Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Sleep better with Chipster!

Chipster C.O.L.O.R.E.D my LIFE!

back then

there's only black and white in my life.

one day,

jacklyn's life is now C.O.L.O.R.E.D with Chipster!
she live happily ever after!


there's more........

she then go to the nearest super market,

and get more!

also never forget to share it with her family!

of course not forgetting to camwhore with her new bestfriend!

i definately sleep better with Chipster!

*i want i wannna go to nuffnang's first birthday bash*

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

back to Hong Kong from Seoul,
our first stop was
the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum,
at the Peak,
where i used to live.
The quality of figures is actually much better than the photos below show.Some are really 'life-like',
others are not that good -
but still lots of fun..
she is really "life-like"

he aswell!

Ayumi Hamasaki,
famous Japanese pop singer,
is looked upon as a leader not only in music,
but also in fashion.
Billed as the "guru of the fasionable young" by the media,
almost every Japanese teenage girl tries to dress and look like her.
Her pretty face and sexy image have captured the imagination of boys across Asia.
but unfortunately,
her silicon looks really fake here.

Michelle YEOH,

can i be your next adoption?
jolie-pitt? =p
her silicon is so pretty,
it spins like a ballerina,
of course you need to put like penny in it.
im the centerpiece of the British Royal Family =]

HongKong millionaire,
my kai-ye.
in my dreams =]

Watcha lookin at?

Andy Lau's silicon figure has like a beating heart!
Silicon feels like human skin than wax,
This material is chosen because when guests feel Andy's beating heart,
it feel so real!

it's G-string ppl!
My fav footballer! He's the cutest!

He's so effin tall!

Ahhh, it's Gillian Chung,
need i say more?

She's a legend

Our everyone's idol back then, when he is still the shinny brown men,
with a stable nose of course.

Very nice outfit for Madonna,
to prevent perv too.

He is just plain HAWT!

They also did a pretty good job at the boobs parts =]

It was nice to get close to idols and take photos.
There are more silicons tho,
but i was rather too short or the picture of me looks ugly,
so yeah.
you should really visit the peak whenever you go to HK,
they have the killin night scene of the whole HK city.

*Footnotes of hiXtory*

do you know why all the wax museum in the world is called after this women "Madame Tussaud" ?

She a young Swiss women skilled in modeling wax figures found herself in the of Paris during the Reign of Terror. When the revolutionary leaders heard about her artistic skill, they ordered her to immortalize the revolution's leaders and many of their victims by making wax models of them. At last she escaped to London. There, too, she usd her wax-modeling skill and opened a museum, Madame Tussaud's Exhibition. Today, millions of people marvel at the life-like wax figures in Tassaud's musem in London, run by her descendants.

have a lovely day!