Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kill the boredom!


school is killing me!
so bored..
so many assignments..
so i decided to take picturesssS.
this is Olivia below. my Swedish mate.

Chemistry class

after school,

mum wanted to go shopping @ Pavillion.

so the driver dropped us there,

but while we (my sister and I ) are in the car,

and stuck in the jam in the hectic KL.

we started winding down the windows shouting at ppl along the road.

ppl was staring at us two cuckoo.
wondering which mental hospital we two girls released from.
the driver had to lock the window buttons,
before we get into any trouble.

haha.. fun stuff!! ya'll must try!!
it's locked!!met ma mummy,
went Tony Romas's for lunch.
no good food there,
service is pretty good,
but the food took like 45 minutes to come.
so dont go!!

it's really huge.
pat: omg! how am i gonna finish this??

we only finished half of our food,
haha, spoil brats,
it was too much la.
after eating,
burn the carbs!!
the best way is SHOPPING!!
went to Pull and Bear,to get the winter coat i saw last time..
thank god it's still there,
last 2 pieces left!! ^^
and i also got a really cute beg.

*bell* better go get it soon before it's gone!!!

the 20 minutes survey


starting time:
12.37 pm

Jacklyn Alexandra Gan



Shoe size:

150cm (i wanna grow><)

What are you wearing right now?

school uniform.

Where do you live?
Sri Petling, KL (moving soon)

Favorite Number:

Favorite Drinks:
vodka :)

Favorite Months:
July (because it's my birthday month)

Favorite Breakfast:
i dont know, could be anything.

***********Have You Ever***********

Been on a plane:
more like a duh to this question, so DUH!

Been in a hot tub:
yes :)

Swam in the ocean:

Fallen asleep in school:
like everyday.

Broken someone's heart:
Yeah, and im sorry.

Fell off your chair:
yeah, haha.

Sat by the phone all night waiting for
someone to call:
yes but always ended up disappointed.

Saved e-mails:

***********What is************

Your room like:
small LOL

Whats right beside you?
my Sister LOl.

What is the last thing you ate?
apple. (: keeps the doctor away :)

----------------Ever Had---------------

Chicken pox:

Sore throat:


Broken nose:

-------------Do You-------------

Believe in love at first sight?
yeah^^ hope to see him again.

Like picnics:?
yeah, but hate the cleaning up part.


Who was the last person you danced
shev and bell.

Who last made you smile?
the koreans in my mandarin class.

Who did you last yell at?
my puppy Shusi.

---------------Final Questions-------------

What are you listening to right now?
my teacher crapping.

What did you do today?
Nothing much, in school right now doing this survey,
Really bored, basically nothing much yet.

Hate someone in your family?
sometimes. =p

Good singer?
Hell no.

Diamond or pearl?
Diamond pls :)

Are you the Eldest?
Yeah, but everyone see me as the youngest.

Indoor or outdoors?

-------------Today did you------------

1. Talk to someone you like?
LOl, like my friends.

2. Kiss anyone?

3. Get sick?

5. Talked to an ex:

6. Miss someone:

7. Eat:

-------------Last person who-----------

8. You talked to on the phone?
Not really.


21. Have a crush on someone:?

22. What books are you reading right
no book, but some mandarin exercise.

23. Best feeling in the world:
i think it's when im traveling. enjoying myself
and be with the person i like being with.

24. Future kids names?
Maddox for boy. Haven't think one for girl yet.

25. Do u Sleep with stuffed animal?
LOL, when i was a kid yeah.

26. What's under your bed?

28. Favorite locations:
the beach.

29. Danced a slow dance with someone
you didn't even like?

32. Who do you really hate?
bitches who think they are all that.
bloody kampung girl.

36. You lonely right now?
no :)

37. What time is it now?

*im doing this because im really bored in mandarin class*
*and i took more than 20 minutes for this survey*

Sunday, January 27, 2008

quiksilver revolution 2.0

Quiksilver Revolution 2.0the most happening event is once again in town,
the Quiksilver Revolution Tour 2.0

with my fav surfers Ry Craike, Troy Brooks, Dylan Graves,
and Wayan 'Betet' Merta.
but missing Julian Wilson :(

and also with local bands,
Pop Shuvit, Joe Flizzow, Stylustiks,
and a Thai band, Futon.
altho i really cant understands whatever they're singing,
but they surely rocked the crowd there.
it ended real early, at about 8.30pm,
due to the stupid unexpected rain.
so everyone left at about 9pm.

I went with my girls,
we enjoyed,
tho wasn't much stuff going on,
met super lots of friends there,
but don't really have time to talk to them,
sorry people!!
*hugs and kisses to you guys*
awwww shev, smile abitindo surfer
meet again after 2 years.

really cute skater boyJeff
( thanks for your shirt haha)
been wiping and wiping wet sandy hand on him

anne, (unknown), sammie, tzel, bell

Anne Darling

Samie Babe
Able(crazy fella), dint expect to see him there

Mohammad and I

their dance move rocked the crowd.

my SohPoh MeiTze (she's a darling)

Melvin, he's a total sweetheart!!

photographer from HK.

Bell my sweetie

Cheryl (unexpected met) she's cool.

Abelina Wolf