Monday, June 23, 2008

Jian Hao 17th Glamazon.


this suppose to be last two weeks post,

but i got real lazy.

summer is the shit.

i can do whatever i want till late night,

and wake up 10pm the next day.

haha, i did really woke up 10pm

the next day somehow,

no joke.

iite, back to the topic,

it was the happy-go-lucky guy,

Jian Hao's Seventeenth

@ The Apartment KLCC.

*im so sorry i dint get you any present sweetie, my mind kinda turns retarded when it comes to getting a birthday present for a friend, especially a good friend, but no worries, i'll definately get you one soon cause we live like what? 5 minutes away form each other. haha*

It was a grand/awesome/best party

i've been to this year.

thanks for the invitation jian :)

the stupid me forgotten to bring her camera,

cause i was in a rush and all.

i hate it when this happens.

and Valerie know how much

i whined about that at the party.

but i already knew that jian's gonna hire

a photographer so that's a no problem.


here are the pictures:

picha with the birthday boy.

party like a rockstar,


this is call the suck and blow game.

i know,

what a name.

basically there's 3 boys and 3 girls

standing in between each other.

and the first boy/girl got to blow

the card to the next boy/girl

and the next boy/girl gonna suck it

and pass it on to the next boy/girl.

whoever dropped it,

automatically got eliminated.

okay, here goes, the suck and blow game:

so suck






and of course the crowd enjoyed

the suck and blow game.

yeup, yeup,

hot short is bomb this year.

birthday song time.

and yes,

cupcakes for birthday is so in this year too.

and this is jian hao:

riping off the papers wraps

of the present from the mum.

everyone eyes on the present.

it's a freaking ...

well i forgot what watch it is,

but it must cost some penny there.

look at his happy face.

and here comes the birthday song ...

a sweet kiss from the mum.


make a wish birthday boy.


and get back to the partay!!


the gorilla got some skills there of

getting girls all over him.

i wish i knew what i was doing here.

the boys gone wild.

the gorgeous Valerie and I

Shev my sista from another motha.

sure taste good haha.

party ended at about 11,

it was a great one.

thanks jian once again.

toddles ppl.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Muragun Charity

Charity for Muragan

every year,

the KHAS (Kelab Hoki Ais Saga),

will do 2 charities,

the last one i did was last year,

car washing at Bukit Jalil club,

for a girl that has cancer.

On Christmas, she wrote her wish on a paper

and hung it on the Christmas tree in the hospital,

her wish is to go Hong Kong Disneyland

to see Minnie Mouse,

and KHAS wanna make her dream come true,

we raised money through car washing

in Bukit Jalil club.

we raised enough money,

for that little girl go to Hong Kong Disneyland.

she past away after a few months,

but still we made her dream came true.

hope she RIP.

So last LAST Sunway,

a number of KHAS members gather

@ a club in Putrajaya.

and started raising money for this kid,


I really can't recall what he have,

but we did raise about 10,000 rm for him.

enough of talkin,

here are the pictures:

the place where we did the charity.

for this,

you have to put your hand in,

and search for something.

i know, it's disgusting.


i dont really have much pictures of the charity,

cause i was really busy

water tattoo-ing for the kids.

my tattoo booth earned bout 150rm,

it's pretty good actually.

anyways, after the charity,

we went kayaking.

cause that's the only thing you can do

in Putrajaya.

it's pretty cheap actually,

10rm per person/ 1hour.

so here is Edmund.

his first time ever kayaking.


and he have a little something something

at the side of his right eye.

It's a glitter tattoo,

lol, for the charity.

our enemy:

haha, basically we're escaping from 'em,

cause we splashed them

and almost sink their boat.


the kayaking view:

im such a good photographer :) lol.

haha, this is when Afiq's (on the left)

glasses fell in the pond.

all of them have to go in the pond

and search for it.

im aint going down

cause i dont wanna get wet lol.

they found it in the end :)

bunch of happy people lol.

and here's a little video at the beginning

of the kayak journey lol.

i think you should turn your volume down,

because my voice is kinda extreme,


and that's the end.

have a nice day ppl