Sunday, August 31, 2014

Goodsaltz @ The Curve

Okay where do I start? This is going to be a super long post of scrumptious food! If you haven't had your meal yet. Better hold your saliva! Don't say I didn't warn you.

Me and my girlfriends had the most wonderful dinner prepared by Goodsaltz @ The Curve. They just had their soft launched only a few weeks back and with their unique and relaxing design, the place is already one busy spot at The Curve! (situated right at the left corner at the end of the street)

Spacious containers for both diners and drinkers! Wouldn't it be nice to just chill and drink here with friends?

Or maybe just chillax at their specially designed bleachers? 

Let's have a look inside!

I really love their vintage displays and a twist of modern settings! One of their indoor attractions  

Their focus is on making diners feel at home.


Our dinner was specially prepared by Goodsaltz team, making sure we had an unforgettable evening there.
And well, the presentation of our table and menu that night was already pretty impressive to start with.

Serving us fine dining style. And which lady doesn't love rose petals    

Here's the long list of Goodsaltz's best dishes. A total of 13 courses! Pretty cray, I know.

Sparkling, Still or Wine?

Wine of course! This is how classy people like us get drunk! 


The evening’s menu featured a diverse selection of dishes. From western to local delights, interesting starters and sides. Okay I know you can't wait for the food any longer, so dinner officially began now!

1. Wild Mushroom Soup (RM12)
topped with garlic cream

Excellent taste, super flavourful!

2. Seafood Bisque (RM17)
Cream of Seafood with Mango Puree

I still haven't developed a taste for seafood bisque but the rest of the girls LOVED IT! ♥ 

Following were the Snacks and Salads ♥ 

3. Wrapped Chicken Tenders (RM15)
Chicken Fillet Wrapped in Beef Bacon served with Melange Dip

Tasty! Good start for a meal!

4. Crab Cake (RM16)
Breaded Fried Crab Meat Patties served with Chilli Lemon Dip

Crispy golden brown, a platter of crab cakes makes a decadent addition to any feast!

5. Salmon Rocket Salad (RM22)
Rocket, Smoked Salmon, Parmesan Cheese with Ginger Honey Vinaigrette

Salmon and Rocket, my two favs!

6. Oriental Grilled Beef Salad (RM24)
Mixed Greens, Cucumber, Tomato, Cilantro with Soy Sesame Dressing

It was nothing short of perfection. each bite was unbeatably juicy and tender. I'm in love with this salad!

And now we moved on to the main course   

7. Blanket Beef Ribeye (RM49)
Blanket Beef Ribeye Aust Aged Ribeye, Beef Bacon cooked in Butter served with Melange Potatoes Sauteed Shiitake and Beef Jus

Steak done very right. Beefy richness and super juicy!

8. Masala Fried Spaghetti (RM24)
Spaghetti Fried with Masala Spices, Chicken and Fresh Tomatoes

Local delight with a western twist. It was a little too spicy for me but it's still pretty good.

9. Kapitan Baked Salmon (RM29)
Baked Salmon with Kapitan Spices, served with Coconut Cream, Cabbage Kerabu and Pineapple Rice

This baked salmon was the bomb! 

A #wefie break with the girls ready to dig in!

And we are back! To our last main course and it is none other than this giant plate of,

10. Stampede! (RM140)
Grill Platter of Lamb Chops, Rib Eye, Chicken Thighs served with Wedges

All of my favorite type of meat served in one giant plate! Meaty deliciousness!

Butter melting time!

What's better than a perfectly cooked ribeye steak topped with melted butter?

My favorite was the lamb! 


11. Red Velvet Pancakes (RM16)
Red Velvet Pancakes, Cream Cheese Glaze and Peach Compote

Perfectly flavored! A decadent and incredibly delicious dessert!

The delicious, fluffy, moist and not too sweet red velvet cake aroma filled the entire table!

12. Banana Nutella Crepe (RM16)
Vanilla Ice Cream, Nutella and Banana Crepe Roll

Nothing can ever, ever go wrong with NUTELLLLAAA!! Definitely a must order dessert!

Last but not least,

13. Double Chocolate Caramel Brownies (RM16)
Yummy Baked Brownies with Salted Caramel Top and Vanilla Ice Cream

Double the trouble! Double the yumminess! Brownie chocolate perfection! YUMMERS!

Definitely a sweet finish to a fantastic meal!

How bout a glass of special made cocktail after a wonderful dinner?

Marquesa - White Wine, Vodka, Triple Sec (RM28.90)

Sided with Mango melted caramel 

You know what I find super creative about Goodsaltz? Their reservation name plates! Made out from scrabbles! Definitely brings up ones mood when a restaurant prepares a nice dinner for you.

My lovely company that night! 

The food is creative and wonderful, while the mood is perfectly chill. 
Service is friendly, fast, and above all, efficient. My new favorite restaurant in The Curve? Totally. 
I highly recommend y'all to make your way here. A place to chill for good food and drinks! 

G41 The Curve 47810 Petaling Jaya
Phone ♥ 03-7733 7860 
Email ♥