil bit,

from That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings,

it's a very catchy song so
here goes:

They call me Lynn

They call me Jacklynn

Thats not my name

Thats not my (pause) name.

They call me Marti

Cause im so tardy

My teachers hate me

But that's okay.

Thats not my name

Thats not my name

Thats not my (pause) name"


i laughed so much my stomach actually hurts that day.

summer is coming to an end.

gawd, i wish summer was a little longer.


what was i gonna say?

right, right...

on the not so plus side,

i'll talk bout the dramas im facing soon.

so if there's any questions you guys are sooo curious about,

drop it in my cbox.

i can't keep the truth anymore longer.

she has gone way outta hand.

one more thing she super copycat lorh.

im not even kidding. ish

stupid plus lifeless comment will not be entertain,

as those losers can go bang 'em heads on the wall and go die :]

stay tune.

i-tunes: Crush by David Archuleta