Sunday, April 12, 2015

10 Things to do before your baby is born

Holla everybodeh! 

SO happy to be able to share the joy of becoming a parent again with my readers! As ya'll know that last week Ryan Fong was born! Natural delivery, but I've picked out the date because Ryan was getting bigger and heavier each day and I am afraid that I will have a hard time delivering it. Doctor suggested to bring forward the delivery date. I know I won't be blogging for a little while now so here's a short update of what I did before delivery :)

A little tips for first-time mommy too!


It is so important to stay happy and feel good all the time before delivery. Even if the little one inside your tummy is giving you a hard time. What I do is to try stop thinking about the pain and go with what I love to do. Listen to music, play with my son, talk to my husband or friends. Most importantly, rest more! Power naps are essentials too!


EAT what you love to eat, because it will before one whole month of nothing but confinement food during your confinement period. If you like confinement food that's good but for people like me, I got pretty sick with eating the same things over and over again I think was going kinda crazy during my previous confinement. So eat whatever you love to eat because you can't for the rest of the confinement month!

Fell deeply in love with this newly opened Japanese dessert shop lately. 
Their honey toast and butterscotch milk is making me wanting to go back everyday!

It's called Harajucube located at Empire Damansara.

Every meal is like a feast with my hubby boo!


Do what you love to do! Be it your favorite activity or anything that you think you're gonna have good time doing it! For me, what I love to do during my free time is definitely Mahjong! So I had the last mahjong session with my girls 2 days before my delivery for a long 8 hours! Cause I know I won't be able to play for one whole month during my confinement. Major torture!


Plan out a short trip with your husband and friends! Nothing is better than a relaxing vacay! Even if it's just 2 days!
(picture above is 8 months pregnant!)

Had a great stay at Macalister Mansion, Penang 

A video posted by  Jacsaftermarried  (@jacsafterparty) on

Bumped into Penang Dai Lous!
林吉祥 (Lim Kit Siang) & 林冠英 (Lim Guan Eng)


If you are a movie person like me, do make your last few rounds of movie session with your hubby or friends! Have a movie marathon or something and catch all the ones you wanna watch. Got Cinderella and Insurgent ticked off my movie bucket list! Happy mama is happy!  


You will probably be busy after your baby is born, all the breastfeeding, diaper changing, waking up every 2 hours at night could be very stressful and have absolutely no time for your family or friends for a long period of time. So spend more time with them, go for dinner or activities you would like to do together! I usually do dinners and bring Henry back to my parents as many times as possible every week. Small things like this makes them very happy 


And by that I meant keep your nails short and clean all the time ONE month before your delivery, because nail polish is not allow during delivery. They had mine removed before I gave birth to my first son Henry in the delivery room. They actually have the removers!


If you have long hair and you are doing the Chinese confinement (like me). It is recommended that you go for a hair cut or trim a little because you won't be washing your hair for about 3 weeks minimum. I got my hair trimmed a little and thinned. Ahhhh, another burden off my shoulder! Dyed it to a darker tone too because I just can't stand them roots!


Shopping is all girls need! Go for a shopping spree! Don't forget to shop for your baby too!


Last but not least, pack your hospital bag! This is very important, especially for first time mommy and daddy! Here are few of the needs you must to bring to the hospital with you.

1) Socks - to keep you warm 
2) Toothbrush / Tooth Paste etc.
3) Towels - Wash up after delivery
4) Sarongs - Pants will hurt your wounds so sarong is the best choice
5) Sanitary Pads - you will need a lot of these!
6) Disposable Undies - and these! unless you have a lot of undies and don't mind washing it.

And off we go!

30th March 2015 | 7 a.m

All suit up in the delivery suite ready to POP!

Hope this post helped all the mummies-to-be a little. But of course this post is all based on myself and what I would do before delivery. You can make up your our list of things to do too! Happy delivery all! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Lawry's The Prime Ribs, Taipei

If you are fan of prime ribs and happens to be in Taipei AND wanted a fancy dinner, you got to try this restaurant out.

Lawry's The Prime Ribs.

The restaurant was originated from the US, California opened in the 1938 and now several additional locations worldwide, including Singapore too, that's the nearest to us (Malaysia) if you wanna try it out 

I really love the old classy english-style design and luxury set up of the restaurant 

Gave us the very grand majestic feel. They do have private rooms if you need one.
Many famous Taiwanese celebrities love to spend their dinner here.

Had to be elegant too then to blend in with the ambiance! HAHA.

A choice of artisan tea or gourmet coffee sets you for a refreshing start.

Dinner officially begun with their signature performance 
"Lawry's Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad" 

Here's a video of it, 

(Mix crisp lettuce, baby spinach, beet roots, chopped hard-boiled eggs and crunchy croutons.)

And the production! To be honest the salad tasted nothing special, just like any normal salad.
But hey! The performance was pretty impressive and entertaining right? Plus our waitress was one hottie in a fancy maid outfit!

To start, we've selected the Hokkaido Scallop with Shrimp Soup.

& French Onion Soup.

What came next was another appetizer, Shrimp Cocktail

Here comes the mains,
The Nova Scotia broiled Atlantic Lobster Tails,

Grilled and served out of their shells with drawn butter.

Here comes the Prime Ribs presented in a silver roll cart by the chef with a gigantic medal around his neck.

Medal-ed chef having a little performance of carving the prime ribs at our table.

Gorgeous waitress cutting the famous Yorkshire Pudding which I forgotten to get a picture of it. 

My order was their signature the famous Lawry's Cut,
(their traditional and most popular cut)
served alongside was USA Mashed Potatoes; creamed corn; creamed spinach and buttered peas.

The steak was just about perfect as is, outrageously tender and so very beefy.

It may looked deceptively simple but tasted shockingly delicious. It was satisfying as I hoped it would.

Next to arrive was the Norwegian Salmon Fillet.

The Atlantic Lobster Tails

tremendously portioned tail and claws.

To end we had Strawberry English Trifle,
from the crumbly crust to the luscious sweet cream, every element was spot on.

Desserts never failed to put a smile on everyone's faces 

We definitely had a deliciously delightful and satisfying dinner that night! We loved the beef, it was unbeatably juicy and tender. Steak done very right. Lawry's is the perfect spot for discerning diners in the mood for meat and a fancy dinner! Will definitely try out Singapore branch next time!

110, Taiwan, Taipei City, 
Xinyi District, Songren Road, 
+886 2 2729 8555
11:30 am – 10:00 pm


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