Monday, March 30, 2015

Lawry's The Prime Ribs, Taipei

If you are fan of prime ribs and happens to be in Taipei AND wanted a fancy dinner, you got to try this restaurant out.

Lawry's The Prime Ribs.

The restaurant was originated from the US, California opened in the 1938 and now several additional locations worldwide, including Singapore too, that's the nearest to us (Malaysia) if you wanna try it out 

I really love the old classy english-style design and luxury set up of the restaurant 

Gave us the very grand majestic feel. They do have private rooms if you need one.
Many famous Taiwanese celebrities love to spend their dinner here.

Had to be elegant too then to blend in with the ambiance! HAHA.

A choice of artisan tea or gourmet coffee sets you for a refreshing start.

Dinner officially begun with their signature performance 
"Lawry's Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad" 

Here's a video of it, 

(Mix crisp lettuce, baby spinach, beet roots, chopped hard-boiled eggs and crunchy croutons.)

And the production! To be honest the salad tasted nothing special, just like any normal salad.
But hey! The performance was pretty impressive and entertaining right? Plus our waitress was one hottie in a fancy maid outfit!

To start, we've selected the Hokkaido Scallop with Shrimp Soup.

& French Onion Soup.

What came next was another appetizer, Shrimp Cocktail

Here comes the mains,
The Nova Scotia broiled Atlantic Lobster Tails,

Grilled and served out of their shells with drawn butter.

Here comes the Prime Ribs presented in a silver roll cart by the chef with a gigantic medal around his neck.

Medal-ed chef having a little performance of carving the prime ribs at our table.

Gorgeous waitress cutting the famous Yorkshire Pudding which I forgotten to get a picture of it. 

My order was their signature the famous Lawry's Cut,
(their traditional and most popular cut)
served alongside was USA Mashed Potatoes; creamed corn; creamed spinach and buttered peas.

The steak was just about perfect as is, outrageously tender and so very beefy.

It may looked deceptively simple but tasted shockingly delicious. It was satisfying as I hoped it would.

Next to arrive was the Norwegian Salmon Fillet.

The Atlantic Lobster Tails

tremendously portioned tail and claws.

To end we had Strawberry English Trifle,
from the crumbly crust to the luscious sweet cream, every element was spot on.

Desserts never failed to put a smile on everyone's faces 

We definitely had a deliciously delightful and satisfying dinner that night! We loved the beef, it was unbeatably juicy and tender. Steak done very right. Lawry's is the perfect spot for discerning diners in the mood for meat and a fancy dinner! Will definitely try out Singapore branch next time!

110, Taiwan, Taipei City, 
Xinyi District, Songren Road, 
+886 2 2729 8555
11:30 am – 10:00 pm


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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Japan Day 5, 2014 - Local visits in Hokkaido

♥   Day 5 Itinerary    

  Historical Village of Hokkaido  Hot Spring  Shopping Malls  Food Feast

It was the second last day in Hokkaido.
We decided to have a slow and easy day so started off by visiting the Historical Village of Hokkaido!
 (perks of traveling without tour, you get to do what you wanna do and go where you wanna go)

(開拓の村, Kaitaku no Mura)

" The Historic Village of Hokkaido (開拓の村, Kaitaku no Mura) is an open air museum in the suburbs of Sapporo. It exhibits about 60 typical buildings from all over Hokkaido, dating from the Meiji and Taisho Periods (1868 to 1926), the era when Hokkaido's development was carried out on a large scale. There are four different sections: a town, fishing village, farm village and a mountain village. " The village was build to preserve olden days structures and to show what pioneer's life was like in Hokkaido.

Weather was perfect that day!

All these historical recreation of old Sapporo buildings are perfectly maintained and almost just like the originals.

Ahhh, how I wish we have weather like this back here in Malaysia.

I like how it is not crowed at all (mostly locals and students), and everyone was so warmth and polite.
We took our sweet time to visit every architecture historical building we could. It'll be best if there were a Japanese translator, that way we can have better understanding about the village.

As you walk along the buildings, there will be people (mostly elderly) showing the visitors what they made for a living back in the days which allow us to become familiar with frontier era culture.

The cloth dyeing shop.

The olden days grocery shop.

Entered a building of lovely volunteers making cute origami.

We are more than welcomed to try making one ourselves too!

Our creation haha! Not bad right?

(Police Box at Minami 1-Jo)

BYE !!! I had fun leisurely wandering around and exploring all the historical buildings of early Hokkaido.

Here are the details if you are interested of visiting :)

50-1 Atsubetsucho Konopporo, Atsubetsu Ward, 
Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture 004-0006, Japan 
+81 11-898-2692
Opening hours: 
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Next up, of course food la! LOL

Randomly picked a stop with a few restaurants and venue is set for lunch!

Me and the hubs decided to have some free-flow japanese BBQ lunch!

Yes you heard me, unlimited BBQ meat yo!

But it's not like we can eat a lot cause there's only two of us.

Even their normal BBQ taste awesome! I would say it was quite a satisfying lunch.

A lil' bit of desserts 

Hit the road again for some Onsen (hot spring) experience.

No idea where this place was because I was sleeping all the way haha and didn't bother asking as well cause I just want some Onsen! But I am sure that if you search up hot spring places in the GPS / google, you will find a number of them. We dropped by and checked-out a few and ended up with the one below. My dad wanted to try the local one instead of fancy private ones.

What's the differences between the local ones and privates one?
Private ones are normally in hotels and the local one are usually opened to public.

Think most of you have heard that in Japan, when you go to hot spring you need to take it all off! Means no baju allowed la *shy*. Private ones are slightly better they allowed you to have bikini on if you want. Whereas the local one, people dipped it with their birthday suit (naked!). It's actually extremely normal for all Japanese but awkward for us, the tourist.

Here is le hubby ready to go all nekky!

Camera wasn't allowed beyond the staircase (where the hot spring located) so no pics of naked ladies sorry.

But I did managed to snapped a picture of how the outdoor hot spring looks like except you still can't see people in the hot spring. They usually have several pools with wall-length windows where you can look out over a garden, river, or another natural setting. We had a 30 mins dip because looking at my sister and friends naked were getting pretty awkward. 

But it was definitely a fun experience. Oh and did I mention the Onsen minerals provide different health benefits, and all hot springs are supposed to have a relaxing effect on your body and mind. If you ever visit Japan, hot spring is definitely a must! 

Indian cuisine at the local hot spring place is one of the highlight for the Japanese locals.

Roti canai rotai plata! I was so impressed that all the indian staff there speak fluent Japanese!

Some delicious tip bits before heading back to the town.

Back in the town of Sapporo!

Trying out Japanese crepes is a MUST too! 

Headed back to the hotel for a quick change then off we go for dinner!

And I must say, their parking is doped!

While waiting for dinner to be served....

Camwhore Selfie time! 

Hot Pot for the night and guess what? Unlimited beef and lamb! We were thinking why so good one everywhere unlimited refill when it comes to bbq and hot pot. Then we found that it is pretty common for all the restaurants. So tips! Order the unlimited set next time if you are going in a group. It'll be much more worth it!

How are we gonna finish this???

Hot pot hot pot! 

Refilled 5 times overall of beef and lamb!

So effing bloated after the meal so we walked around the city and back to our hotel then called it a day! 

Hope this post helped a little on where to go in Hokkaido for a slow and easy day,
Till next post loves! 


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