Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yellow Rage

somethin i caught on Def Poetry Jam.
thought it was pretty good, about facing racism.
edited some parts.

listen asshole,
stop tryna guess what i am
stop tryna tell me who i'm not.
i was born in malaysian
so it makes me malaysian.
and these slightly slanted eyes ain't just for seein,
bitch, i see right through you.

you expert on me,
with your, fake asian tattoos?
you expert on me,
with your, tae bo and kung fu?
so what you try dim sum on the menu?
so what you a fan of lucy liu?
so that makes you an expert on how i should look?
fuck you!
what the fuck do you know about being asian?!

i'm about to put you in your place son
what do you know about hiroshima and nagasaki?
about ghandi?
what do you know about demilitarized zones and no gunnery?
about li lai and the military?
what do you know about the killing fields and the signs that wield
"no chinese or dogs allowed"
what do you know about comfort women and geisha girls?
about colonization all over the asian world?
what do you know about the great wall?
i could school you on each and all
motherfucker i'm about to get roar!

you picked the wrong asian kid to mess with.
cuz my tongue is split.
it's forked and steel tipped
and it will puncture and bleed you
and if you don't know,
now you know,

don't ask me what i'm sayin in my native tongue,
you wanna know so badly go learn it yourself.
16 years it took me to perfect a language my mothers and her mothers spoke,
20 seconds it took you to ask me what my sisters and i spoke about?
if i said i wasn't talkin to you,
why don't you stop botherin me all up in my business?
how dare you step to me invade my privacy,
waste my time ask me if i'm able to relay you the contents in my conversation?
what nonsense is this?
do i look like your private translator?

nosey motherfucker you prolly thought dialogue centered around you
and you just wanted to make sure.
is it because you're paranoid and insecure?
or just jealous cause my tongue's got more skills than yours?

so you wanna learn "i love you" and "hello",
why you need to know?
you think you can get an 'asian hoe'
ready to turn around just because of
"hey baby, anyong hasaeyo, anyong hasaeyo?"
or "ni hao ma, i love you china doll".
please, your shit don't impress at all,
my words were meant to be mentioned in meticulous manner
yet your mispronouncing man-handling mouth
fucks it all up!
my meanings misused for miscommunication misinterpretations mispoken mistake
motherfucker it makes me mad
so you better have listened, asshole, and listen well
don't talk to me anymore, don't fuck with me anymore,
because i am done talking to you.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pancake International.

Friday 11th July

the monkey is in the town again!
(Chris that is im referring to)


date with my darling, Bell again.

this time we went the Hang Tuah

for some WIGS hunt!


it's for her business of course.

she is selling hair extension,

contact lenses from Korea,

and also sexy lingerie

for real deal price!

and here we are,

Chris the monkey trying out the wigs.

what do you think?


i think it suite him just right haha.

real stunning look there Chris.


after that,

we headed to Time Square

for some Slogan-Tee.

my fav!

lovely Bell and I.

i bought 2 teeS saying

"I love my two boyfriend"


"I love Alcohol"



din't buy this one tho.

was short of cash.

I am definately going back

for more slogan-TEES!!

i heart that shop!

hung out at Lai's shop RUMS for abit.

and snapped a picture at the hot spot.

the good ol' picture in the mirror shot.

had our brunch at

GASOLINE time square.


Wanewave saloon for hair wash after.


the monkey owns a cell phone.

bell enjoying her hair wash haha.

AFTER that,

Bell gotto go so me and Chris

headed to BB Plaza the famous cheap shisa place

to meet my school mates up.

Its the first time hanging out

with them throughout the whole SUMMER!

i sure do miss those monkeys

i see everyday in school.

AFTER shisa,

we made our way to Pavilion for movies.

but unfortch,

most of us seen most of the movies already.

so instead,

we went to Pancake International

for dinner!

H.O (hoe) :)

this is my korean nigga,


she's the korean version of me lol.

look at her happy face.
(it's her blur face actually)

i found a burger my size lol.

the crazy girl,

want some carrots?

my fav look,

the crossed-eyes.

this is my darling the evil Sabby,

burned from the afternoon

by the shisa coals :'(

the food there was real good

i gotto say.

sucking up the straw with nose.

can you do it?

we can!

very stunning.

the food there's really good.

and the price was reasonable.

left at about 10 and headed

to change for tonight.

Poppy Garden for the night

and guess who i met?












JAY from the Malaysian Dream Girls!
(note: i was super drunk while taking this picture)

check out her blog:


she's gorgeous.

i met her boyfriend

and the brother too.

they're super nice!

i was so drunk and yet

they still hung out with me.

thanks Jay.


really bad impression

for the first time hangin out.

Alison was there too tho,

but she left early so i dint get to

have a picture with her.

:( next time then.

thanks Nick for coming over

and took care of me for the whole night.

also thanks for the ride home too!

he's a real sweetheart :)

and thats all people.

have a nice day :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the Kelantan boy.

Thursday 26th June

met this exchange student from australia.

why i call him the Kelantan boy?

cause of all places in Malaysia,

he got sent to Kelantan,

the capital of the muslims.

(i bet it's nice up there huh? lol)

I call it the monkey land.


this is Chris Harvey,

Saturday 28th June

a date with my lovely, Bell.


the monkey boy Chris.

Brunch at Time Square Old Town.

me and my kick-ass Kanye West shades.

that's my darling.

and her HOT ice lemon tea,

headed to Pavilion's golden screen

and caught GET SMART.

starring Steve Carell

from 40 years old Virgin

as Maxwell Smart aka Agent 23.


Anne Hathaway

from The Princess Diary

as Agent 99.

and others...

it's a must watch comedy!

i'll rate it 9.5/10

after that,

we took the KTM

and headed to Bell's place for

some delicious dinner.

camwhoring at the station KL Central.

Chris Harvey,

he crossed the line.

it took about 25 minutes

for the freaking train to come.

and another 25 minutes ride to

Serdang station.

got to Bell's place at about


pretty late for dinner.

but no worries,

this girl here got everything under control.

Spegatti for dinner!


I helped too!

here's a clip of what happened

in the kitchen

by the really sucky camera man!

we left for Poppy at about 1pm,

and i got drunk after 10mins there.

as usual,

Bell lookin after me.

but i never listen.


pose for the camera!

i forgot the shot's name,

so i call it the fire shot,

cause they light the fire up

in the mouth.

damn good shot!

the drunkies.

iight folks.

that's all for now.