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Taiwan Day 1, 2014 - Wego Boutique Hotel

Decided to celebrate our new year and our anniversary differently this year. Picked out Taiwan because it is not too cold nor too hot, perfect whether in other words. Just nice for a preggar like me. We definitely had a wonderful new year celebration, perfect view of the spectacular fireworks by 101 Tower. Will blog about the unforgettable celebration in my next post. 

This post will be about this super unique motel we stayed on our first night in Taipei! 

Wego Boutique Hotel

Taipei still feeling Christmasy!

It is one of Taiwan famous luxury concept hotel where locals can actually drive their cars up and park in front of their own room in their own space. The locals called this a 汽车旅馆

You can book the hotel through their Website, or Agoda too. Easy peasy!
Oh yeah, the Wego we are staying at is located at Dazhi (大直).

What makes this boutique hotel so special is that every room has its very own theme! Have a look below! 

So Cray right? So spoilt for choice when we saw the selection!

(But unfortunately, you don't always get the room you want. Check in as early as possible with the check-in time given by the hotel so that you get to choose the room you want to stay in. The later you check in, the less room left for you to pick from) 

Checking in time for our room is only 9pm. (Different room, different time)

And here we are in their elevator.

Yes, it's a freakin' couch in the elevator! 

And here we are at our floor!

Like I said earlier, locals can drive their car here and park right in front of their room hence the extraordinary room entrance.
Super excited to see how our rooms looks like!

And Taa... daaa!!

Can I bring home the beddddd???

Kinky table we have lol.

Just in case lol.

So in love with the jacuzzi! 

 I was hoping for a room more like this, 

or like this,

but luck wasn't on our side :(

After settling down, we proceed to check out how other's room looks like.

Our friend got the Dancing House.

A very own Karaoke space in the room!

Too much mirror :/

But check out their freaking jacuzzi! ♥  Fits 6 person! You can even swim in there wtf.

My sister's room was on the other floor. So different light ? haha.

Her room name translation - Modern Back Garden 

And yes, this is in their room.

Yes, every room have their very own jacuzzi and they got the Greek kinda feel one! 

Still thinks mine was the best, so proceeded back to mine for a short bubble dip.

..... and called it a night!

The next morning!

Had our breakfast at a fantasy garden maze!

Breakfast was mehhhhhhh...

But we really did enjoyed our stay there, and guess what? It's not expensive at all! The room we stayed at was only RM400 per night.

Highly recommended for a unique stay! 

Till next post! 

Wego Boutique Hotel
2-4F, No.27,29,31, Jinjhou St, 
Jhongshan District, Taipei City 
Taipei, Taiwan

Local name
Local address

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Japan Day 4, 2014 - Hokkaido Guide

♥   Day 4 Itinerary    

  Breakfast at fish market  Souvenir Shopping  Snow Mountain    Shiroi Koibito Park   Sapporo Beer Musuem 

Started off our morning at a local seafood restaurant somewhere near our hotel along a fish market street.
What's Hokkaido without experiencing the freshest seafood right ?

Remember the best seafood restaurant is always at the fish market!

Look at the cheeky fella behind me.

Ahhhhh.... nothing better than some fresh fresh sushi and sashimi in the morning!

It's so fresh I don't mind having it every morning! 


Yubari melon is a MUST HAVE too! It is one of the most famous fruits in Hokkaido and Japan.

Done with the extremely satisfying fresh from the fish market breakfast and we are set to start our journey of the day!

But first,




Souvenir shopping !

After that was shopping time! Along the fish market street as well, they have everything there! From the freshest seafood to packed souvenirs. All types of flavors, my parents heaven lol.

Mom bought some really fresh and huge scallops for extremely cheap price! You can't get it anywhere in Malaysia.

Ya'll know I am a die-heart Hello Kitty fan and when I saw these biscuit I know I must get it! 

While me and my buddy Ted waiting for the rest to done shopping.

Finally we are off to go again. Getting the car ready, filling up the tank and acting like a local cleaning the big screen and stuff lol.

Pit-stop, spotted a closed skiing academy. Stopped by for some picture snapping! That's the good thing about traveling yourself, you can stop anywhere anytime you want!

This snow mountain is like painting!

How can we forget some artsy shots? 

3rd stop - Shiroi Koibito Park

Shiroi Koibito Park is a must visit when you're in Sappora, Hokkaido. Because here is where the famous Hokkaido Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Cookie (白い恋人) are made! Yup the one you see selling only in Hokkaido airport. What's better than getting from the factory itself?

They made the whole factory into a mini park where patrons can visit and have some fun during the visit!

Here I'm holding a free packet of Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Cookie! 

Bubbles and songs everywhere, it's like I'm in some magical fairy-tale themed park.

Inside the castle-like building,

Visitors can watch how candies and cookies are made.

Trying out their soft ice-cream, and guess what?

Hubby couldn't resist to have two!

After spending 30 mins indoor, we went back out to explore the rest of the park.

After spending another 30 mins outdoor, we moved on to the chocolate museum 
There are total of 4 levels!

Inside here they show you the history of their chocolate 

From paintings . . .

. . . to antiques decorations 

On the highest level, there's a mini chocolate factory for you to learn how to make their famous cookie! Wanted to try it out but sadly time was limited :(

Here are the cookies you can choose to make, all at different prices.

At the very end journey of the museum, you will come to the REAL Shiroi Koitbito factory where you can see the real thing being processed through a see-through window.

It was indeed an interesting visit to the museum! They made it so precise and special! 
Last stop was of course to SHOP as much Shiroi Koibito as possible and their souvenir store!

Mama is super happy with her buys! 

After spending almost 4 hours at the park we are off to our last stop.

Last stop - Sapporo Beer Museum!

I mean whether if you are a drinker or not, you can't possibly miss out their the famous Sapporo beer when you are in Sapporo right? It is also the only beer museum in Japan!

Pretty Sakura everywhere! Can't help it but made this my header picture! 

Loving the brown eyelashes I bought in Japan, matches my hair and my contacts!

After a long day it's time for foooood again!

Right beside the museum, there's a restaurant runs by Sapporo Beer call the Bier Garten.

It is located inside the Kessel Hall on the 2nd floor. The restaurant is Japanese BBQ style (Yakiniku).

Loving the high ceiling and cozy ambiance!

 Featuring "Sapporo Roll" and fresh lamb from Australia and New Zealand. Sapporo draft beer is a must order of course!

Ready to dig in! We ordered their eat-all-you-can lamb!

Is it me or is it barbecue in Japan so much nicer? Everything was so fresh and scrumptious!

CHEEEEEEEERRRRSSSSSSSS!!!! to a well-spent wonderful day!

Ending this post with a #zilian picture of myself!

Here wishing everyone had a wonderful Christmas and  HAPPY NEW YEAR ahead!
See you lovelies next year! 


Japan trip 2014 Day 3 - Hokkaido, Experiencing the cold