Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Diamond Coral Water Purifier for my Family

When you start having children of your own, there is so much that you need to take care of. One of the most important one is the health. I am sure all parents out there would agree this with me 

Especially with the crazy haze happening this time around the year in our country it is even more important for us parents to take extra precaution of our children. Making sure they stay healthy and hydrated at all times. Therefore, safe drinking water plays a very significant role!

I've recently installed DIAMOND Coral for my family. 

It is the World's First Refined Water Machine that the renowned European Refined Master has spent 4 years to create. And can I just say how beautiful this thing is? When I first see it, I know I need it in my to beautify my kitchen! It is simple, perfect, cool, elegant, refined. It is simply remarkable! 

Diamond is one of the trusted water filter brand in Malaysia ever since I was a kid. I had Diamond in house for more than 10 years! My mom wanted us to have clean filtered drinking water! And now I have my own family, I am doing it for my children! Because health is one of the most important reasons for investing in water!

The installation process,


What we have here is the the Diamond Coral GOLD.

The installation agent/helper was super on time,

and explained to us step by step each and every filter's function 

Putting the diverter on.

Ceramic Cartridge A, total of 6 filters!
Water in my house now is definitely safe to drink!


Now me and my family can drink right off the tap because the water from my our home is purified and what we are having is natural alkaline PH drinking water! I will be blogging about the experience and what benefits Diamond Coral gave out after 3 weeks!

Thanks to Diamond Coral! for keeping my family healthy!


Meantime if you are interested of getting yourself one, Diamond is doing a super offer that none of you wanna missed! They are willing to let us trade in our old water filter! Whether it's from Diamond or NOT, you can now trade it and get a DIAMOND Coral for at totally no charges for the machine! If I were you I definitely won't wanna missed this! Making changes to your family health is just a call away! Start right now!

For more information, do visit their FACEBOOK Page!

and their official website! - http://diamondrefined.com/my/

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thermos Food Jar

Being wife and a mother of two doesn't come easy, AT ALL. I am sure most of the parents would agree that your children really takes up almost ALL of your time. So TIME is everything to us, like we really need to plan ahead if we want some free/rest time for ourselves. So when I heard about how Thermos Food Jar help save up half of our cooking time, I can't wait to get one myself and try it.

Super excited to be selected to try out their new products! 

Special function of Thermos Food Jar is that it will lead the food cooked via the Double Wall Vacuum Insulation technology that bring conveniences and we are no longer need to guard the stove, it’s mobile, electricity-free. Comes in various of designs & colors too! It is also spill proof! That is very important because I have used some lousy brand ones before and it can get very messy!

If you notice my instagram some time earlier I've posted a picture of me hosting / or in some kind of cooking show, it is actually me sharing the recipes I have came out with Thermos! 

I have came up with TWO RECIPES that goes excellent with Thermos Food Jar!

Some behind the scene snippets.

One of the dish I made!

Are you ready for the videos? Click below!

In the first video, you can see how I to prepare delicious and healthy 
Broccoli Mac & Cheese for my children!

I am using the Thermos Foogo Food Jar in this video, which is in my favorite pastel pink and purple! Small and convenient to bring out! Say no more ugly aunty looking containers!

Here is the video for my second recipe (Chicken Congee), specially for my husband. 
You know what they say, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach".

As you can see from the video, it has a portable spoon attached to the lid which is absolutely convenient! I don't have to search for spoons anymore whenever I bring this out! 

I have always enjoy cooking for my family!  

With THERMOS Food Jar, my husband and children can now enjoy our favorite food with just simple preparation steps. I will let Thermos Food Jar to complete the task on behalf while I sit back and relax! Once food is insert to the Thermos, it promised to keep the warm up to 8 hours! (Tried and tested!) I will sound very "Kua Cheong" saying this but I can't live without it now!

I hope you like my video, and how you can prepare your favorite food with only half of the actual time needed!

I had an amazing time filming with this awesome bunch. Each one of them are super friendly and helpful! Thanks guys for all the hard work preparing and amazing video edited! I hope you my lovely readers enjoys my first ever cooking video! ♡ Will share more tips on what you can cook with the Thermos Food Jar in the future!

Last but not least, I want to thank Thermos Food Jar for saving up so much of my time. Now I can have more time for myself and do the things I love while letting Thermos do the rest of the cooking for me! 

♡ Strongly recommend their products! Now I can't live without it! And I am not even joking!

Where to get their amazing product? 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Birthday Trip 2015 - W Hotel Hong Kong

Last month I was treated a birthday trip to Hong Kong from le hubs! It was a short 4 days 3 nights trip. Took so many pictures I have no idea where to start so I'll just start with my surprise stay by hubby at my favorite SPG hotel - W Hong Kong! And I just gotta say it's by far the best hotel I've ever stayed at! Loved everything about it! ♡ From the service to their signature W bed, pool, food basically everything single detail! Scroll down to for my amazing experience in W Hong Kong!

(All pictures are mixtures from my phone, snapchat and cameras)

"I'm a key now but not for long"

If you are a SPG member or recently stayed in one of their hotels, you will know that soon you no longer need a key for your room! Because they will be launching their SPG Keyless in their updated app! How cool is that?

Got Mr.Quack as welcomed gift at the airport! 

And can I just say how much I am loving my sea view room? 

Such a bliss waking up to this every morning!

Next is their breakfast,

Sorry I don't have more pictures of the food but it's a must have! They have all varieties of breakfast from English to French, Chinese and more! Wished that my stomach was bigger so I can stuff everything in!

After a hearty and satisfying breakfast, it's time to burn calories at one of the World's highest rooftop swimming pools on the 76th floor!

Time to get tan!

Every morning after breakfast, I will dip myself in the sparking blue water of their rooftop pool while enjoying the amazing skyline of Hong Kong!  Of course not forgetting to do some lapse to burn those calories! Ahhhh, I could do this for 365 days every year!

Got a little tanned 

Time to wash up with one of my MUST travelling essentials, frizz dismiss shampoo by REDKEN!

From shampoo to hair conditional and last but not least smoothing oil serum to make sure my hair looks good at all time throughout my vacation! 

Here's another must have! EPURE's amino hydro intense cleanser!

It works as a face cleanser and also make up remover! Comes in a tiny bottle, super convenient to bring along when travel!

Next up is the buffet dinner we had at the hotel!

The buffet dinner the night we had was seafood feast! Unlimited Lobster! Noms!

It's a must try! 
Then again sorry for not taking more pictures because I was busy snapchatting and eating haha!

Last but not least, was the amazing surprise W Hong Kong prepared for me! They secretly prepared this while we were out, almost busted though because we came back early when this lovely girl named (Joanne) was busy decorating the bed. It was at around 6.30pm when we got back to our hotel room and our room was locked from the inside. Joanne opened the door and said she is busy setting up and asked to come back in 10 minutes, so we thought she was busy cleaning the room.

And when we got back after 10 minutes, we saw this!

I was really surprised to see this lovely set up of rose petals wishing me Happy Birthday! along with a birthday card and cake! I mean, which hotel does this kinda sweet surprise? It really made my night! 

Thank you so much W Hong Kong for making this a memorable stay for us and Joanne if you ever came across my blog and reading this, I wanna thank you personally for spending your time to prepare this sweet surprise for me! 

And that concludes my wonderful stay in W Hong Kong!

I just love everything here! The hotel, the bed, the pool, the breakfast, the buffet dinner, the service! EVERYTHING! Will definitely come back again! Thank you for the amazing stay! Next update in Hong Kong will be how and where I spent my birthday in Hong Kong! 

Here is a video of all the snaps I took of my entire stay in W Hong Kong! 
(Snapchat ID : Jacsafterparty)