Thursday, August 27, 2015

Panasonic Beauty Workshop // Make Beautiful Happen

As a mummy of two, I barely have time to catch up with my friends or the latest fashion/gadget etc anymore. My main focus will always be my two sons and less time for myself. Therefore I was super excited to be invited to Panasonic Beauty Workshop // Make Beautiful Happen this year! Panasonic Beauty Malaysia held this event once a year to showcase all their star beauty products! Tell me which girl wouldn't be excited? 

Last year, we got tons of free Panasonic goodies to try on and I fell deeply in love with all of them! So I am pretty excited for this beauty workshop event! Looking forward to check out their new products specially for us busy ladies!

First some pictures with my long-time-no-see darlings 

Make Beautiful Happen with Panasonic Beauty was held @ Betjeman and Barton in One Utama 

(Picture courtesy : chanwon.com)

Few of the star products that I love!

(Picture courtesy : vickybobo.net)

(Picture courtesy : vickybobo.net)

Warming facial and body roller! 
Keep your face and arms in shape anytime, anywhere!

(Picture courtesy : vickybobo.net)

(Picture courtesy : vickybobo.net)

My favorite product goes to Nanoe Hair Dryer EH-NA65! 
Blow dry hair in lightning time at the same time give you a moisture rich hairstyle!

Beautiful tea set prepared by Betjeman and Barton 

So happy to see all these girls below at the event!

Guess what? I can't wait to for next year Panasonic Beauty event already! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Standing up for Online Seller!


Aside than being a blogger, I am also an online seller. Yes, that means owning an online shop and selling products on the internet. Well this post is dedicated to all what we called the "online sellers" or if you want to be an online seller, you should really read what I am about to share.

Anyone can be an online seller, just literally... anyone! 


It's quite an easy job for some. 


Choose whatever you to sell → create an instagram or facebook account → post product picture you get from your dealerSELL! →  Repeat 

▼ For more dedicated online sellers,

They create a brand → find factory to make their products → get products → product checking → labeling → photo shooting → editing → buy domain → SELL! → Advertising

♡ For me, I only did the finding dealer, product checking, photo shooting and advertising part. I get my products from my dealer, post picture that they provided, collect customer orders, check before posting and there goes a deal! Of course with the amount of online sellers and shops nowadays, we will need to compete. We will need to ensure that we are better than the other sellers and why customers should buy from us instead of others.

To boost up sales, we usually find social media influencer (blogger / celebrity etc) to promote our products for us. Of course, with their fame and power to bring you customers. You will need to pay them advertising fee. The more famous they are, the more expensive advertising fee gets. (Of course la, ppl bring you customer leh.) Perks for me, my blogger friends are always so sweet and kind to help me without any hesitation at all! Truly appreciate those who helped me build up my business when I first started. 她们真的没两句的一直帮我。谢谢!♡ ♡ ♡


So as I was saying, I also do photo shooting for some of the products I sell. In order to archive a nice picture that will attract customer, I put in a lot of effort to shoot the products. Shooting them one by one, match it with the perfect background and after, editing it one by one again to create that perfect picture. It takes a lot of time and effort!

Another process is advertising, finding famous social media celebrities to promote your product for you. First we need to contact them → wait for their reply → pay them advertising fee → send products to them → wait for them to post. It take time and efforts too! And that needs to go on if you want to keep the customers coming.

(Must read till the end for juicy part)

BUT FOR SOME LAZY POOR AF ONLINE SELLER. THEY EFFORTLESSLY PRINT SCREEN (I prefer calling it steal) OUR PICTURE AND CLAIMED AS THEIRS TO SELL IT IN THEIR SHOP! And one of the shop that does this kinda thing? I present you @case_lebrity !! So desperate to be famous, come I make you famous for your shady act!

So by their shop name I suppose they sell phone casings, just like me? A friend of mine that sells a famous self-made brand bag texted me one day and told me that this shop has been stealing her models picture and claimed she is SELLING THE SAME BAG! Another reason why she told me is because SHE IS STEALING ALL MY SHOP'S PICS TO CLAIMED AS HERS TOO! So, I got curious and wanted to see what picture she stole and guess what? Before I even know she existed, she already BLOCKED both my personal and glam_cases account! Guess she already knew who I am and that this day would come, the day when US the picture owners finds out her cheapskate act.

Below is HER instagram account:
(All Things Glamorous? more like All Things Stolen!!)

I was pretty disgusted by her act but guess it was fine because this kinda thing ought to happen when your shop is famous. People tend to steal your pictures, claimed as theirs. A few times is totally fine with me. But as time goes by, I found out that she even stole pictures of products I sponsored my friends and claimed as HERS! Worst part, she added her own watermark! 

Below is one of the many picture she stole and claimed as hers!

On the left: Is the review picture posted by my friend, 
On the right: She just casually print screen it and add watermark on the picture it claiming it's hers.

Video below is one of mine that I took in my office and took hours to snap and edited to create the perfect GIF.

And there she goes again, finding her way into stealing my video and not forgetting to put her watermark on it claiming it's her. Was pretty angry on this one.


On the left: Our kind customer left a review for us by tagging us.
On the right: She goes to our tagged pics  STEAL!

(There is so much more of my pictures she stole and these are just one of the few)


So blingblingsister are selling fake bags la? The bag you sell is the genuine one la?
I see.......

Here's my convo with the real myblingblingsister.

Girl, if you can't afford to sponsor a famous instagram influencer, don't go around stealing other seller's advertising picture. We made a lot of effort contacting them to review our product and you just screenshot it hassle-free! I am not speaking only for myself but also for other sellers whom you stole pictures from. They contacted me and said you constantly use my/their pictures and claimed as yours. I've been noticing your shop for quite some time now. At first I thought it was ok, no big deal because this kinda thing ought to happen. People LIKE you will steal our stuff and SELF-PROCLAIMED as own. But when you started removing watermarks I put on my pictures and replaced it with yours, you are crossing the line! Like really? girl your business so bad you had to go this low?

At first I didn't want to blog so I confronted her on one of the picture of MY sponsored review picture she just stole, AGAIN!

Just tell me how would you feel if something you gave so much effort, time, and money is stolen by another online seller in just a screenshot? They effortlessly screenshot our pictures and make people thinks it's their product just like that.

Even If I put my own watermark, She REMOVED it & replaced it with hers!

NO NO NO NO! Really, tell me how would you feel? You effort all STOLEN!


So I am so curious who is this person behind all these shady act. I added her whatsapp contact and there's a picture of her. Then I go to her followers and see if I can match it with any. THEN POOOFFF! I FOUND HER!!!


I blocked her with my @glam_cases account. Then of course la she curious, why suddenly can't see my feed anymore. That way how she steals pictures???? And guess what? She tried to follow me again still hoping I didn't know it's her! So funny, you blocked me with your shop account, then follow me with your personal account. If this is shaddy act, then I don't know what is.


This is her facebook.

Looks pretty decent but in real life, her business tactics is so shady! So like what they always say, don't judge a book by it's cover. For the society now, I'll say, don't judge a person by it's social media picture. WHY AH? Why you keep taking my pictures and videos? Why? And so proud of doing it some more? Then when I confronted you, you still think that you have all the rights to steal my pictures and still thinks what you did was RIGHT??? Shady lady in white, can you tell me why?

This morning I check her IG account again, as expected I was BLOCKED again. So I logged into my other accounts and check, all the comments were gone!! Poof! Magic! So much for blaming the social media.

SO CONCLUSION is that I cannot do anything about people stealing my pictures, this kinda shit happens. Cheapskate people like this will always be around. So I am just expressing how disgusted I am by you in my social media platform. "Took" not "Steal" picture of you that you "SHARED" on social media. Blame the social media! I will LIVE WITH IT 

No really, online seller out there, DON'T DO IT. It's not nice claiming something that is not yours to your self. At least put a caption saying : - inspiration photo or something if really needed. DON'T take others people's sponsored pictures. Just DON'T! We really put in a lot of effort and money as well to promote our page, not yours. But then again, if that is what you like doing. You may continue. . . . . . . . Cause I really can't change a person's personality can I? 

You can thank me later for the fame I bring to your shop and you :)

A lot of my blogger friends that sells online faces the same problem, they told me they are really sad and can't do anything about it. People stealing their picture to sell the same product. Even with their faces on it! I hope people can share this as many times as possible to create awareness to help prevent all our hard work being stolen!! Online shops like these need to stop! They NEED TO STOP STEALING PICTURES FROM OTHER BLOG SHOP!!!! Take your own pictures, find your own model for god's sake!


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Baby Tots Play - Demo Class

I've always believed in starting your children young.
Therefore, I've decided to enroll my eldest son Henry into Baby Tots Play soon-to-open branch at SS19, Subang Jaya.

Baby Tots Play is a creative play and learning centre for children from 6 months to age 5 years old.

Attended a demo last week at their HQ branch located at Bandar Botanic, Klang.

Henry was pretty shy at first, because it was his very first time attending classes like these with so many other new friends. 

For toddlers from 18 - 30 months are categorized into the Happy Tots Class which requires parents to participate. 

For Happy Tots Classes, toddlers are encourage to sing and dance as well as interacting with other toddlers. For parents and toddler, classes like this is also a great way to introduce your child to socializing while you keep a watchful eye. A time for you to stay and play with your child, explore some of the activities.

Henry lining up to get his props for the next song!

It didn't took him very long to warm up and start blending in with other kids 


The Happy Tots Class ends after 1 hour.

The demo class was very interesting for both me and my husband. Henry definitely had a lot fun. I'm just so happy to see much he enjoyed the class and we as parents get to participate was definitely a bonus too! As usual he didn't want to leave even after the class is finished. Haha.

Henry and I will be joining SS19, Subang Jaya branch starting from 1st August.

There will be a


in their SS19, Subang Jaya branch on the opening day.

Below are the details:

Bring along your children or niece, nephew that age are range from 8 months - 5 years.
Remember, it's never too early to start your child.

Hope to see y'all wonderful parents and babies on that day! 

(SS19 Subang Jaya) 
40-1, Jalan SS19/6 47500 
Subang Jaya, Selangor
(Same row as Sri Melur Jaya)

(Summer Lim)