Thursday, November 13, 2014

Birthday Dinner at Nobu Kuala Lumpur


Since the hubsy is a Japanese cuisine fanatic, I decided to bring the love of ma life to the newly opened Japanese fine dine restaurant located at the 56th floor of KLCC. It is said to be one of the best Japanese fine dining in the world! 

So lucky to have the window seat, where we can see KL's highest skyscraper. Not forgetting a great view of the Twins Tower, better view than Marini's 57th  I would say. Of course, always remember to make reservation. Nobu's full-house everyday!

Some cold dishes to start,


 Salmon Tartar with Caviar ♥ (RM80)

It was so so so good! The tartar was a rich and satisfying indulgence.

Paired perfectly with the caviar! 

I'm not caviar kinda person but the combination was downright amazing! The taste was unforgettable!

Next up, to the mains. They called it the hot dishes.

Black Cod Miso  (RM160)

The signature dish of Nobu, this is the dish that made their fame!
Marinated with miso, grilled with nice black glaze at the corner of the cod. So sweet and succulent!
The dish to die for! It's definitely a must try! 

Ribeye steak  ( RM160)

Hubsy like his steak done medium well. It was good but this wasn't his favorite dish. He like the next dish better.

Which is my plate of main,

Chicken with Choice of Teriyaki ♥ (RM80)

Apology for the not-so-nice picture, but this dish is the bomb! Another must order at Nobu.
Meat was so super tender paired perfectly with the teriyaki sauce! Best teriyaki chicken I've ever had! 
Portion is quite big, two person can share a plate of this.

To end we have the,

Salmon Roll ♥ (RM40)

Just like any other sushi roll, slightly better. For me, sushi rolls are no recommended to order in Nobu. Go for their signature dishes there. It's worth every penny! 

We wanted to order more but our server told us we kinda went overboard for 2 person. Regret not ordering their dessert. Heard it's a must try too! Oh well, guess I have an excuse to come back next time.

Once again a very happy birthday to my love. There's so much to thank you for being a part of my life, but I think I will have to write an essay. So thanks for always being there for me all the time, you are my bestfriend also the best partner in life I could ever asked for. Many more birthday to celebrate! 

To end the night with his birthday gift!

Hope he loves it!  Toodles! x. 

Nobu Kuala Lumpur Level 56, 
Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC.
Monday-Saturday, 6pm-11pm. (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: 03-2164-5084

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Earlier this month me and the hubsy decided to take a short getaway to the island. Main reason is because Singapore is just bridge away from us that we can just drive or fly there anytime. For me, it's the nearest country for a short getaway. Had our stay at Marina Bay Sands again. Love this hotel! Now to be honest, there's nothing much to do Singapore really. Except for the famous Universal Studio, Sentosa, Night Safari, Marina Bay Sands. If you've been to all places already, there's almost nothing else to do or visit anymore. 

What we didn't know was, they have a Trick Eye Museum in Singapore! Opened in June 2014. So beside the relaxing stay at Marina, we made our way to the museum which is located at Sentosa (not far away from the entrance of Universal Studio). Entry fee is $25 for Adult.

There's total of 6 sections for patrons to explore, first it was the WORLD OF MASTERPIECES! 

Western masterpieces from French impressionist Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” to contemporary Scottish artist Jack Vettriano’s “The Singing Butler”.

Of course pictures like these deserve creative captions! So let's start!

"Starry starry night"...

Just me chillin' at a beach with a huge ass lady photobombing me...

Mona Lisa asked for a #wefie!...

Hmmm...This guy looks familiar...

My first tango dance...

Let me out, I promise I'll be good!!

okay any last word before being the dinner for tonight?


Okay, there a story behind this safari kingdom. Long story short, all we did was running away from giant monster the whole time lol.

First the hubby got trapped in a dino cage...

Then both of us got attacked by a Giant Snake...

Then out of nowhere a Giant Sea Monster appears...

Hubby was smart enough to climb a giant bamboo stick...

Then escaped the skydiving way...

I wasn't doing too bad either a Giant Dolphin came save my life...

& we lived happily ever after! hahaha


Watch me and hubsy perform at a circus. First up we have,

flying out from the cannonball performance! LOL.

The levitation performance... 

The balancing...

 Synchronized swimming too!....

Lastly long pole balancing...


"Fairy tales are not only meant for kids. Come and meet familiar characters such as the Three Musketeers and Puss in Boots. Enter the world of fairy tale and unleash the child in you."

Look ma! I'm a Mermaid!    

Angel on a bike ? *weird*

 I love you to the moon and back! 

Meet my pet swan! 

Baby trio...

Puss in a boots! 


Here you get to experience snowwwwwww... lol

Mama on a broom !

♥ The LOVE Globe 

Oh yeaaaa! That's our dinner tonight!

Lastly we have the,


Aiming for first...

Ballerina dream came true!

Day out at the sea with my pet merlion...

Think you can do better? Haha my muscular hubs! 

Finally done with all 6 sections! Okay, and I know my captions were pretty lame lol.

Tips - strongly suggest ladies to wear pants so you can do more poses with the arts. And also go in groups if possible so you can help each other and have more ideas for pictures. We definitely had an amazing time at Trick Eye Museum. I've always wanted to go to one and glad that I finally did! Worth dropping by! xx