Friday, February 6, 2015

Taiwan Day 2, 2014 - Exploring the city

Checked out of Wego Hotel the next day and ready to move in to our new hotel.

Loving how natural and superb my eyelashes looks!
Got it done by TopLash one day before I flew, definitely save more make-up time during my trip! 

W Taipei.

Got there earlier than the usual check-in time. Room wasn't ready, so we left our luggage there and start exploring the city!

#teamrimowa babeh 

First stop - 101 Taipei

My hubby baba lovah of ma life 

Must #selfie with the tower! Even if you look like an unphotogenic ghost.

Then off we go to one of Taipei's new mall,

2nd stop - ATT 4 FUN

Went to hunt for some food and look at how unique their restaurants are!

I don't mind coming here all week!

Crazy lady behind me 

This Mr.Onion western restaurant caught our attention with their menu so venue is set for our lunch!

Unfortunately food was just okay, and the service and speed of serving the food is unacceptably slow.
Wasn't disappointed, but ain't satisfied too :/

It was almost time to check in so we made our way back to the hotel, only 15mins walking distance from the mall.

If there is a mirror, there is a selfie! 


Our room has the best view of Taipei 101! 

Baby bump was about 26 weeks then 

Chilled for a bit and it's Dinner twime !

Sparkly Christmas tree! 

Our dinner was at the almost peak of Yang Ming Shan (陽明山) ,
Temperature was definitely lower there and extremely windy!

There is about 6 to 7 restaurants at Yang Ming Shan. All with spectacular view!
Our dinner was at one of the restaurant called the 草山夜未眠,  not sure bout the English name though.

Perfect view of the entire Taipei city! 

Dishes there are mainly Taiwanese locals and hotpot!

Food wasn't amazing but we definitely enjoyed dining in such chilled weather and of course the view was pretty awesome :)

Would definitely recommend this place for a dinner night out.
You don't necessary have to pick this restaurant, I heard Top was pretty good too!

Done with dinner and off we go to one of Taiwan's hottest night market!

Shilin Night Market!

I heard it's crowded every night!

Shilin night market is one of Taiwan's must visit place, it is the origin of where all the Malaysia night market food stall. Except better! It is packed with locals and tourist every night. I've seen how incredibly mouth-watering the food are on the telly and it makes me drool every time without fail! Now I finally got the chance to try it! 

Just like in the Taiwanese tv shows, it is as yummy! I didn't really try everything but did tried the must trys like - Fried Chicken / Taiwanese sausages / Cheese potatoes etc. There are also shops that you can get super cheap deals from! Got myself a pair of super comfy ballerina flats for only RM20! If you like some mouth watering street foods and cheap bargains, this is your place to be!

Will be blogging about our New Year celebration next.

  Stay tune!