Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bali Trip 2014 - Day 2

♥ Bali Day 2 Itinerary 

Bali Nusa Dua → Pork Ribs → Tanah Lot  Dinner by Jimbaran Beach

 First stop was Nusa Dua Beach.

Weather was scorching hootttt x89837249827 !
It was suppose to be raining season during our visit but not one day we see a drop from the sky.

Main attraction here is the "water blow". It's about 10 mins walk if you want to witness the famous water blow, so on your way there's other attraction spots for you to snap some pictures.

Le Familia 

Giant statue of Arjuna and Krishna, one of the water God Balinese worship. Although being in a 90% Muslim country, Bali is the only part of Indonesia to remain Hindu. And from what I see, they really worship their Gods.

Here we are at the cliff where the water blow takes place. Facing right at the great Indian Ocean.

Behind us was the legendary water blow.
We managed to snap a small one, big one was suppose to look like this,

(image courtesy to google.com)

" So what is the main interesting point of water blow? On the cliff face to face with the Indian Ocean, there is a large narrowing gap. When the waves rolled and hit a cliff, as if caught in the waves in the gap and slammed into the top. From a distance like a huge white foam dancing to the top. The larger and faster waves are coming, the higher waves towered over the cliff. If not careful, you will also wet the brunt of the waves. " - (source from http://www.topholidaysbali.com/archives/water-blow-hidden-romantic-waves)

Dad and le hubby with our driver / guide / bodyguards etc. - Pachong!

In Bali, it's not really necessary to take tour packages. It's cheaper to find guy like Pachong to bring you around. They drive you around to wherever places you wanna go / famous sightseeing places / cheaper souvenir shops. They even took up the tour guide job at explaining everything to us! You need to find those that speaks English or Chinese. I even heard some of them speaks Korean wtf! Most importantly they bring you to famous and cheap local food places which bring us to our next destination, 

One of Bali MUST HAVE food! - Grill Pork Ribs!!!

Smoking hotttt pork ribs!! 

We were super lucky to reach there 15 mins before one whole tour bus of tourists came.
Otherwise waiting time could take up to 1 hour or more!

Here's my big plate of juicy-fresh-out-from-the-grill pork ribs!  
One plate of these scrumptious and tender pork ribs is quite filling. If you are not a big eater, two can share a plate of these.

After filling up our stomach, we went for a little shopping and then to our 3rd destination,

Uluwatu Temple.

To enter, there is an entry fee and sarongs are provided for every visitor as a respect to enter the temple.

Uluwatu Temple is one of Sad Kahyangan Temple in Bali (six big groups of Bali Temples), located in Pecatu Village, Sub district of South Kuta. One of Bali's most spectacular temple located high on a cliff top at the edge of a plateau 250 feet above the waves of the Indian Ocean. It is also one of Bali's oldest temple and Balinese believes that the temple guards Bali from evil spirits. They are famous for the aggressive monkeys there too! It is advised to bring as minimal valuables as possible, as the monkeys are capable to snatch it even it's in your pocket.

So this is how I look like in a sarong!

Enjoying the sea breeze...
Behind me is spectacular temple facing the great Indian Ocean 

Where's the temple you may ask? Haha... It is behind us the tiny building that looks like a Christmas tree. Me and le hubby were too lazy tired (preggers problem) so we didn't want to walk to the temple but the rest of my family did. They say it's a whole different view there!

We left the temple just in time to reach our last destination,

Dinner by Jimbaran Beach!

It's super special because we get to watch the sunset while enjoying our dinner! 

There are more than 20 restaurants spread across the Jimbaran Bay, this restaurant was our pick. The food there are all more or less the same in every restaurant there unless you decided to dine in more private ones like these, they definitely serve better ambiance and food!

Super preets and breathtaking! Gonna make it a to-go-place in my next Bali trip bucket list!

Okay back to the beach and our restaurant,

It's not so bad either, you still get to watch the sunset. But it's better to make reservation before visiting in order to get the best seatings, which are the first row facing the beach.

Bali sun sets at around 6:30pm.

Not gonna lie, it's actually my first time ever to watch a sunset. It's definitely a magical and special one too because I get to enjoy it with my loved ones! I even made a time-lapse video of it!

Night view 

Dinner starts when the sun was half way setting, how romantic! And here's our feast of the night!

Seafood was normal, I wouldn't say it's fantastic. Cost us around RM600 for the meal we had above.
Definitely overpriced but it's worth it I guess, for the sunset view!

And also music performances on the beach 

After our dinner it was a wrap for the day.
We went straight back to our villa for a relaxing swim and called it a night!

Till next post ! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Alcon Fresh Look Color Blends - {Review}

I always get questions like where do I get my contact lenses? What color of contact lenses I wear? 
So I've decided to do a blog review on my recent favorite contact lens! 

Alcon FRESHLOOK Color Blends Contact Lenses.

Why I choose Alcon's Freshlook over circle coloured lenses? What's the differences?

Instead of purchasing those adorable enlarged circle lenses that will make your eye popped with their dramatic designs, I still prefer getting my contact lenses from an authorized and recognized retailer. Do you know that resellers that sell contact lenses at night market or unauthorized shops are practically illegal? According to the international medical law. Yes, circle lenses design are irresistible to fall in love with but it will also damage your vision. I've tried some before and not only it irritated my eyes so much and it also caused me a double vision problem. Ever since, I've decided not to purchase any circle lenses. My vision is definitely more important than looking pretty.

FreshLook ColorBlends contact lens range by Ciba Vision, which is currently known as Alcon Vision Care.

For me, I always have problems putting on circled or enlarged contact lenses (those barbie doll type) because I have a pair of rather small eyes. It hurts when I put them on. My eyes will completely turn red and sore because it irritates my eyes so much when I blink. It's sad because my make up wouldn't be complete without a perfect of contact lens. That's me :(

Not until I found Alcon Freshlook Color Blends contact lenses! Problem totally solved!

Not only it fits my eyes perfectly! It also has a 3-in-1 colour technology which blends three colours into one to create the most natural, subtle eye colour change for a beautiful and trendy look.

Although my vision is perfectly fine, I love putting on different colour of contact lenses to suits different make-up and occasions. 

You can immediately tell the difference between the eyes with and without the color blends contact lenses.

The shade I am wearing is Brown, it gives me a more natural and realistic appearance 

Most importantly, it's extremely comfortable! I can wear it for the whole day and my eyes won't feel tired at all! 

With it, I can go out with light make-up because the FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses enhance my whole appearance!
Ahhh... makes my life so much easier! 

Along with OPTI-FREE multi-purpose disinfecting solutions for my soft lens care needs!

Explore all 12 shades of gray, green, blue Freshlook color blends at,  

It's time to get them all and have fun with colors and make-up! 
To achieve subtle and natural-looking or dramatic and mysterious look!

Alcon Dailies Freshlook Illuminate Contact Lenses

I love traveling, but carrying a contact lens case and a giant bottle of solutions around is kinda a hassle for me.

Dailies Illuminate range of contact lenses by Ciba Vision, which is currently known as Alcon Vision Care.

But with Dailies FreshLook Illuminate disposable daily colored contact lenses that comes in small sealed packaging, I can easily bring it around, wear it, and throw it away at the end of the day!

Dailies FreshLook Illuminate contact lenses is created specially for Asian eyes, the lenses contain dual-layer printing technology which matches the natural brown and black shades of Asian eyes. It has a unique starburst pattern which blends the colored ring well into my natural iris color.

I've recently bought it along with my Bali trip, totally made my trip so much easier!

A few benefits of Dailies FreshLook Illuminate contact lenses:

♥ It contains a unique Aqua Release moisturizing agent that is gradually released throughout the day, so your eyes will feel and look fresh and beautiful all day.
♥ Light Stream Lens Technology that locks the colour pigment inside the lens so that it has no direct contact with the eyes.
♥ Worry no more about double vision, because these lenses are less likely than other brands to go off-centre.
♥ It darkens and enlarges the iris, for a naturally bigger and brighter look.

FreshLook ColorBlends is a colored contact lens brand you can depend on for the ultimate in beauty and lens quality that cares for the comfort of your eyes. Thank you for making my dull eyes just a touch brighter! Highly recommend if you want to achieve a natural subtle looking eyes without feeling any discomfort! Alcon’s FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses are definitely my choice! ♥ I really hope this blog post help your gorgeous out there to find your perfect pair of contact lenses!

As the world leader in eye care, and the second largest division of the Novartis Group, Alcon Vision Care is committed to advancing innovation and addressing unmet patient needs for patients around the world. For more information and queries, you may contact Alcon at +603 7880 0650.