Thursday, May 29, 2008


i totally screwed up in my math test today!!


like the questions i studied for

din't happen come out,

but the question i din't study for did!!

i knew it.

i knew this is gonna happen!


shoot me please.

mandarin was eezee doozee fer me.

hopefully it can change my grade to A+.

possible right?


so 2 down and 3 more to go.

chemistry and world studies tomorrow!!


i really need to get my head into the papers now!!


but but before i leave,

i gotto share something.

went to the movies with shev

last saturday and yesterday.

watched Indiana Jones and Narnia.

and now im so in love with Shia LaBeouf!!

he is so hot yes?



first is from the terminator then Indiana Jones.

he is so funny and chio!

his my future husband now.

okay, let's move on,

the second movie we watched was


and now im in lurve with Skandar Keynes!!

his role in Narnia is King Edmund Pevensie.

he so hawt omg.

i dont know why i just have a thing

for white boys with black hair.

they're so effin appealing to me.


he is flaming hawt too right??


i wanna marry him!!

no wait,

then i'll be cheating on Shia.

okay, i'll marry Shia LaBeouf first,

be with him for about 10 years or so.

Then divorce,

cause by then he'll be like so old

and no longer appealing to me.

Now this is the time i marry Skandar!!

he'll be so hott by then.

oh yeah,

brilliant plan eh.


i really gotto go now.

ciao people!

i'll end this post with few more pictures

of my future husband.

ma love.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Prayin darn hard for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Pittsburgh Penguins
played this morning

and unfortunately defeated by the Detroit.

in the Stanley Cup.

and the score was 3-0.

damn it!!

lost 2 games in row!!

means my chances of going to Canada decreased!!

but i truly believe

that it wasn't their best play this morning,

they definately can do way much more better.

like wayy wayy wayy much more better!

and if they don't win the next game,

imma gonna shoot ma self.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Samie's BD @ Blackhole, Hartamas.

Last friday was my babe

Samantha aka Samie's

Birthday Bash in Blackhole, Hartamas.

Bell picked me up from my place at 7-ish,

and we headed to MidValley
to collect the present.

(oh and samie, just in case you don't know which one is from Me and Bell cause the card was not stick on the present. It is the one with black and golden wrapping.)

hope you like it ;)

after collecting the present,

we made our way to Hartamas

and got there bout like 8.30-ish.

Everyone was there,

Chuckei, Daphne, Anne and etc.

So happy to see them again,

it's been like forever since i last saw them.

party dint really start until the birthday girl came.

we camwhore so much,

because thats what we do best haha.

and so, here are the pictures:

me at home waiting for Bell.

you will probably soon realize that

this is the only normal picture of me

in this entire post.

Bell, Anne and I.

Chuckei and I.

miss this hawt bitch over here,

the last time we met was like last year.

GRR. this is the girl you dont wanna mess with.

nice nostril huh?


the hawties,

i have absolute no idea

who's the 1st and 3rd girl was.

oh yeah =p

oh here comes the pool babes,

we're too hawt for pool haha.

this is when samie's and I was lil tipsy.

and the guy is Matthew.

Me and the flaming hawt gorgeous Burfday Girl.

these are all my favS girlS.

with Matthew and Samie's sister Cherry.

(im not quite sure how to spell her name, do correct me if im wrong)

* thank you Samie darling for the invatation *

i had a blast.

Much birthday love goes out to you.

hope you have a great time too.

and that's the end

of today post.

this week is gonna be so fucking hectic.

Finals exams starts on Wednesday.

I so wanna get this over with.

and SUMMER here i come!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hong Kong part iv

Day 6

okay, this is the last post bout hongkong.

it's the last day,

and also the FINALS!!

we got trashed in the morning

and ended up 3rd place in the women's division.

but we did pretty good compare to last year.

so yeah, im happy.

so SINCE our game is FIRST in the morning AGAIN,

i decided to stay in the mall and watch all games.

semi finals and finals.

okay fine,

not really.

i'll be bored as hell

if i just sat there and watch all the games.

after my friends from Toronto played,

we walked all over the mall,

and sayin "UR HOT"

to the hongkong people.

it's really fun and amusing,

i love how those ppl react,

Some smiled at us and some gave us the WTF look,


we also watched Iron Man in the mall,

we actually bought tickets for the Speed Racer,

but the first 20 minutes

of the show was insanely boring,

so we walked out and went into another theater

and it happened to be Iron Man!

the movie I wanna watch for long time

but never have time for!!

the movie was alright.

okay so while in the cinema:

i took a picture of my friend lawrence's big feet,

trying to fit in my tiny flip-flop.

and that's him:

i made him walked around

the mall with only his socks on.


okay so after the movie,

we met up with Sean and Liam,

the other two Canadians from their team.

and headed to the arcade.

thank god they found an arcade in the mall,

otherwise i'll be bored as hell,

sitting by the rink

watching hockey game all day long.

me trying to do the crazy triple middle finger thing

that i learned from my Macau friends,

it's not easy.

i did it! but the picture is a bit blur.


now you try and do it.

the team Toronto Warriors

with The team cheerleader(me) haha.

okay, i gotto make things clear again,

im not that short ,

is just that i was kneeling a little.



them with slapshot,

the guy in the middle.

he used to play in my team

back then when he was pretty young,

and now he's all grown up

and freaken asian division champion!!

i have no idea what i was doing here.

i look so stupid here but oh well,

that is because Lawrence was beside me.

he's stupid so i have to look stupid aswell.


lawrence's a poser.

and a good one of course.

the finals in asian A division.

Japan vs HK Samwai.

ice rink at megabox Hong Kong,

pretty awesome eh?

me with the champSS!!

the Tokyo team!!

me with

Ryo Miyazaki and Noaki Kaneko

and their medals.

oh and if you're wondering what's the blue thing

in Noaki's mouth,

it's a mouth guard.

the Canadians again.

lawrence have a thing for dinosaurs.

he thinks their hot with those gigantic pointy teeth.

and so he just had to put his head

into the dinosaurs mouth.

us at the the floor above the rink,

was really bored so camwhore!

so after the finals,

the other went to LKF (Lan Kuai Fong)

for the party,

while us the underagers bought some beers

and party in the hotel.

after bottles of beer,

we played truth or dare,

*details will not be spilled*

and hide and seek in the dark,

i know hide and seek is a pretty stupid game,

but its really fun with everyone's drunk

and do/say stupid stuff.

me with lucy.

yeah, they are drunk/high.

the last night was definately the best night.

we had lotsa fun and beer.

great night ;)

best part of the trip

is meetin this bunch of crazy Canadians.

that's all for HongKong people.

good day!